31 thoughts on “Art Basel 2019 Unlimited

  1. Some of those art pieces cannot be on sale. Where are the canvases made with paint and brushes, nevertheless this show is nice to watch as a happening.

  2. The air compressor noise was polluting all the exhibition. I don't find it alright to contaminate every artwork in the show with that noise – thus a feeling.

  3. Al parecer desarrollar una técnica o tener un nivel artístico no es importante en muchas de estas piezas. Lo mismo sucede en Basel que en México vendiendo la nada y la ilusión de un objeto denominado arte?

  4. minutes of my life l will never get again…… an insult to the masters of art that have gone before …..

  5. bigger, better, faster more and just plain discriptive and so void. these art fairs are so full of themselves. ''Unlimited'', my arse

  6. Looks like most of this stuff is done through government grants or foundations due to costs.. It's all so bureaucratic and has an expectedly bureaucratic look in the end. What about artists that don't get free money to make things?… I guess they have to sell their work huh? But what artists can compete against this influx of unlimited money?

  7. This was great, keep up the good work! some fantastic artworks in display. Not all art is for every taste as seen clearly in the comment section, thats the beauty of art. 🙂

  8. Цветные диванчики с подушками МЕГА КРУТО 👍🏻👏🍁🌷🌹💐🌻🍀🌳

  9. This is modern art. You're supposed to pretend you like it, otherwise you're an ignorant. Just a bunch of talentless so-called artists with their fists full of dollars from money laundering.

  10. JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST when I was in the navy in the mid seventies, the August mixed shows in the Soho galleries were so vastly superior to this.

  11. Der Begriff Art wird heutzutags wohl in etwa so gestreckt wie die Crêpe Mischung an der Herbstmesse… In beiden Fällen mach ichs lieber selber >_>

  12. 5:03 the smell of that thing is amazing. It hits you in the face when you walk nearby.
    15:50 most annoying machine ever.

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