Composition for Artists Part 1 – Course Preview

Ever felt like your artwork is lacking something? It’s kinda frustrating… …especially when you’ve spent so much time working on your drawing and painting skills to make sure everything looks correct. So what are you missing? Well, the answer might just be a good composition. Because no matter how great those skin tones look, or how well you’ve captured the colors of that landscape, a weak composition can leave your artwork looking, well… …flat and boring. But don’t you need to know all kinds of complicated math and scary theory to create a great composition? Uh-uh. This new video course from experienced artist, Francis Vallejo, will show you just how easy it can be, using examples by some of the world’s greatest artists to explain everything you need to know in easy-to-follow steps. So get ready to improve your art… Because you’ve just found the part you were probably missing!

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