Altered Tag Part 1- Building the Composition

everyone its Keren here for artists live
and today I have part one of a video of a project that I’m going to create I’m
going to alter a pad using rust and patina paste but today we’re going to
just create the composition and put all those things together and next week you
will hopefully join me again on June 5th as I basically color and rust and create
all the nice texture on it but today we’re just going to be creating the
actual tag so I’m going to turn the camera around and just we’re going to
get started so here is the project and I have to sometimes hold on till I get my
camera properly and also I can’t see not know well okay I do prefer my other
computer so today the computer and then my computer decided to do an update last
minute and because of that I had to take my laptop up so I don’t know hopefully
you can see it well and let’s get some light here okay so this is a project
that I created today I mean I created it and last week and it uses a lot of the
new well they’re not that new but I get the rust and patina paste from pre
machinery now there these are either available at the brick-and-mortar stores
they have like the big jars that are available at your brick-and-mortar
stores or you can buy this smaller three to ones which are also available there
you can buy them at Michael’s so basically this is the project I create
that I’m going to create and I’m going to put it aside so we can start with the
new tab I am using and let me just I’m using a temple it’s called etc artful
things for curious minds it’s a Sanford’s anonymous it’s a very thick
and sturdy Tad’s it’s made out of really hard
chipboard I would say more like MDF I think I think it’s chipboard but I’m not
100% so this is the one okay and I just realized that hmm how do I turn the
setting off so it doesn’t do that it’s looming in and out okay sorry about that
you know what I really did not I really was trying to use my other computer
because I have it already all set up and then now it’s going to zoom in and out
and it’s going to be annoying for everyone so I’m going to try and figure
out the settings for this for just one minute okay I didn’t realize it was
going to do this how do we do that I did it on the other computer but I can’t
figure out how to do it here well I apologize for this looming in and out a
little bit hopefully by next week everything will be okay for the second
part and for those of you who are watching this after I apologize as well
for all my talking so this is the one I’m using and the way I covered it and
somebody gave me some recycled corrugated corrugated so I can’t say
that cardboard which I already cut to the right size this is just recycled one
but I mean you can buy this one as well and I am going to basically glue it so
the way I glued it is using some 3d gel or any type of gel would work actually I
could use even the soft gel so oh here my computer is finally working great too
little too late well hi Janelle okay I can’t see who else’s cam and it will
go office here but I see that there’s other okay sorry I’m a bit distracted
because the last last minute my computer decided not to work
I had to switch computers okay so basically all I’m doing is I’m just
gluing this to the background I really love using textures and this is a way a
great way of use of doing that so there’s so many materials that can
create texture and I have actually a video coming out soon hint hint that
basically gives you all the different many different ways on all the different
ways in many different ways you can create texture using different materials
whether they’re recycled or not and I’m using my silicone brush which is a prima
spin a bear a product and it’s really great it’s one of my favorite ones that
from the class released and I’ve said this before it’s really much easier to
apply things with it than it is with the pallet knives but again you can do it
with a pallet knife always paintbrushes it’s not a problem so all I’m going to
do is just stick this on and there we go that is it very easy yeah this says
somebody’s saying that they love the size of it and I just tell you what
these are the medium ones okay they also have smaller ones but these
are the mediums or actually make it even have larger ones as well I can’t
remember but the medium ones the good size I mean I don’t want to need
something too too big so this is a perfect size for that and actually did
get these in my brick-and-mortar stores our store story which is one crazy so
that the ones I got this one at it was crank one crazy Stamper but anywhere
would works for that matter so if you can get it that would be great because
it’s really fun to alter the next step that I’m going to do is I want to add a
little bit more texture so I am going to use some of the texture paste this is
the white sand I mean anything could you work you could work with
how do you call this crackle paste or you could even take some of the sin art
stones and or the other ones and create this really nice greedy paste I could
have done that but this one is already done for you and I didn’t have patience
to go in and create my own right now or not so let me not say not patience but
time because I really wanted to get this all done at least in the FIR for the
first part of this show so this time because it’s such a gritty kind of paste
I want to use them I do want to use a palette knife and you see how my palette
knives are really dirty but it’s okay because I use a lot of mediums so here
is it so but I want to do is just add a little bit of texture in certain area
especially the ones the areas near the edges so all I am is here how gritty it
is because it has like actual I think sand in it I’m guessing so let me just
take a little bit more and I’m not adding it everywhere I just want to add
it in a few certain areas to kind of add that texture later on it’s going to have
even more texture because the actual rough space and patina paste are very
gritty as well so they have this really nice gritty texture that you can that
give that really nice effect right so it looks like it’s old so so just applying
it randomly I’m not actually caring where I do it I just want to have that
texture in different areas and that’s it okay all right here I mean I try to basically
cover some edges and if I don’t really need to let it dry
because I’m going to be applying and other things on it so this doesn’t
really need to dry at all it will dry as I work with it okay
now I have another step that I have to do so this can actually goes here on the
side and I’m going to show you I want to show you what how i created a strength
product here so you see this this tab here not a tag the actual like thing
underneath I don’t know what it’s called it’s I guess it’s like an assault pad
but it’s something you know like a label but it’s a sick one I want to show you
how I made that okay in one of my other shows one of our my fellow artist
Heather showed how to use this product on some embossing folders and this is a
really great way of creating molds to use it inside walls and creating this
really nice really nice tags or an attack story like of the move that I
showed you or the label that I show here so I’m going to take these products out
and they’re really easy to use this is called amazing casting resin and it’s a
resin that goes inside any mold and you still look on mold and so forth and I’m
using today a prima marketing silicone mold this is labeled okay yeah I was
right about what they’re called I’m using I’m making a label and this is how
it comes okay and I’m going to show you how to create it so this the reason why
I wanted to do this now is because I need to let this dry right so it has to
it has to work for a few minutes and let me make sure that I got the right one in
the right Cup okay so these are the three things and I what you do is you
measure a little bit of each of these products the two bottles
and you want one-to-one ratio so I’m not exact on this but I just basically
eyeball it because it doesn’t have to be exact and I’m going to put the other one
there as well can’t really see the chat I want to make
sure that I’m not missing anything so I am missing a lot sorry about that I hope
I am sorry if I didn’t say hi to all the people that are there I just realized I
missed a lot of the stuff I see there’s some new people here so thanks for
coming so take them again I’m eyeballing this there just want to make sure that
the same height and if they’re not I will add pretty close okay and then you
so when they’re apart they’re not reacting as soon as you put these two
agents together they start reacting and they start becoming really hot because
it’s a chemical reaction and I’ll just show you what happens so I’m going to
mix them and the same one and then you take a kind of kit comes with a little
like stick like this and you wait until it’s basically you stir it until it’s
clear and once it’s clear you pour it in and it takes about 10 minutes to dry so
this is why I wanted to do this now because I wanted to make sure that it
dries before him so here it is and I’m just going to pour it I’m going to make
this label here which is the same one I use and as it starts drying it becomes
white the agents becomes white and it’s really easy to use whole of trying to
get it into the corners here it’s not working okay one corner there we go
alright and then I’m going to make a second label I have some left over and I
already already feel it warm in my hands this one will probably be I don’t think
I have been asked for all of it but that’s okay the most important is the
other label anyways I’m just kind of moving
around a little bit at least we’ll get the form of the other one okay good so
it’s really cool because it starts changing within a few minutes as you can
see even in this area here you can see that it’s that it’s turning a little bit
of white okay so now I’m going to put this aside and
hold on I want to okay you can still hear me right because I just turn the
volume off of my computer to make sure that you don’t hear all the dinging from
Facebook and different things like that okay so we’re going to put this in the
corner here and I’m going to try to maybe keep it so you guys can kind of
watch how it dries on it how it starts drying place I keep it in that corner
can you still see it yeah I think you can people getting confused between the
mouse from my computer and my laptop okay so sorry I just want to put these
things back in the box so they don’t get confusing with everything else and then
we’re going to get going so you can see here in the corner how they’re drying
and at the same time we’re going to be working here
perfect good so yeah you can also use for this mold you can also use paper
clay you can use oh god it’s doing so much zooming I don’t know why doesn’t
know what to focus on okay I’m going to get closer to this so maybe it will know
to focus on that so you can also use paper clay you can use like putty
there’s different ways to use to actually create these molds and you can
see already you see how it’s turning white so this is what I meant it’s
really really fast okay so now I’m going to add start adding the things that I
want for this project so this is a really cool metal star it’s like a barn
store and hold on this from is called salvaged it’s a large metal star star I
bought it and actually another brick-and-mortar store near me a paper
Lane studio and it’s called salvaged and it’s
has many different things last time I used the wings from this collect from
this company and now I’m using this star which I really really love it’s really
nice but I was trying to use the user the whole time I was trying to use it
like the other way around but eventually I ended up turning it and using it this
way because I just couldn’t get at the right way so and so that’s one thing
that I’m adding the other thing that I’m using is I’m using these wings from the
archival cast from Sandra Everton and this
I just love wings I’m not trapped I’m not I don’t like using wings for example
on on people or like you know people that I love or things like that because
I because I don’t like the significance of it but I do like wings for you know
like things like hearts and stars so that looks really good and these
companies are made were made for making like jewellery and necklaces or just
adding to your mixed media project but they do have these loops at the top
because you can use them for like for jewelry so I am removing with a little
flyer I’m removing the little metal loop because I don’t want it in my project
it’s not necessary okay and they’re easy to remove so that’s good I have some
resin here and I want to get stuck to my to my mat the mat I’m using it’s a 10
oliver mat and it’s really great it’s one of my good purchases for this year
and I’m really excited about that one and this basically goes underneath like
this I had to find the right angle for it to kind of stay and once I found the
angle had to remember how it went okay there we go and you see it serve it it’s
still you know kind of drying white and in two seconds it pops up so it’s really
easy to use okay another thing that I did so this is still way working here so
I really wanted to use I really wanted to use these barn stars
I thought wow they’re perfect for this I’m going to use them and guess what I
only have this one single one I searched everywhere and somehow I thought I had
more but I only had one if I would have had an extra one I could have used it
but I didn’t and these come in these really great packages so I said you know
what let’s recycle some more and let’s use the packaging and the great thing
about the packaging sometimes it comes with two of these pieces so I actually
cut them out so there it comes with an insert inside which I use for the other
project and this is for this one so I have to cut out these stars and I can
maybe while I cut them I can look at the chat and if you have
any questions about the resin about anything I can I can basically answer
while I’m cutting so yeah so here I’m just trying to go back to the chat okay
so there we go so I’m going to cut these around and because I wanted to kind of
what I did is I wanted to fill them with how long I want to go around I wanted to
fill them with things and I’ll show you what I did and how I sell them let me
cut around them because when I what’s happening here is that I have this ledge
here that I can’t cut around okay good so this is a really great way of
repurposing things and you know using so I save I save a lot of these I save a
lot of everything but I save a lot of these plastics and I tend to want to use
them for different things so it’s a great way of recycling so between the
cardboard and this I mean I know like you know things get expensive
so it’s a great way of recycling a lot of things and
getting and using things that you have on hand and not always buying I mean I
know I’m I’m not trying to enable you or anything like that but yet there’s a lot
of great products out there and the key is to know what to buy and what you can
repurpose so that’s a really great thing to to kind of learn and when you learn
that then you know like you know how to what to use for what so there we go
there is one star and this is a boring part but I have to do it there goes the
other one and I didn’t want to cut you in advance I could’ve easily just cut
these in advance the reason why I didn’t want to cut them is because I didn’t
have an extra one and I really wanted to show you where I got these from because
then otherwise we would not understand that they came from this packaging it
wouldn’t it wouldn’t make sense because the looks are part of some kind of like
other type of embellishment so I thought it would I had to show you this
mechanical either they’re called mechanical barn stars so those are the
ones where it comes it comes from and they’re not I mean I’m not a fussy
cutter kind of person and I’m not exact I’m never perfect and I don’t really
care if I’m not perfect because nobody really sees it and especially when I’m
filling these in and because they’re see-through they’re going to be covered
in things so nobody’s going to see them so and don’t worry so much about
perfection I did have a recent video where I specifically talked about that
and how you know in mixed-media there’s really no need for perfection but you
just have to try and continue and doing things and it will just you know things
will just if you try and you experiment the things will just fall into place
okay so then we just finished cutting these last two ones these are their
little ones so hopefully those will be quicker and it’s nice I like that this packaging
had two of them because otherwise I would have had to think of other ideas
of what to do I had some other ideas but I wanted to make sure that I use things
that are available sometimes you know I have collected things from past from the
past and it’s then I find them let’s say at the dollar store or something like
that and then they are not available for everybody anybody to buy and if you want
to recreate the project or want to create something similar then it’s not
available so people prefer to have materials that are available out there
and you see my impatience how impatient I am because I wanted to be done already
and it’s not so see I can get just one piece to come off if I cut it upside
down I think I did this after I got impatient when I was cutting them before
okay there and one more star so there’s that and the last one so yeah this is
the most boring part of the show and next week feel free to join next week
you’ll be able to see how I color everything in how I rested which is my
favorite part of it I do like building the collage but my
favorite part is rusting it okay so yeah I think I’m done okie-dokie so wait I just realized I
forgot to do a step which is to do that to add this string so let me just get
rid of all this now it’s not wanting to move you so okay so one thing that it’s
really cool about this mat is that it’s cling it has a cling it has a clinginess
twist so what happens is that everything gets stuck to it which is good and bad
so it’s good because you know things don’t move when you’re creating but at
the same time when you’re you see my struggling now when I have to move
things around but at least everything comes off it so far anything I’ve put
like gel has gone onto it just so anything has really been has gone off in
oh god where’s my string hold on one second so so I have to run I realize I
prepared everything but except for this this is called butcher cord it’s to make
a candle wicks for candles and I don’t know I bought this for some things I was
helping I was something crafty and I thought oh this is perfect for it and I
just want to use it to wrap to create some wrappings around the actual pad and
before I do that I want to show you I want let me see if this is okay so now
this is still not dry it’s almost dry so really hot if you actually touch the
silicone it’s really hot okay so the way I did it is I started wrapping these
around and I think I did it before I did this so I’m going to use some masking
tape which is what I used in the other one I’ll show you the back for a second
so you know that I’m not okay so the back of this one I was just holding it
with masking to do what I mean I really don’t get is either things I made for my
snake for myself so I don’t really care if it’s the back is like that
I don’t sell my things so it doesn’t really matter in that sense yes okay so I’m just going to let it drop on this
whole line and basically we’re going to create these wrappings and let’s see how
many times should I go around sorry I’m kind of a fully out of out of focus I
mean not out of focus out of the screen on I’m still there yeah okay then I’ll
I’m so nervous today I’ve been at Dundas shows for two years already or three
years I used to do with pre mind and out it’s life we I’ve done it for two years
been over two years this maids was two years yeah and I don’t know why I’m so
nervous today okay see this is five so a little bit more and then we cut it here
okie dokie and I want to spread them a little bit okay so that’s good alright
I’m gonna stick it on the bag oh yeah sorry the butch record was there I think
in the supply list and all the supplies are listed in my in the video as well so
once we uploaded okay so there we go so this is just to add extra texture to it
and I did go in with a little bit of gel just to make it like stay in place so
again I’m going a little bit with fingers don’t mind me I know it’s a lot
of people don’t like using their fingers for things but somehow I love using my
finger first I have more control over things and it’s just easier sometimes it
is no point of reaching out for things for paintbrushes and so forth so there
you go okay so just a little bit I mean there’s gonna be so many mediums on top
that it really doesn’t matter okay so there is that now I want to also fill up
fill in these stars oh hi can i yeah I didn’t prepare myself
fully for things so let me just let this dry and I want to show you how I how I
fill these in one minute so it’s good to use that catch and tray for this but you
don’t have to I mean you could use just a box or anything you have okay so what I use is I use these glass beads
crystal glass beads from art ingredients from pretty much spin a bear as you can
use any type of beads it doesn’t really matter and I took a paintbrush a dirty
paintbrush so I just clean it so I took a paintbrush and using the soft gel as
well I added a little bit into the bottom of the of the star oh sturdy if
you want to see it but still don’t let the fact that my paintbrush is so filthy so I’m really not good at keeping things
clean some people clean their paintbrushes
right after they work with them same with their stencils and with their palette knives I’m just really bad at
doing that I don’t know why I should keep them better in better condition but
I don’t ok so again so I’m pouring this in and the nice thing about it is that
it catches everything so I don’t need to worry about that this is the second one
I’m going to do in the reason why okay so now I want to explain why I wanted to
use the glass the clear glass beads okay because I really first of all I wanted
them to catch the color I wasn’t going to cover them with gesso or with
anything else underneath I’ve used these before like I could have used art stone
so as well but the thing when you’re covering them with mediums and you’ll
see you next week what I mean by that when you if you cover these beads with
mediums then they get really sick on top so what I use is that I’m going to be
using another type of thing which is alcohol ink which will say may stain the
glass bead but will not will not make thicker so they will stay as a glass
bead but just will be a different color so I’m just using here some Holland I’m
just putting some more I just use the leftover from here instead of dumping
them into the tray I just dump them into the next star and I’m going to continue
doing that I’m going to put some more in here okay alright so here I am with the
next one and I’m going to do the same thing I’m just going to pour it into
this because call me the bottom is sticking like only the glue at the
bottom is keeping them straight the other ones are not sticking at all okay
there we go and then the last one so the cool thing
about using alcohol inks which you’ll see next week is that you can stain
things especially if they’re clear you can stain them and they take the full
color of the alcohol they are the inks or em at the same of the alcohol and
then the alcohol evaporates so that’s why using the clear
you know packaging and the clear beads helped with it okay finally for the last
one now the reason why I wanted to do things in two part is because I really
wanted to have it all really dry for next week and it’s important to let
things dry so usually things dry in about 24 hours and it’s important to let
things dry fully before you’re applying color or rust or whatever it is because
then things start shifting and you and it’s just really hard then to apply
things imagine these beads being shifted all over the place because they’re not
dry enough and I knew I really wanted to create a much more involved project I
didn’t want it to be something simple and I thought this
was perfect for this okay there we go so now I have the fourth star and I’m
just all I do now is just flip it back and I’m sure my last people includes on
crafting or cars and put used embossing powders I’m going to say then use how
you must have one of these and then I just dump it back in side and of course
don’t do that which I just did and everything went outside it slipped off
my hand I like okay I will clean it up okay you
see I just filled over here great popular somewhere I hear them okay so
now I have to just fix two now because it’s clean you the nice thing you notice
that I’m not you notice that what about the cleanliness of this it’s probably
not fun it’s like glitter falls on it but the nice thing is that you know how
if you dump glaze on a big beads on a table or anything like that it they just
go all over the place notice how they all stayed in one spot so I just really
can just pick them up quickly it’s not so hard that’s silly but I didn’t mean to spill
them okay as I said I think I’m nervous and that’s why this is happening okay so
I don’t know have my sister calling me and I think that she’s picking up the
daughter so I’m going okay so okay now just picks up everything and here is my
tag bag so the nice thing about this is that I can even though things are loose
I can go ahead and place them and glue them onto onto my tag and it’s not a
problem okay so that that’s the nice thing about it so here is now we can go
back to this which is the label and look like quick
is it gonna come out okay just really set and push it from underneath and look
how easy it comes out hell no not and I want to break it I mean it’s still
fragile so you want to make sure and voila there it is my label and this one
which is a little bit smaller this one is thinner than the other ones
you can make it as thin or thick as you want this one because it’s thinner it’s
a little bit more like you can actually it was really cool
you could actually like mold it and leave it like you know you can make a
bracelet out of this god knows what okay so this is just an idea so this is the
idea that that I have so I really love this material it’s so much easier than
the paper clay no offense to anything I just it’s perfect for my patience which
is not something that I have right now when I want to do things so that’s why
this is in terms of that that’s perfect okay so let’s get going on subside let’s
get going on the next step which is which is adding all these things
together and I’m trying to okay yeah so one more thing I wanted to add on to
this is I want to add this is and also another label from salvaged this is
called antique great handles they’re so cool they have really cool things in
this this salvaged company I really like all the things and back the wings that I
did I altered a little while back and here is the and here is that the other
so these comes with two labels so I use one label for the for the original tag
that I did and this is the other one okay hold on
metal onto this yeah I know this resin the resin is amazing there everybody
saying that they want the resin yeah the resin is great you have to say and you
know what I’ve used this so much and it really laughs along like I still have so
much left it never finishes somehow okay so this sexual tad came with little
screws here these are the little screws that came with it but I was not going to
drill so I just left it the way it is I just originally I had cut out the hole
and then I realized that I wanted to use these tags so I ended up just covering
the holes and it didn’t matter okay so now we’re going to assemble
things and okay so I’m going to assemble back things the way they were supposed
to be and the wings and I want the wing to kind of stick out a little bit from
here okay there have the wing the wings are hard to maneuver they have is
releasing sticking up everywhere and this is the star that goes here and we
have a star that goes kind of here and then two other stars one goes here and
one goes by kind of over here yeah so that’s pretty good the other thing that
I’m using and what I use is this mechanicals wings wings and I put some
up on top here and let’s see which one do I want to use it once one that it’s
not too too big or doesn’t have to I doesn’t really matter it’s one looks
nice that’s good yeah so that’s that and I also use these mechanical stars thing
they’re calling mechanicals idea so I put the thing backwards but I’m going to
I added these to some areas as well so I added one here so this the theme was
kind of stars and let’s see where’s the third one yeah the third one goes I
think it’s over here so I only put three
those because it was kind of I needed to kind of create that three rule and then
one star goes on top here okay so that’s the thing the other one okay and then
you from and archival cast also it little baby that is spraying it so I
thought it was he was so adorable he she I’m sure I thought it was really really
adorable and I thought I had to put it in I just really like this let me just
remove that oops want to forget any steps so hopefully
I’m not forgetting there’s only one step here that I haven’t done yet but I will
do soon okay and this little guy goes in here because he’s praying okay keeps
praying for peace so that is that and the last thing and this is from Michaels
I got but and it could be any anything you can use which words the word I want
to add a word so now this is from the same one I have to award left so the
other one I use face so I thought for this one I should use love because love
is everything and this goes here as well so this is how the composition is now
I’m going to send another this in from now I’m going to glue everything but
besides gluing I’m also going to be adding some of the art stones as well so
I’m going to use you could use 3d gel you could also use heavy gel okay so it
doesn’t really matter which one I think I’m going to use the 3d gel if I wanted
a little bit softer and just to add basically everything and glue everything
where I want it once everything is dry is so much easier to work with so that’s
how I like I like everything to be dry I’m very
impatient and I don’t want things I don’t want things usually I don’t want
to wait but I know that sometimes you have to so that’s important so let’s
start by gluing the actual handle so I’m just applying glue here and on the other
side and just sticking it on I just really like this handle I really really
like it now that I have the composition I know more or less where everything
goes so I just have to basically stick it on which is nice and easy the only
thing is the wings always has to kind of play around with the wings took me a
while to get the weight like fur they start to fit perfectly on the wing
because there’s always one at one perfect spot that looks good and that
stays well the nice thing about the gel is that it’s see-through so it dries
clear so it’s not a problem if you know you get it on other things like I did
over there okay and there’s this side okay okay
and I’m not going to glue the love word because I do want to color it a
different color and I don’t want it to get a very loop story just my phone is
ringing and I don’t I cannot answer it Hey so I don’t want the the word to come
all rusted and sick with the paste so I’m going to leave it off but I just
wanted to show you where it goes and this is like a label because I wanted to
create a really nice label to having that you can really see the intricate
details with this a cast resin so it’s really cool in that sense and you put
enough glue here or I don’t know if I did or not so those were really show
well once we put the other mediums which a mix which is really nice to see so
that works well once you put everything on so these are glue these okay yes I
did okay let me put this aside for a second and I’m going to put a bunch of
glue here now you see why I was I didn’t want to do all of it and one in one
class as you can see like it takes like a long time to set it all up and I would
have not have time enough time to dry everything right so I really was happy
that I had like a two-week opportunity because I could show a little bit of a
more involved project and still be able to do it live on the show okay hold on
there’s a wing okay that’s wing is good let me do the other wing so I don’t know if I’m missing anything
hopefully I’m lovest not ok it’s good ok ok there we go yeah I want to shift it a
little bit ok good and I’m going to also put some I’m going to put some glue on come on I just want to measure where it
goes to make sure that it sticks on to that as well okay so I can’t I actually
did this in two parts as well just to make sure that I had enough time for
everything so I did let this dry overnight so that was good in terms of
like you know just figuring it up if it will actually work when I’m doing it
live didn’t stop me from getting nervous but at least I was able to to do it ok
I’m just gluing the wing and the star that goes on top here yes and then I’m
going to glue then I’m going to glue this star on top so here’s this guy and this guy goes inside here often he
fits perfectly ok so there’s a composition a bit crooked and the loved
one that I’m not moving on right now and I didn’t put the stars on sign-in put
the stars straight I really wanted them to kind of be Seidel sideways except for
the main star because it’s just a way to say that I would have liked it to be a
bit more like skewed but if I couldn’t get it to fit with the wings so it had
to go that way finally for the last step for today until next week is adding some
of these and the reason why I want to add them today is because I want to add
that texture and have it all dry and this is one of my favorite techniques
from this year because every time you know how it is you end up having
different techniques that you love for different times so this is I’m not going
to use the soft gel this time and the way it works is that I stick my
paintbrush inside the gel and then I literally go straight into the actual
beads and start gluing them on to whatever I’m gluing them on and that way
they are kind of random and also they go randomly on but they also don’t spread
everywhere because if I have to like kind of spray them on top they would
just go everywhere and not and not where I want them to go so because this gel
dries clear and I do prefer the matte over the gloss of course I’m just
putting some of these art stones all the way down and they’re just drying this
way oops and they dry this way so this is what I mean you see how they’re
sticking out a lot and I want to make sure that that they have this downward
motion and that they drive fully because they imagine trying to put rust paste
onto this it would be a pain it would not be fun to do because every
thing would move everywhere I do want to point out that when you do this
technique the beads do go into con the container so I tend to either use one of
the containers that are like kind of towards the bottom or use the sequins or
use the same container all the time for doing this technique so you’re always
getting the beads inside it doesn’t matter or just keep an old container and
just go ahead and just put some gel in it and then do this technique so there’s
many different ways of not contaminating things I’m not very particular about
things I don’t mind the contamination because I just use it it’s just more
texture for next time but if you are very stressed about that then the best
thing to do is do do one of those three things either use an extra con an old
container or dedicate one of these only for beads and sequins because I use it
for use of techniques for other things as well like sequin and glass beads and
different things so just maybe just have one container just for doing this or you
can just use an oil container and just you know just use it just for those that
occasion so basically this is it this is the composition I’m going to let it dry
for a few days well I guess a week because I’m going to
bring this back next week and I’m going to continue working on it and you’re
going to see how we’re going to alter it and turn it from this to this so let me
just make sure that I do not forget anything that I was supposed to put on
this because I do not want to add anything next week so I mean this is too
high up let me go down so we’re going to we’re going to turn this into that is
that good and yeah so I’m going to show you how I’m altering this next week and
I hope you guys can join as you can see is part two of this
and thank you so so much everyone for coming if there’s so many different
names I couldn’t say hello to everyone but I really appreciate everybody coming
and we’ll see you all next week I’m just going to stop the recording and thank
you and we can chat after that thanks so much bye everyone

7 thoughts on “Altered Tag Part 1- Building the Composition

  1. I watched you make the foundation, while stenciling on my gelli prints. Fun little project. You always have the coolest stuff, Keren!

  2. hi keren!! just would like to know if you could use the star packaging as a mould for the resin stuff? or is it too hot for acetate? love your work

  3. I'm a little late watching this but I love it, in fact I ordered those stars and the tags. Haven't seen those tags from Tim before.

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