Best Synths for Sound Design

If you’re looking for a synth to invest in
that can help you create sound effects and music, stick around. This list goes over the top 5 synths for sound
design, along with examples of how each one sounds. [Best Synths for sound design] Hey everyone, Jake from Transverse Audio here. There are plenty of plugins out there that
you can use to get many different sounds. The plugins in this list are aimed at synthesized sounds. If you’re looking for realistic instrument
plugins for, say, orchestral music on the other hand, check out the card in the top right
to see 5 of the best FREE instrument plugins. The first one on the list is Sylenth1. One of the most popular plugins among electronic
music producers, this beast can generate some insane sounds for video games and animation too! With 4 oscillators, 2 LFOs and a chain of
essential effects, this plugin can do a lot. [Demo music of Sylenth1] Another heavily used plugin in electronic
music, Serum is a very powerful tool to use as a sound designer. The amount of control you have with this is
really impressive, allowing you to link together parameters and create your own wavetables. The effect rack that comes with Serum
is pretty decent as well. Now, Massive would have been on this list,
but Serum essentially replaces it with much of the same functionality and more. They’re both wavetable synths and modular. [Demo music of Serum] Absynth by Native Instruments is a semi-modular
synth that allows you to transform sounds into something unique [Demo of Absynth’s mutate feature] and create powerful ambiances with its built-in
effects. [Demo music of Absynth] Some other synths from Native instrument worth
mentioning are Reaktor which is like a synth builder, and also FM8. This one, is insane, seriously. Zebra2 is just one of those plugins you get
things out of that you simply could not expect. [Unexpected sound effect from Zebra2] As far as sound design for video games and
film goes, this plugin is one you should definitely consider if you want something unique. [Demo music for Zebra2] There are some other synths you may want to
check out by u-he as well, such as Hive or Diva. The last one is a bit different from the rest. One of the most unique ways to design a sound
has definitely got to be growing them yourself. This interesting plugin lets you plant seeds
that can grow and change the sound of your patch. If you want to have some fun exploring sounds,
check out this synth! [Demo SFX and music for Synplant] As you may have noticed, I’ve omitted some
very popular plugins from this list including, Nexus, Omnisphere, and Native Instrument’s Kontakt. These are heavily sample-based and the price
on some of them is crazy. In no way is it to say they’re bad, they simply
belong in a different list. If you’re looking for plugins that are free, subscribe and check out the other videos
on the channel, there’s plenty of roundups like this. As always, thanks for watching.
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17 thoughts on “Best Synths for Sound Design

  1. So I have this Native Instruments Komplete bundle lying around for some time now. Never noticed how Absynth is basically the "Metroid Prime" sound out of the box.

  2. Holy shit, Synplant blew my fucking mind man! I didn't even know Soniccouture (oops, I misread, it's SonicCharge) did synths, I only knew they had Kontakt libraries. I'm definitely checking Synplant out, looks like the funnest VST toy I've ever seen! Thanks for the video 😀

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