Cassie, naalala ang kanyang Ama kay Leon | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Did you buy all of these? You’re really itching to
spend your money, huh? They’re not mine. Then whose are they? Romina’s. What? Why are they here? It says, “Romina’s”. How’d we get that? Papa, I bought those
from Cassie. You should try it!
It’s really good. That’s what I had
for breakfast. They’re from Cassie? Yes. She’s selling them to
help with their expenses. She didn’t sell enough of these,
so I bought everything. She didn’t sell enough of these,
so I bought everything. I felt bad for Cassie, Pa. You bought all of that just because you
felt bad for her? Yes. Well, someone’s an
extravagant spender. She’s worse than us! Don’t you like it, Pa? I’m sure it won’t go to waste. Whatever. Fine, I’ll eat it. Thank you, Papa! – I’ll go to school now.
– Alright. – Take care.
– Take care. Here. Give them away to our men. It’d take us a month before
we could finish everything. Sure, Kuya. From now on, I’ll do
everything you say. No questions asked. Wait. What’s gotten into you? Did you eat some of that? No, Kuya. I just realized you were right
in holding on to Daniela. If we depended on
Cassie’s inheritance, we’d have been selling
sardines by now, too. I told you so. I’m smart. I’ve got your back, Kuya. I’ll support you
in wooing Daniela. We definitely won’t go poor. – Load them into the truck.
– Yes, sir. Mister Leon. You’ve brought a lot today. I’m selling these at school. Isn’t that a bit too much? You might not break even. I’m trying to get back
what I lost. My money got stolen yesterday. Didn’t you watch your things? I put it inside my wallet. But I didn’t know there was
a thief in the classroom. You know, I used to have
a small business. I trusted easily,
and got fooled because of it. So, I learned how
to read people. Is there something wrong? Nothing. You just reminded me of my dad. He was a good businessman, and he knew how to
mingle with others, too. So, being into business
is in your blood. But I still have
a lot to learn. Start by regaining
the money you lost. Don’t let them get away
with it, Cassie. But I don’t know
who stole my money. You’re smart. I’m sure you’ll find out
who it is.

100 thoughts on “Cassie, naalala ang kanyang Ama kay Leon | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

  1. Si robert talaga yan nagpa opera lang tyaka gumawa ng bagong buissness kaya ganyan nya kaalam si casie at romina

  2. Hindi si Robert si Leon.
    Misyon ni Leon ang bantayan sicassie and romina dahil yun ang habilin sa Kanya ni Robert.

  3. Hindi kaya si Leon si Robert? Or anu kaya ang connection nila? Omggg mas nagiging interesting ang KG habang tumatagal ah. Good job! 😊

  4. sa tingin ko si robert si leon. nagiba yung mukha dahil sa nangyareng pagsabog nung sinasakyan nya. feel ko lang.

  5. Na amnesia na namn si Robert at ng papalit ng mukha… haays.. lahat halos ng telenobela ganito ang twist..

  6. Leon aminin mo na kasi na ikaw si Robert na dahil sa aksidente e kinailangan mo magpa plastic surgery 😂😂😂😂

  7. So Robert talaga si leon nag pa Opera sya Ng muka Kasi mas matindi Yung damage sa muka nya Kaya walang choice Kung Hindi mag pa palit Ng muka

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  9. i think… si leon at si robert ay iisa?? at dahil sa aksidenteng nangyare kay robert ay kailangan niyang ipaayos ang mukha niya?? ewan langs lols.

  10. Malay nyo si Robert si Leon kasi diba sumabog yung helicopter at syempre nasunog yung mukha nya tas baka nag ka amnesia sya!!

  11. Magkakatuluyan si cassie at leon, mag aaway si cassie at romina, makikisawsaw si daniela at marga, mag aaway c cassie at kristof at mas hahaba pa ang KG,hahabulin ang probinsyano

  12. Si leon ay si robert kasabay ng pagkaroon nya ng amnesia ay ang pag papa surgery nya ng mukha mula sa matinding trahedya ng nangyare.. kaya sa kanyang puso halatang may puwang si cassie sa tuwing nakikita at nakakausap nya ito

  13. napaka bait na bata talaga ni Roxanne parang cassie lang matulongin mabait buti nalang hnd nagmana Kat Hector

  14. Feeling ko si Robert nagparetoke tapos siya na ngayon si Leon. In that way mas malaya niyang malalapitan si Romina at Cassie kahit mabunyag pa yung sikreto niya.

  15. Si Leon ay si Robert nagpa surgery lang sya dahil sumabog yung helicopter na sinakyan nya then wala na syang maalala, then yung sinasabi nyang pamilya nya na namatay na sila lang yung kumupkop sakanya.😊

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