christmas songs in a minor key are JAMMIN

that was a vulfpeck song called christmas in LA, it works so well in minor like – the
baselines doing this mission impossible style bum bum bum bum bah duh
NEXT UP i mentioned on my second channel on my original christmas song called red and
green that i played it on BBC radio 2! it was a very festive night with loads of special
guests and one of those special guests was 80s LEGEND jona lewie!
he performed as you may or may not know his very famous british christmas song stop the
cavelry (dubbadubbadomdom) I feel like maybe americans wont know this as well but it is
definitely a classic over here so enjoy! stop the war!!! a very minor theme all these
people are writing in the wrong key that’s what i think
right next up we have santa baby – oh im sorry, santa buddy, buddy ol pal, old friend DUDE
ma man no homo my friend dan pointed out that the michael
buble version of this song is dripping in fragile masculinity so i did a bit of that
one instead cause it’s funnier i was definitely not playing that clarinet
santa buddy ol pal. get me a rolex. so my plan was to switch it up and do some
minor christmas songs to major! what ended up happening was it slowly transitioned
into a minor key song mashup… anyway so yeah this is a mashup that should never
really exist -i’ts between a major key carol of the bells and then it slowly transcends
into wonderful christmas time – i would never have made this if it wasn’t for this project
so… thank you?! what a
delicious chord ooof i could sit in that forever. delightful. right you’ve had your slightly okay nice
music i’m going to leave you with something that no one wants i had one left that i wanted to do except
I have only had 3 hours sleep because i had some tummy pain and went to the hospital and
only got back this morning so i woke up and made this and i’ve only just
listened back it is exactly what you’d expect from someone who spent the whole night at
a and e and is probably still high off of gas and air so… this is something you really
don’t need in your life. i’m so sorry. merry christmas (i just don’t care anymore) RIGHT THEN i dunno
i’m so sorry i don’t know why im leaving you with that. watch the video again! but not
that bit. have a merry christmas! have a wonderful time! have a great new year! i’ll se you next
decade! 2020! peace out! have a nice time! bye!

100 thoughts on “christmas songs in a minor key are JAMMIN

  1. Her and hozier is why im bi. Im in full gay panic rn. And hetero calm with hozier. But then gay panic of dodie.

    I feel like ive been bewitched and charmed by forest sprites. The moss soft of there skin And the hurricane strength of there souls. The auditory flora and fauna that flutters out there mouth with ever word.

    God being bi is a fucking whirlwind.

  2. nobody:
    not even jesus:
    literally no single or multicellular organism to ever exist:

    micheal buble: *changes "santa baby" to "santa buddy" and "light blue" to "steel blue" cuz his masculinity is just that fragile

    or probably his producers cuz idk if u stan him dont yell at me smh

  3. I love how all four of the kazoo Dodies give off slightly different vibes/personality

    Tag yourself, I'm top-left Dodie but I want to be top-right Dodie or bottom-left Dodie

  4. As a music major, I'm interested to see how you learn these in a minor key. Do you initially relearn them in the minor key using solfege?

  5. I just went and listened to Michael bublés version of Santa Baby and Oh My God…… It’s so uncomfortable to listen to 😩🥴 yours is actually jazzy and is gorgeous honestly

  6. The last song is exactly what I didn’t know I needed until it was happening and oh my god I am in love with the chaotic energy of upper right hand corner dodie 😂❤️🎄

  7. You are one of the only female singers I've ever heard who can successfully sing a very low note and make it sound good.

  8. stationed in south korea right now and i couldnt make it home this year for christmas. “stop the cavalry” resonated deep w me. much love

  9. Songs in order:
    Christmas in LA 0:00
    Stop the Calvary 1:31
    Santa buddy 2:44
    Carol of the bells/wonderful Christmas time 4:17
    Unnamed kazoo? 6:09

  10. My head hurts from trying to figure out what words are being sung.. i wish the volume of the main and secondary vocals were higher compared to the rest

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