Boom Bap Instrumental | Old School Boom Bap Instrumental Rap Beat ‘ESCAPE’ | Chuki Beats

All my instrumentals are free to use in your
videos/songs if and only if you credit me Put my youtube link (
and write : Instrumental produced by Chuki. You can monetize your videos with my music
as long as my music is supportive to the video All free beats can only be used for non-profitable,
non-commercial projects and nothing besides Always link to my channel in the description. purchase a licence that is suitable for yourself
before releasing. Regardless If you’ve purchased a licence or
not, you cannot register your song on BMI/ASCAP or any other Content ID system unless you’ve
purchased an exclusive license. Which I only offer with custom beats.

67 thoughts on “Boom Bap Instrumental | Old School Boom Bap Instrumental Rap Beat ‘ESCAPE’ | Chuki Beats

  1. Thanks for tuning in ! Like the video if you enjoyed!!!
    ► Enjoy your weekend, trap banger coming tomorrow!!!

  2. well put together chuki!! This one takes a certain voice to go with this beat just has a certain vibe to it 💯

  3. Hey Chuki, I want to start making beats. I have the basic knowledge on how to make a beat but I would like to dive a little bit more in. Can you recommend me any Youtuber that you have learned with. (You said in one of your Beat breakdowns you learned a lot with Youtube Videos) 😀 thx

  4. WHAT AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY GIFT 😀 thx chuki, another ill beat of yours for real!!! shit cant get better when u upload such illness on my bday

  5. I would like some advices to be better in beatmaking this is my first
    OWN rap/trap beat. Thanks alot;)

  6. Hey guys small youtuber here, i use Chuki's FIRE Beats in most of my vlogs. Come check them out. And yea keep doing what your doing chuki!

  7. Uh uh huh im from another land x3
    Haters i cant stand You know they pissed cuz we keep it lit im
    2 legit stay equipped kill the opposite take ya hostage ah shit the mix is toxic

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