❰ASMR❱ 크리스마스 장난감을 사면 케이크를 주는 파리바게뜨 (EATING SOUND NO TALKING MUKBANG)

Hello guys. Today’s menu is Christmas Season Special Cake from Paris Baguette! There were many variety, but I chose this Tree and House cakes. Here is a LED star in the Tree cake. Huh…? Oh, it needs to be taken out!!! Oh, it works! Hold on. Why is only three LED bulbs are working…? OH!!! I will take the chocolate decorations off because it’s pretty hard to eat! There’s a Santa Claus on the roof! Hmm, what must I do with this…? don’t know! Let me cut it in half and show you the cut! Hmm, which side is the front…? Let me start with Tree cake first! This cake’s name is Andy Worhol’s Shining Tree! I can taste cheese cream, whipped cream and blueberry! It must be Red Velvet Cake as it’s red! I wanna know how it works… Oh, perhaps this one?!!! Flip flip flip Outside tree cream tastes like butter cream! Here is blueberry! This cake’s name is Secrete Visit of Santa Clause to Chocolate House! Roof is made of crispy cracker. It became softer as I dip it in whipped cream. It’s even softer and much better as I eat it with milk! Indeed, roof needs to be strong and waterproof. Frog comes again. Try it with Tree cake’s cream too. It tastes like this! Poketmon Bread…! Window choc decoration pricked my mouth. I forgot to take it off as it wasn’t seen T.T This cake is made of choc bread and choc cream. And choc cream coating makes it softer and moist! Those are… umm…..not good combination. I’ve always spent every Christmas and End Year Day with you from 2013 But, I can’t do that in this year… From next year, I hope to rather spend time with you instead of eating cake alone. This cake is nice, but I don’t feel that good. There’s a chocolate ball filling inside. So it makes this cake crispy! Here’s choc ball crumble!!! (Cake fell) Haha.. it was plated well by itself! I enjoyed a lot!!! Aghhh.. How does it work by the way… Is it broken…? There’s a sticky part at the back! It’s perhaps for attaching somewhere… Oh, is this supposed to be done!!!!!!!!!! Or not…? Merry Christmas ^^

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