AGGRESSIVE Trap Rap Beat 2017 Hip Hop Instrumental – "Fight" (Prod. Nico on the Beat)

49 thoughts on “AGGRESSIVE Trap Rap Beat 2017 Hip Hop Instrumental – "Fight" (Prod. Nico on the Beat)

  1. Pussy tried punk me
    Now he layin we’re the rest b
    Go an get your goons
    Sike April fools you ain’t even got those
    Little mole rat with faceboook tough guy attitude
    How you go and bang bloods go to the pen rep gdk
    You ain’t nothing but Bitch made
    Goin throw your shade
    I’ll throw my shine
    Banging with glocks 9s
    Put that on 5
    Streets ain’t never heard you

  2. Passo la vita a cercare qualcosa
    Qualcosa che tu prende dentro
    Vita fratello sprecata a trovare qualcosa che farà centro
    La mia vita è questa il rap la mia sposa
    Per ogni sbaglio fatto frate lei implora
    Vivo vivo vegeto
    Ballo ballo regeton
    Nella notte dono a questi quattro rapper tipo teleton
    Senti questa roba scritta invano
    Vedi questa luce forte faro
    Vedi questa mostro forte thanos
    La mia voce urla forte chiaro

    Vedi come vado forte adesso andavo forte frate pure prima
    Ho scritto qualcosa di meglio di quello fratello  esposto in vetrina
    Senti la merda che vivo la merda che dico è quello che voglio da prima
    La nostra passione giornate vuote per andare più forte di prima
    Questa è la voglia che hooh

    Senti il botto con la mia mitraglia
    Campo crew come rappresaglia
    Sudare sempre si
    Ma per la sola maglia

    Incastri vari per questo affari
    Compro una troia per i preliminari
    Serata aperitivo vodka e campari
    La merda che dici la prendo per mano

  3. Dis shit dope as fuck the thanks for being a YouTuber. If I wouldn't have u as a YouTuber, I Would Have Not Subscribed And Heard Your Beats.

  4. Похуй бля похуй да у меня в руках ака рядом где то свадьба да и я стреляю в небеса

  5. Fight to the right,
    Never leave hanging tight,
    You be hungry, so take a bite!

    I fought for it, then I thought
    Nico's on fire, he beat Porturico's Tire's

  6. How much for this track fam?
    I make fire beats to but new sounds is always a good thing.. check me when u can…1

  7. i need it asap, maybe you want a collab! i do a song for My frend WORLD CHAMPION SUPERKOMBAT , K1 fighter etc..please let me know! you did a really great Work here! its Fire!

  8. I'm dropping a dope song that instantly tells u everything bout me and my boys hopefully it will give Nick some recognition and subs

  9. Im just a street resident
    The hobo got the whole world hella tense
    Hate to see me driving Benz
    So im driving them
    With flows so intense
    Your brain gon need a engine
    When im revving your so reverent
    So obey when im entering
    Cross my lines and u get left dead on the intersection
    Ima fuck boy entering perfection
    U gon need protection entering my profession
    I'll leave u alone since your protesting
    U never seen a dude do it so good with his pro message

  10. Im a real dude
    Touch me
    Yeah u feel
    My ideas ideal
    I can't mess with a cat on flatland
    Only uphill
    I can't mess with a bitch either
    Cause we both want a fat meal
    Stories so real u can still feel the chills
    Im from the bay kids
    Im a giant bigger than shaquill O'Neal
    Your parents love me
    I still haven't payed old deals
    I could but that was a old meal
    An u still talking about it like it's a new deal
    That's why u still walking an im polishing new wheels
    U murder bodies I murder brains
    Anything new I kill
    How u gon understand me if your brain dead
    Exactly we get smarter like special ed.
    We leave u thinking stuck especially cause u dead
    Pen on pause confused if u should choose blue or red
    Trying to be about something when your four eleven coming out like the feds
    I love the streets homie all your lyrics is from the bed
    This your hobby but this my talent
    I was talking to my brain way before cellphones
    Animated my mind when u was chasing ice cream trucks for ice cream cones
    Now u in this world like u fighting the beast alone
    No I've killed him already but he woke up when he found out u was just a hoe
    Trying to make money with your pussy music
    Farting all day for our amusement
    Ask me what weapon to use well for the god rapper
    My words an breath of abusing
    U smell like a kalone aisle
    I smell like 5 trillion brains I dismantled
    I no when I meet my opponents I laugh cause I no they love to gamble
    I gave them something to go home with
    A bad sleep and a memory loss channel
    Now your asking dead spirits for help with 50 candles
    I no they got the memo but your the sacrifice
    I'll do it to u like a animal
    Tell them other rappers in heaven I still got the antidote
    An send someone to get along with me without a fight

    U can't fight
    U can't fight
    So don't fight
    Don't fight
    Come with the light
    So I can take out your lights without a fight
    Booo u spooked

  11. 0:13

    Kno when i go out
    Im goin out shinin
    Cant help nigga
    I shine like a diamond
    Talk 2 the hoes
    And i pick out the finest
    Bitch u is crazy
    If u fuckin decline dis
    Gotta fast forward
    Cuz dese niggas rewindin
    Dese niggas be fallin
    Yung Dugga be climbin
    You niggas be searchin
    Yung Dugga be findin
    You niggas be playin
    Nd Yung Dugga be grindin

  12. Made a rap to this beat it’s called “ lies”my rape name is now nico cuz all the beats I rap to say “nico on the beat”

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