Carlos confesses his feelings for Romina | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

Niel! Romina! We bought along some
people who want to help. That’s great news!
We have backup now! Ma’am Romina, I know I said
we have our own jobs now, but we haven’t forgotten
everything you’ve done for us. That’s why now that
you’re in need, we’re here to help you
fix the factory. I didn’t expect that
you’ll come back. I’m very grateful
to all of you, because you all
came here to help me. You were with me
when I started working, and you’re still here to catch
me when I’m at my lowest. Thank you very much
to all of you. Then why were you with Marga
during her house party? You were alone
with her in a room! Cass, it was nothing. She needed space
so we could talk. She pulled me into that room. That’s it. We just talked. Oh, really? It must’ve been so serious that you needed
a room for yourselves. We only talked about the rumors
going around about us. Maybe there’s nothing
going on between you two. But you should’ve
stayed away from her. You should’ve proven to me that what I’m hearing
about you is wrong! So she won’t get
the wrong idea, Tope! Cass, whatever rumors
are spreading about us, I know the truth! There’s nothing going on
between me and Marga! And I mean nothing! You should believe me.
I’m still your boyfriend. Kristoff. Are you denying that
you’re courting me in front of your ex? Marga, you know
that’s not true. Then why are you
being so nice to me? Why are you so sweet to me
every time I have a problem? Isn’t that what suitors do? About the things
you told Cassie. Why does it seem to me like you’re complicating
our situation? I was just trying to save you. Clearly, she doesn’t trust you.
At least it’s over now. If she treats you that way,
she doesn’t deserve you. That’s not for you to decide. Didn’t we talk about
this issue already? Why are you making
the situation worse? You’re already suffering
because of her, right? And while you’re suffering, Cassie’s showing
her true colors. She doesn’t trust you. And she won’t fight
for your relationship. So, I’m just doing you
a favor as a friend. Alright. Maybe you are my friend. But you have no right to
make decisions for me. LJ and Fatima told me
about what happened. Kristoff’s right. It’s all just
a big misunderstanding. What about that incident
at the party, and the things
Marga was saying? None of that’s true. You mean Marga made
all of that up? I know this is the second time
I’m doing this, but the company
really needs money. Would you please increase
my business loan? But Mrs. Mondragon– Ma’am, you can even raise
the interest. I’ll pay it back. I have faith in my product.
Our company will bounce back. We’ll pay you back eventually. We have terms to follow
when it comes to loan payments. The bank won’t just allow this. You need to add additional collateral
aside from your business. What if I co-signed
on her business loan and added my business
to the collateral? Will you accept her
new business loan then? Leon– I think that would work. All the bank needs is assurance that you can pay
within the terms, as long as both parties are
aware of this agreement. Alright, please prepare
all the necessary documents. You’re still waiting
for Kristoff even after everything
you found out? Oh, you mean the lies
you made up about Tope courting you? Tell me, Marga… Why should I be scared? The stories you made up
weren’t true, and sounded
completely desperate. And who told you that? Everyone in school
believes me, Cassie, because everything
I said is true. Kristoff is mine. You might have stolen
a lot from me, Marga, but there’s one thing
I learned. You can try to steal
everything from me, but you won’t get it
from me that easily. Oh, really? Oh, why do you look so scared? You– Marga. Are you asking for
trouble again? I’m warning you, Marga. I’ll say this again because you just
don’t seem to get it. Stay away from me and Tope. I wanted to make up
for what happened, so I thought it would be great
if we had dinner together. Perfect timing. I’m starving, and I’m eating for two
right now. Marga, let’s eat. I ordered these from your
favorite restaurants. And I made this for you, Marga. Everything looks delicious,
Carlos. Thank you. This is exactly what
I was craving for. Mom. What are you doing? You’re happy that Daddy’s here,
even after what happened? Marga, of course. He said he’s trying
to make up for it, and that’s something
I should be happy about. Besides… He said he’s trying his best
to fix our marriage. I’m still not convinced. If he drops the annulment, then I’ll believe that
he’s really serious about fixing your marriage. Marga, let’s just savor this
moment that we’re all together. I will take what I can
get from him. Give this one to your dad.
Please, Marga. For me. By the way,
I’m Armando Ortiz. Hello, sir. What can I do for you? I’ve heard great things
about you. That’s why I’m willing to
invest in your company. So, do you think it’s time? Time for what? To get back together. Let’s continue
our relationship. – But, Tope…
– Cassie… What’s important is we both know that
we love each other. No one needs to
know about that. And why is that? The truth is, I can’t stand
our situation anymore. This is really painful for me.
I’m sure you feel the same. So, what do you think? Let’s keep our
relationship a secret? Pull out your investment in Romina Mondragon’s
company. Name your price.
I’ll pay you. But Carlos said we’ll be
partners in this investment. He’s the one who invested
in the company. He wanted to put the
investment under my name. I agreed to his offer after
seeing Romina’s potential. You invested in
Romina’s company?! Daniela, calm down. The customers might hear you.
It’s embarrassing. Oh, really? You feel
embarrassed now?! Why did you shell out money
for that woman’s company?! Where did you get
the money, anyway?! I worked hard for that. How dare you! Everything you own is
still considered conjugal! What’s happening here? Your son shelled out money to invest in
Romina’s company! Is that true?! I just wanted to help
Romina, Tay. She wouldn’t be
in that situation if it weren’t for Daniela. – Shut up!
– Tay! You have a wife, Carlos! Ate Daniela, you should
talk about this calmly. Think about the baby. Cool your heads off first. No! Pull out your
investment, Carlos! Or what? You’ll cause
trouble again? Yes, and I’m going
to do that right now! Who are you texting? Is that Kristoff? You have silly grin
on your face. Huh? I wasn’t smiling. Don’t deny it.
You looked so giddy. So, you guys are okay now? Huh? No. Tope just needs
something from me. I’m just helping him. But we aren’t back together. Return our money. What are you talking about? Do you have amnesia? You already took everything
from me, remember? And now you’re trying to
take everything back. Romina, are you really
that shameless? Pay me! Have you gone mad? Or are you dehydrated? What’s going on with you? You don’t have any investors! You were talking to
a dummy investor. Carlos hired him. Daniela? Nice timing, Carlos. Go ahead. Explain yourself to Romina
because she looks so confused. Carlos, what is
she talking about? Is it true you hired
a dummy investor? Did you order Mr. Ortiz
to invest in our company? – Romina let me ex–
– Answer me, Carlos. Yes, I know him. We’re friends. And I paid him to invest
in your company. I made a deal with him,
so I could help you. How many times do I
need to tell you, I don’t need your help?! Shove it down your
twisted conscience! I wouldn’t have accepted that
if I knew that came from you. You think I’ll accept that? What if you don’t have
any money left? What if that check bounced? What else do you want? I want my money in cash. Is there something I don’t
know about him and Cassie? They’re not yet
together, right? That’s not yet official
as long as they haven’t posted it
on Facegram. That’s what you think. I saw Cassie texting
with Kristoff. She was so giddy.
She was smiling so much. I think they’re officially
together again. Really? Well, I won’t believe you
until you prove it. Next on our agenda is the
Maxwell luncheon for next week We have to delegate people
to plan this event. Wait, this luncheon thing is
the charity event, right? Yes, president. It’s the event for Maxwell
Integrated students, right? Yes. I suggest we scrap
this whole luncheon thing. The event is for Maxwell
Integrated students, right? Then they might as well
be there. You want them
to attend the luncheon? Won’t they feel uncomfortable
once the auction starts? Why don’t we hold
a charity ball instead? That way, they won’t
have to feel uneasy about being there with us. What part of “I want it in cash”
didn’t you understand?! I’m not going to accept this old
truck in exchange for my money! Daniela… Don’t worry, my dear. I brought cash. And I will pay you back
to the last dime. Here it is, nothing more,
nothing less. Is this a joke? I said cash! That is cash, Daniela. But it’s in coins since
you weren’t specific. I’m not going to accept this Well, I already
paid you back If you’ll excuse me,
I need to go to work. – You’re not going anywhere.
– Dani girl… Let me go or I’ll scream. So your new employees will
know just how evil you are. Happy counting, dear! Romina! Come back! How is my baby, doctor? You have nothing
to worry about. You just experienced cramps, which is normal for
pregnant women. Your abdomen’s ligaments
are being stretched because the uterus
is expanding. But is the baby safe? Yes. But just to be sure, I will get your records
from your OB-GYN. Thanks, Doc. Doc, since I’m already here,
can I get an ultrasound too? Sure, why not? Did you come here
by yourself? Where’s your husband? Hector? Oh, you’re here, Sir. We just finished
your wife’s checkup. It’s a good thing your
husband’s very supportive. He’s very concerned
about the baby. Shall we start? Doctor, I can do this alone. We need to do a lot
of tests on you today. It’s better if your
husband’s here. It’s alright.
I don’t have any plans today. Dude, just go home.
You shouldn’t be here. – Leon!
– Boss! Don’t do this, Carlos!
Please! – Carlos, that’s enough!
– Stop them! – Guard!
– That’s enough! Someone call
the police, please! Boss, be careful! – Guard!
– Stop fighting! You can’t beat our boss! – Stop it, Carlos!
– Boss, stop it! – Leon, that’s enough!
– Someone stop them! – Call the police!
– Stop it, Carlos! Did the teachers tell you
about the ball? Yeah. So, what do you think? I don’t know if
I should come. You know I don’t like
going to parties. What about me? I want you to be
my date there. We can’t, Tope. And besides, people might
notice we’re back together. Fine. But promise me
you’ll be there. Seeing you there
is enough for me. I really want to see
you there. Please. Can’t you see that
I’m on your side?! I’m helping you get revenge
against my own wife. Can’t you accept that? That’s because
Daniela’s your wife and that won’t do me any good! If you want to help,
leave me alone! Don’t show your face
to me ever again! I can’t do that, Romina. Why, Carlos– Because I still love you! I want us to go back to
how we were before. I can’t leave you. I won’t repeat the
same mistakes I did. I won’t leave you again. I want you to be my date
to the charity ball. Thanks, but no thanks. What? Why not? You don’t have
a date yet, right? Unless you’re back together
with Cassie again. What? Of course not. Then you have no problem
being my date. I’m sorry, Marga.
I already have a date, but it’s not Cassie, okay? Then who? Guys, is it okay to go with you
on a triple date to the ball? Sure. By the way, what’s your answer? Answer to what? To Carlos. He said he still loved you. Leon, that’s not a question,
so I don’t have to answer that. Then I’ll ask you. Do you also love him? Leon, you heard
what I said earlier. I don’t want to have any
connection to him anymore. You still haven’t
answered my question. I don’t love him. Our relationship ended
a long time ago. Your feelings might return. They won’t, because I already
love somebody else. And who’s that? Robert, my husband. He might be gone, but my love
for him will never end. I was hospitalized earlier,
Carlos. Our baby’s life was in danger, and where were you
the whole time? You were here brawling, trying to show off
for that woman! Why did you become like this,
Carlos? Why? Just what kind of a father
are you?! I didn’t know
you were hospitalized. Of course you wouldn’t! Because you were
chasing after Romina! Guess what? In case you haven’t noticed… …Romina does not care
about you at all. She’s just using you. If she’s just using me,
then so be it. Then I have this to say,
Carlos… If you and Romina
get back together, I swear to god… …you will know
what hell is like. I’ll make sure… …that Romina will pay
for stealing my husband. I’ll teach her a lesson
she’ll never forget. I will sue Romina
and ruin her company. Let’s just see if she won’t
hate Carlos completely once I drag her name
through the mud.

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