A Sound Investment #1

(muffled speech) Imagine a child falling behind in school
because he can’t understand his teacher. Or going to a movie, concert or the
theater just to hear white noise and echoes. (muffled speech) Why attend church if you cant hear the message? Airports and public transportation? You run the risk of missing a gate change or important announcement. It’s embarrassing… aggravating… scary, and isolating. But this sign changes all that! Do you know what it means? It’s not nearly as recognizable as it should be. Here’s a hint… You’ll find them posted at Westminster Abbey, Logan Airport, Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. But, they should be everywhere. This sign means the facility is looped. And for 36 million adults who suffer
from hearing loss and the children born with the number
one reported birth defect, it means the difference between hearing
and not hearing. We don’t have a lot of control over things that affect the lives of so many. We don’t know where the next epidemic will start and we can’t predict when the cures for diseases will be discovered. But we can do something to change the lives of millions who suffer from hearing loss, especially when it’s as easy as looping. Looping is basically running a coil around the perimeter of a facility Eighty percent of all hearing aid devices and all cochlear implants have t-coil
technology built-in. These t-coils pick up the audio signal which is amplified by the coil and delivers a direct feed to your
hearing device. In a looped facility, with a quick switch to the “t” setting,
you go from hearing this… (muffled music) to this… (much clearer, vibrant music) This sign is a symbol to the hearing impaired that in this place, they’re heard, and
they’re welcome. Not just to be there, but to interact, join in and feel comfortable in this place.

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  1. Great introduction to a wonderful resource for hearing aid wearers. I have a Hearing Loop connected to my TV. I get crystal clear sound delivered to my hearing aids without turning up the volume. And boy does my wife love that. Even better in churches.

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