brown4444 and friends: piano rush

(deploys piano) Notive: HUP! (Blink) (Blink) (Blink) brown4444: Ohhhh (Deploys piano) hoho Notive: HOAUH?!? (Screams) (Blink) (Brain Scream) brown4444: What the hell? (Gasp) brown4444: No!!! (NicsterV Deploys his piano) (Notive and Brown4444 Arguing) (Notive and Brown4444 Arguing)
Nicolas77: What the?!? (Notive and Brown4444 Arguing) Nicolas77: stop dude stop it right now dude stop it right now brown4444: ugh fine Notive: Alright (Swoosh) (Cracks knuckles) (brown890 comes in) (BANG BANG BANG BANG) (Brown890’s band shows up and starts playing) MUDADADADADADADADADADADADADADADA!!!! MUDADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADADAAAA!!!!!! (dun dun dun dun DUN!) (SLAM!) Notive: Hey what just happened? brown4444: what a disaster Notive: ohhh I’ve really hit rock bottom

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