15 thoughts on “C. Ramchandra …Best tabla player in his compositions..

  1. ये शायद दत्ता राम हो सकते हैं. क्योंकि शंकर जयकिशन का रिदम सेक्शन वे ही सँभालते थे.

  2. The Tabla must have been played by Lala Gangwane. He has played Tabla with SJ too.

    Thanks for your uploads.

  3. Nice presentation IMIRZA ji. Could it be Dattaram Wadkar who was later very much associated with Shankar-Jaikishen ?

  4. CR was 1 of the 5 best composers of late 40s, his melodies r pleasant n soultouching n offcourse tabla has always been a salient feature in almost all of his songs. Some of his songs stand unique in term of rhythm n melody. thanx IMIRZAJI.

  5. Splendid ! It is great to see this presentation, Mirzaji, since 2018 is the birth centenary year for the great composer-singer C. Ramchandra. Glad to see that the focus of this work is to showcase the skills of the unknown tabla-player in his compositions. The presentation aptly includes songs composed by CR, except for the one at the end, composed by S-J.

    Don't know the nuances about tabla-playing, however, I did pay attention to it while listening to the songs. From what little I know and could hear, indeed, the tabla-player sounds highly-skilled, adding so much beauty to the music compositions with all the subtle turns and other variations. Starting with that enchanting, "Mere jeevan mein kiran ban ke" and ending with that S-J beauty, "Aankhon aankhon mein," from Aurat in this string, one finds one musical gem after another. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this work of yours, bringing the skills of the tabla-player, the unsung hero, to the fore — hope someone knows who he was and sheds some light on him as well. This presentation is unique, Mirzaji — though you are an expert tabla-player yourself, all skilled tabla-players may not have the discerning ears and the taste in music that you have. Combining those qualities to come up with this kind of presentation is wonderful — it adds another dimension to your channel. Excellent work ! Thank you, Mirzaji.

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