Hi all!
Today’s menu is boneless fried chicken or chicken pops from Cheogajip! Batter of this chicken is so crispy and crunch! It tastes like Yetnal chicken (Korean old market style fired chicken). Chicken skin is thin and there’s a hint of black pepper. So I like it so much. Fried chicken works always good with salt. Cheogajip’s boneless fried chicken is made of chicken thigh and legs, so it’s tender and soft. They fried some Tteoks (rice cake) as well! As I bite the chicken, some oil gets out from the batter. I like that! Can you see it’s full of tender chicken meat….? I like Yangnyum Chicken (Spicy sauced fried chicken), but I also like to dip a fried chicken into a spicy sauce. I like this pickled radish which is normally served with fried chicken as a complimentary.
(It’s like an instant radish water kimchi, Dongchimi) I can’t skip a cup of coke, right? Cocococo….Coke! (Krrrrrrrrr) It turns out snack bar’s Tteok skewers! (Oh? Suddenly come up with something) Editor: What.. is that in this time.. (Ribbit) You slightly dip Samgyetang (braised chicken) meat in a sauce made of salt + black pepper + sesame oil, right!? This fried chicken is also chicken… So let me try… Oops… Now I know why they don’t provide this sauce… This salt is also nice as is.
(Editor: You’re not picky for anything.) It looks like a Tteok skewers that was sold old days in front of school, right? Sauce is only different. It’s chicken spicy sauce, and that was Tteok spicy sauce thou! Lastly, take it in without any sauce! I like this crumbles fallen off from the batter when I eat fried chicken. Thanks for watching. I enjoyed today’s meal as well!

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