Cardi B and Chance the Rapper on Making Their First Music Video | Netflix

My first video, it was just so cold. [Cardi B]
♪ Ran down on that bitch twice… ♪ It was literally one of the coldest days 
in New York. The wind of the helicopter 
is just crazy. And then we next to the river. I was like, “Aagh!” [shivering]
♪ Ran down on that bitch twice… ♪ ♪ Nah, nah-nah ♪ ♪ Ran down on that bitch twice ♪ Yeah, my first video 
was in a helicopter too. -Yeah? [laughing]
-No. Hell, no. But my favorite music video 
was for a song called “Juice” and it completely changed my life. It amassed millions of views
in a couple of weeks and put my name in a lot of conversations
that it wasn’t before. I hope these kids really like go for it. As long as they keep it about the music,
it should be good.

40 thoughts on “Cardi B and Chance the Rapper on Making Their First Music Video | Netflix

  1. You video is great. I just made my own video with 117 effects added. You do not have that many effects, and yet, the voice and picture is so catching, that they are not needed! You are Excellent!!!

  2. I’m embarrassed as an American that cardi b is someone who is famous and on top trump is president. They have the same smarts and both should be working at kfc

  3. Trash. Black youth needs actual talents to look up to. All these rappers with $500'000 jewelry and minimum education wont do any good. Need more ppl like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

  4. This racist, egotistical, herpes carrying, uneducated vermin is 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  5. I actually really enjoyed this show, it's refreshing seeing competitive rap and freestyles instead of The Voice/American Idol/X factor. I think you should give it a watch if you are doubting whether you should watch it or not. Really like the Judges and how they get to the point like "no that shit was ass" or "ok you're through see you in LA" and they explain to the contestant why it was shit or why it was good etc etc. There are so many guest appearances that really makes me look forward to each episode. Can't wait to see Jhene Aiko in later episodes.

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