Hello! Today’s menu is Yusansul (Stir-fried seafood and vegetable), one of the most expensive menu in Chinese restaurant. Bon Appetit! Enjoy the sound of being mixed with chopsticks! Shrimp meat is so firm, and I like this combination with pork, bean sprout, sea cucumber and Enoki mushroom! It’s so thick because of a starch water! Let me scoop it up with a spoon! I will add bit of pepper powder! Can you see the pepper powder here?! It’s so nice as I added the pepper powder!
Actually I personally like pepper, so it might also contribute some, right!? [Seeing around what to add more] For those who likes Enoki mushroom’s texture, I strongly recommend you to try this menu! This squid brings some nice chewy texture and good balance! Oh, there’s different mushroom too! Editor: Don’t be picky dude.. Pepper powder was so good! So, let me add some more! I only added pepper powder, but if you have a chili oil,
I think that would be nice if it’s added in here! A single plate of Yusansul is actually huge for one person.
So I recommend you to try a Yusansul Dupbap (meaning: Rice bowl and Yusansul covers it on the top)! It has to be nice because of Oyster sauce! I got a lot of shrimp in this scoop! So thick and rich flavor.. it’s really great! I love when I take a mouthful bite.. Thanks for watching. I enjoyed it a lot! BYE!

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