Critique Hour! Illustrating background and composition!

okay so we got quite a bit of stuff to paint today I have a very very ambitious petite here oh it's gonna be a big one but I don't know if I can do it but I'm gonna try anyway if I fail I fail at least the fundamentals are discussed but before we do all of that let's talk about events currently happening in the community we have a challenge Community Challenge super fun super great super awesome it is um that hopefully appeals to all skill levels that appeals to all styles of themes that you guys are interested in not all styles because aren't really a style oriented or style welcoming group here style and style then this music a color style or or brush style but apart from like realism we don't have styles in this community so keep that in mind again um elemental character design so you have a luminescent elemental in a dark light environment you're supposed to be basically it's a very nice fun texture study of glowing or luminescent or subsurface scattering material that has come together as an element and your character in the shape of a human and that is your character read through it download the resource pack you have some references you can get references of your own as long as they're similar to this it is due August 6th at 5 p.m. Eastern Time I will be on vacation after that from the 8th the 22nd I'm going to Puerto Rico there's nothing to be really fun my flight is sometime in the weekend but I do need to prep so we have two weeks to finish if you haven't started you may have some time to blueprint and get some feedback from your community here on reddit if you have enjoyed and read it go to Iraq comm and click on the reddit icon to join and read the rules and join I think the rules are somewhere over here I'm not sure where the rules are but yeah where are the rules but they're here somewhere but that's it please join it have fun enjoy and I will be making a post very soon for any future challenges you may have I also I like during the fall season something like September October actually October November December start doing some seasonal festive we may be able to fit one more challenge for August I won't be here but August September is should be able to fit one more cool little character design challenge but after that things get a bit more festive bit more spooky a bit more holiday-ish and this year i may have you guys i've been really thinking about a cool take on Santa Claus so find like a really really cool interesting way of redesigning Santa not the coca-cola Santa something else something cool a gift giver you know a loving saint of sorts but they look different and they're a wizard yes that's really cool I love that I I want to like try to bring everything back to fantasy whenever I can back to like a Skyrim version of the world so a cool wizard Santa Claus typically I'll be assigning you guys around that time last year I did like a different take on elves I just love Christmas of a child at heart so I love doing things that are Christmas related during the holidays like November December and then in the fall challenge so for Halloween I will be assigning last year assign creepy creatures I think a creature design I want to continue with character designs onwards so I don't want to hold it I want to deviate outside of character design so you guys love designing characters and I want you guys to have fun and I want there to be more submissions so for Halloween it might be a redesign of the headless horseman or something a Halloween character like the Dracula or the mummy that you redesign that you make original for like a game or something like that so it's gonna be a lot of character design stuff but that's where I am right now redesigns of existing characters and trying to push the originality and that's the common theme lately that try to be as original as possible even with the elemental character design I like forbade flat-out forbade a magma golem that is genderless that looks like the golems from Hercules I haven't forbade magma and I haven't forbade lava and fire though you guys can still do elementals with those who just have to be original in the way you've delivered them but like as for a redesign of the Titans from Hercules no because they're elementals basically the Titans from Hercules Disney's Hercules so sorry excuse me so I want you to think about that if you guys want to do something else for those that's that's okay we can try to find another topic but a santa redesign into a wizard is actually something I'm not gonna shake on I'm not gonna I'm not gonna change my mind on I think it's really fun I'm really cool and I can't wait to see you guys it's designing old Haggard wizards and cool wizards and wizards of different elements and oh I can't wait so that's gonna be something for the future so thank you guys everyone it by the way for tuning in to the live streams I really appreciate it um it means the world to me when you guys do if you want to support me on patreon I don't work with anything other than patreon patreon is my source of support my stability my livelihood at the moment so if you want to support me there that's where I get the time to bring all this to you guys and keep this community alive if everyone here on this stream supported for $5.00 we'd be set we'd be good so if you guys want to have a have a look at that please do it means the world when when you guys show your support and you get something in return it's never just whatever you guys get all my work all my personal work PSD JPEGs brushes access to the discord assignments challenges like the ones we're doing right now but every month of the year you guys get a cool challenge for me or homework as an apprentice you get video time lapses with commentary my own personal thoughts and all the person work that I do in livestream I don't upload any live streams they're all reserved for patrons so you guys can help me through there and you can keep this community alive through that all right let's move into this really really crazy ambitious paint over okay so we've got a lot of problems you have light rays that make no sense you have a gradient at the top you have clouds that are not doing anything for your drawing you've got a weird little orb reflection down here at the bottom which is not doing much you got a side view facing character you got difficult to read waves but they look okay I guess so you're using nighttime light on a midday or end of the day overcast they like light environment you're using nighttime glowing in the what's it called a lighthouse so there are problems here big ones and it's a lot of fundamentals to cover but as with every critique we start with the biggest pieces we start with the largest components of the world of the drawing and that and those are what help guide us towards fixing the smaller problems so write that back to me start with the largest problems start with the largest and usually the largest problems are the largest things in the world which is the earth and the surface of the ground beneath the character the sky and the color and the atmosphere in the sky above the character on the light environment the time of day the largest pieces are what you adjust first and they help you with the smallest pieces so let's start there so this sky color is bothering me because it should be a little bit more universal the more simple you keep all of these components the more you'll get a better read of the time of day so whenever I'm doing like crazy ambitious pieces like this I kind of tend to have a difficult time finishing my sentences because I just get lost in the lasso or whatever is that I'm doing so I'm sorry if I sound terrible while I'm putting together these sentences but yeah let me know what you guys think I haven't read the comments yet but in the comments section I need to please comment tell me what you think about Wizards Santa Claus and and and different redesigns of characters for future challenges challenges keep the community together and I love when we do them I love when you guys join them it kind of just gives us something extra to do other than 14 day challenges and form studies and we do them together and we have fun that way loved-up select exactly mm-hmm so the community challenges why they are so important is because they get you experienced without having to look for commissions right so who here in the audience wants to work on Commission's but they're just not getting them I remember when I used to do commissions anybody just give me anything so that I could get experience doing that topic because I know I can't come up with it on my own so I need somebody to hire me to give me these topics of interest and I can just you know learn get experience I would have decide to Kate the desert landscape until somebody hired me to so that's when I really started to get experience when I was hired so that's what I want to offer you guys here in this community just opportunities to change your portfolios as much as possible and that's what these community challenges are for they're really fun they're really exciting if you're shy about you know showing your skin level don't be everyone here is making mistakes everyone here is not the best everyone here including me have a lot to learn so just be aware of that and everybody living dislikes on my videos and livestreams I'm not gonna antagonize you I'm just gonna wonder why you're doing that there's something in you right now that's denying the fact that this is a community for education and that critique is important and the development of anyone's life especially artists so we need to start thinking about that how critique can benefit us and anything that you ever get critiqued on it's not just ours maybe you're getting critiqued on your behavior or something like that it's good to get critique we're always growing and nobody's perfect and if you're under the delusion that you're perfect wake up buddy all right so what I'm doing now is I'm deciding on a really cool time of day and I'm using smudge tool here to just give this guy a little bit more of that hazy shapelessness of low-caste clouds through the haze of falling rain or if rain that just fell or evaporating rain I'm gonna get rid of this this kind of like outline you have everywhere you just have this outline I'm not sure what it is you got chosen some water um the Sun needs to be a little bit more pale the further it gets from what's making it wet and so we're gonna have this nice little area where the sand is just a little bit dark nice that's a nice little level and then I'm going to blend and kind of distort most of this wave structure and you really do need to look up like waves and what they do um then I grab some of this foam and just paste it here so what I'm doing is I'm working on what's bigger than the character because that's really what's gonna help us shape this piece we have an environment you always paint the environment before the character if not technically we're doing it theoretically so if you paint the character first you're thinking about the environment and I'm going to show the different levels of the wetness here on the on the water cleanup and then I'm going to show where the water is foaming I'm just like so and I am very tempted to just make sure the sound is bright all the way around desktop I'm gonna keep this Photoshop lair safe and I'm gonna keep saving because Photoshop likes to crash lately the watercolor um really needs to be changed significantly so you still have a flat horizon when you have waves you still need a flat horizon and the only thing changing that flat horizon is large massive waves and if the waves are humongous enough to distort and go above the horizon line that child would be nowhere near the beach so you still need to show the horizon line and then the elevations and the different waves you can show towards the front and the further we get into the horizon the closer we get to the color of the horizon of the sky and so that water has atmospheric perspective applied to it I am going to correct this little thing you got going here so this is really cool and you can keep it but you cannot keep it plus all of this because that is not accurate to our light environment right now my environment will allow the glow of the what's it called lighthouse it's just not a word I'm saying all the time but it won't allow the rain unless super foggy and maybe it is here and we can throw in a little light rain but it cannot be drowning it cannot be that massive and in the face of all of this we have a very very dark silhouette of this lighthouse and this brush that I'm using if you like it it's available on my store just so we're gonna show the glow within just fine but we're not going to be showing any excessive highlighting because you chose this time of day the kid it's not sunset yet it's a little before sunset enough that there's just a grayness everywhere look at this looks like clean easy breezy then we have that atmospheric perspective if these are stars wash I hope they're not they were in the wrong spot okay so we have really believable value shifts here and now we can start bringing in some change of value so what I'm gonna do is get dodge tool right at the start where water is most shallow and I'm gonna bring in some saturation just the color of the water is different there and then I'm gonna bring my sponge tool on saturate I'm gonna clean that just bring in some color bring in some color no it's not a lot of color that's a 79 percent just enough and I'm gonna bring in some color on the mid-tones on the areas here I'm gonna just bring in some saturation out there just so it's not that close to grayscale I'm gonna bring back our character which is a touch to yellow so I'm just gonna desaturate them just a bit and they're too big what you want to do is is maintain your scale and this character here the way you designed them to be so perfectly side view um has completely flatten the image and then you over up it's over large then like the oversight you oversee and then they also flatten the image I'm using a razor to fix the perspective as much as I can and talk about what you did here you gave us rim light not needed what we need to do is shade every little form study of these little ripples in his jacket or her jacket along the environment color and then the environment highlighter so if it's a dark scene and let's say it's the scene that's like this dark we need to see less yellow and just more general high ambient shading meaning there's bounce light everywhere or the Sun passing through the suit layer of clouds like it's a massive thick layer when we're having overcast and a world is dark that's a very thick layer of clouds and that means that the light instead of traveling in one way is dispersed through the clouds and then not allowing any one cast shadow to exist and we didn't even have a cache shot of beneath the character we just had this big glowing thing Christ my neighbor just like exploded um so I what did you hear that it was like straight-up thunder um so I'm going to grab that foot move it here and I'm gonna move their body so that they feels like they're just standing against the wave wind I'm just trying with so much as I can to show the perspective I think the neighbor like took a tumble or something because that was really really really noisy I think you guys heard it too and I'm showing a little bit of the top and I'm showing the back of the foot and the heel I'm just like this I'm just trying to be as simple as possible I'll throw these feet for me all right and then for the jacket the jacket is a little bit too for a rain jacket it's a little bit too foldy I would I would say that it needs to be a little bit more billowy a little bit more circular and less triangular and if there are bigger folds in there they're going to be very very slightly rendered so subtle drops very very subtle for the feet I'm gonna throw in a nice shadow towards the top and just below the feet I'm going to bring in very very high and bands kind of or a reflective diffusion shadow under the character so we've brought everything back to the most basic core components we're not using any kind of tips or tricks right now that will make the character look more interesting or the general picture look more interesting we've brought things down to very very simple components and I still think the character is too large for the drawing so when we shrink them let me just we get more a sense for scale and how small and cute and tiny this character is and I would say this is doing more for your drawing and a large oversized character and now we get to look at their destination look at what they're looking at and appreciate it a little bit more so things you can do if you want to add more drama and this is where those tricks come in you can make the character the destination they're looking at a little bit more dark okay so we barely have any light on the horizon and then basically the Sun is setting behind them or there may be that the shoreline is opposite to the to the prior to the direction of the Sun that means that the glow on this little what's it called again lighthouse is going to be a lot more bright I'm gonna get their yellow and use it on the lighthouse okay and then when we're talking about the light of the lighthouse the glow Oh photoshop's crashed not responding Fred this has been doing 'less it's just been doing this have no idea what to do just closing random and seeing what happens I don't know why green the shot has crashed okay it's not crashed anymore now I guess it's freaking out my whole computer is crashing thanks it I have no idea what's why this happens Photoshop um so I'm going to get my dodge tool and illuminate in the distance a little bit give it that nice glow and then I like this color I'm just throw a really really delicate ray in one direction I don't want to throw it away from the painting I don't want to overdo it I just want to show kind of what it's what it's pointing to and bring the good line of sight back towards the painting it looking away and pointing away it's just bad it's going to count a lot the focal point which should be the center and then we have some of this texture that needs to be represented a little better and raising the horizon line colors back up then you have the option of kind of bringing in this really low heavy patterns to the clouds you can mess around with with smudge brush I'm not really on a time limit at all trying to push this painting as far as possible and I'm getting rid of some of this excess detail on the edges of the canvas and then try to focus most of the detail towards the center so we have a really really simple believable atmosphere around the character now and the more simple you get with your representation the better your character will pop out sometimes there's like a belt of light just moving across the surface of the water like whatever the water kind of get some light on it just like a random highlighter line just towards the center let some of that sand color seep into the shoreline because technically the water gets thinner the closer it gets to the shore creating that distortion and change I'm caught I'm gonna cast the cat shadow I just see what I can do with it maybe there's a car light nearby or something longer the cast shadow the more artificial if it's at night even if it's at nighttime the more artificial the source so a longer cashout if is like there's like a car casting and I see like there's some kind of car or something like two pieces here of shadow for either foot something like that and so it's your choice really how you mess around with this I like this shadow so I'm gonna keep it okay and it's just gonna just gently represent the characters environment maybe I'll mess around this now there's no harm in letting the edge of the cameras get bright really feels like we're in a stormy day no because we darken the environment according to what we're seeing and I'm going to distort the far part of the horizon with smudge brush again this much brush is also available on my store if you wanted not too much to large brush and then we're gonna talk about the character so the character saturation is a little bit too high we really don't need that much for it to read as yellow and we're gonna choose a darkened value and I want to go into Green's cuz I'm trying to cool down but it might not be the right value I'm just gonna have to swatch and see its way to agreement look I'm sorry that's right so I'm moving over into gray I should hopefully bring in enough green and I'm just gonna block and generally where I feel like the shadows would be in this raincoat and the boots which aren't really feeling like wellies like Wellington's I feel a little bit like oversize for babies so I'm going to shrink them a bit just literally crop off the feet look more like children's feet and then that vibrance that we had at one point after I'd lend Ashley that vibrance that we had in the yellow I'm gonna use that only for whatever's being highlighted so that Lauren's right here I'm gonna use it for like the top part right here just the major sections that are getting some light on them and I think the shape of the hood is a little bit unrealistic okay relax and when someone's wearing a rain jacket usually that hood is open right it's not really gonna get that little bump at the end like a witch's cloak so kinda just straightens out we don't really get that shape really get less of a wrinkle here but if you wanted to read like a kid then the head has to be big so I'm just gonna resize the head and whatever shape we lost okay and then we I want to show you that yellows look yellow still if they're not using warm values so this yellow feels like it fits into the environment a little bit more I mean if it was up to me I'd be done desaturating and then kind of just trying to get as much of the yellow out as possible while still it looking like yellow um this is where it was it seems a bit warm right now that we look at it the previous yellow because the environment is just so cool we're not gonna have that kind of yellow in our environment because technically well you're supposed to be doing is getting your skier soft brush grabbing the fireman color going into color lay a color brush mode and then brushing it over that's that's how you get a color or an object that fits into its environment take a look at that it really really fits in okay so that's technically how we're supposed to be getting that yellow to match its environment just like so so you can be getting some of that vibrance back in other ways but at the end of the day you're the one who chose a really really overcast almost nighttime scene to display this story so some stuff we can mess around with is just messing around with how bright the distant light is not too bright because then you're just not really using the appropriate kind of my environment anymore some other stuff we can be doing is just showing how this little cloud may have a bit more light behind it so we're showing the layers of atmosphere but we're not exiting again the light environment or try to overdo it some of the water here is a touch too dark still we're just for using that color and then the rest is just all messing around with the waves so bringing in some sand texture so stormy beach images so we can have this is perfect so you can see these colors here it's a bit bright it's a bright day so it's still the Sun is pretty high um this others might be a composite painting um something like this it's kind of perfect for us so you can get some of those really strong value changes so what we get as a the shape of the the wave and look really only the top of the wave gets the gradient moving down and the rest of the wave just kind of melts back in okay so we just keep that pattern going and then the waves get a little bit more layered closer they got the top of the wave gets a bit more light I don't think I'm ever gonna find a setting or system that comes without flaws on this setup here look all the people in the world I really need a flawless setup so that I'd have no more driver problems no more pen pressure problems and I just actually have a pain-free critiquing experience for the foam in our reference I can just see that it's just layered and textured in between so we're we're just making the shape of the edge of the wave we're just gonna get a pure white in that light environment and we're brushing it in we're getting a bit more of that texture nothing too bright and if you want to break it apart smudge it go back add some micro texture go ahead I'm gonna keep it very simple because I don't want too many aspects to this that kind of mess around and the further we get into the horizon more flat the waves get there you think it less elevated with these just the general pattern should be flat I'm gonna use the mid-tone into the background I'm gonna try to do the same thing here but with the light we're just getting some more texture so I feel like storytelling wise it really does feel better to me when I have realism present I'm going to get and if you're not gonna go for realism you want more of that childish lack of realism that wonderful wonder you know of children's books then go for a stylization go for a good stylization anyway nothing over dependent or out-of-control the ray of light would be brighter and more saturated the closer it gets to the source I want this to feel like a real space and like the yellow of the light is welcoming the yellow of the jacket I feel like the jacket is still not billowy enough it feels flat it's no filter I wanted to feel wanted to feel like it has more volume more air moving through it and I also want the character to feel like they've been pushed against the window so the start of the jaw and the billows are so big the bumps of the folds are wider and then when I just make a bit more of a believable back shape and a stronger billow shape um I don't know what's going on with liquify anymore I'm just letting up know that I'm I'm done with Photoshop okay and you may want to make the head feel a little bit larger make the character more short not yet and then go into the okay if you want to add some more layers of clouds maybe the top of this cloud right here got some of that light oops that's some pale light or something just sitting on the top of it Maurice much better a cloud oh look I don't erase the cloud or the bumps you a pie so I already swiped that that the silhouette I chose of this cloud just considering the cast shadow and then we have lower hanging clouds towards the horizon so less cartoony clouds more realistic clouds and I reference you can never go wrong choosing the reference so the horizon right now is looking a little bit lopsided it was just ruining the read so it needs to be more flat using those lines to help show how flat zooming out so you can really see if his messed up ok so it was a little bit lopsided which didn't look very realistic um and just the top of this class definition somebody is a brighter backdrop and the thing with nature or anything that represents nature array of lightning a cloud silhouette is all about learning to dance your hand in the shape of the texture it's all about changing the way your hand moves I'm not that comfortable with this new cloud I liked it when there wasn't it's probably before that and then I'm just gonna select this taste it and refund so any questions at all about these changes the character is still looking extremely out of place so it's a combination of perspective character not properly looking in the direction they're supposed to look Oh the fog is somewhere wrong and it might be a little bit of fog closer to their horizon might be some fog sitting on top the environment I mean could be dropped a little bit darker and stylistically you can saturate the yellow back in it's just gonna be really tricky finding a balance you can just like over stylize it or you can just copy what it would be in real life somewhere there I guess um you need to bring in the universal color on top which is that blue on top of the yellow which is what's allowing this to be visible you can go for some deeper shades of yellow dark yellow and you can try for some deeper pockets in the folds just the unify the character with their environment and I'm going to darken the start of the shadow just to show how dark the environment is now that I dark and everything else it can be a very general shadow underneath the character if you don't want that you want to have a big floating shadow underneath the character you can enlarge the character a little bit more I think the general read of the character is also coming off not perfectly I'm a perfectionist I really want it to be perfect maybe a larger head just a larger head might help make it read as a kid a little better I don't know why it's either giving me an oversize I don't know why it's not just giving me a slightly larger it's just gonna bleeping okay so if this was a book cover it kind of good at the moment for the perspective for the for the gesture of the character for any other story elements you're gonna need a bit more than a character a dim beach and the lighthouse in the distance that's too small you're gonna have to provide something else maybe that car light might be a good idea which means the entire outer side of the character would be in sunlight and then there would be a light moving on them so like some kind of light on the ground the car this is terrible representation of it but just as a quick idea but there's nothing else going on and so it's not reading as realistic because we need to have a bit more elements to carry some more new realism and so any questions just write a district to ask the question the wind especially during storms flows from the sea ocean towards the line and the jacket should be flowing in the opposite side there you go I didn't know that so the jacket maybe it's just like a billowing wind maybe we caught a moment where the wind is blowing toward I was at the beach today and I saw that the wind was blowing across the beach so the wind was with the beach um across the length of it so this is kind of okay for me but if yeah if it's a Ocean Beach it might be different than a lake beach which is where I was when the character could be darker moving up mid-tones and just dark in the boots dark the character is the more yellow we get without having to kind of over highlight the character but it's kind of your choice at the end of the day where you want to go when it comes to the character because I don't know their story all I know is what's looking realistic and what isn't maybe a bit more contrast on the character it's really hard to decide I don't want to take away too much from what you made but I want to add as much realism as I can afford at the time I have so I'm gonna take it back to before I did all these crazy changes I want the head to be bigger for those too small as you can see since looking like a child again cast shadow and be changed and it's a choose the ground level huh and I character moving there doesn't have to be a can be a drop shot up doesn't have to be a cash shot or a very long shadow moving up which means a slower part there's also a little bit darker for the character I really recommend a change in the gesture as well that might help I say you have this gesture which looks a little bit more cute and childlike so you can bring that in it looks a little bit more desperate adorable and you know but the child is cute but desperate for an answer at the same time kind of just ran to the beach a little bit tired from the weight of their jacket and that will give you a more realistic representation of what happens when a hood is on there is that as well maybe the child is looking away from the light from the lighthouse in the direction or you can just take this gesture as it is and then just show that the child is still looking in the direction or just not show the side of the face so you have a lot of cool gestures like this one right here it reads better maybe the hood doesn't stay on I mean I've been on the beach in the fall and the wind is crazy sometimes so a hood just does not stay on you actually have to wrap a scarf around your head so you can show that let me get a little bit more of the story is it a girl what is she doing what's she looking at what's so important you see how all these cool little outfits maybe this one is really really cool take away that extra little backpack bit and you have a really really cool gesture the character is looking down they're sad they're disappointed someone's not coming home I'm just going to cry because I did not want to see that picture you little you to hell I'm sorry you have so many different references to use and this is a really really good reference on how the color should look and a stormy scene okay so we've got lots of green and reflected in because of the surrounding green it's it's a higher time of day though it's a lighter brighter time of day than we have here this is also easy to use it as a reference you can have one of these so hopefully this critique has helps you kind of correct what's surrounding the character and think about it a little bit better instead of having symbolic positioning of different light components represented symbolically flat having the light point away from the canvas there's no need to do that excessive texture on the surface of the beach you don't need all of that representation there we just need to have a better focal point which is under done the color for that for the for the for the jacket I guess was fine before it was fine my edits are wrong okay but the background needed a little bit more correction so let's flatten it without my piece not my dude maybe I'll just be saturated all right let's just keep it there and then you can just find a middle ground between the two if you do that you right now everything is saturating together mm-hmm and also mess around with levels a little bit more and make that back light and the distance really really light up so I'm gonna edit that picture out for idea for the recording I can let me keep that picture on that we found on Google yeah the yellow coat is very aesthetically pleasing but I don't think the gesture is doing a whole lot your gesture before was looking completely to the side there are other things that we just looked up child in I do all I googled was child and raincoat and I really really liked this one where is that gesture one these cute babies this one here I really like this one looks a bit more sad in the distance you see how yellow can write as green so I would just be careful with the kind of yellow we're using in this dark environment I don't think it's possible for you to be this bright as we dark in the scene I think it would be a lot more desaturated please do not Google child unsure please less of those bumps I think the levels brought those out okay and mess around with subsurface scattering on the waves look up a good reference find them better I guess pattern if you want for the clouds but I hope this is a nice start a title um no framing you don't need framing all around because I think you overdid the framing what we're trying to do here is find a realistic version of your drawing so there really wouldn't be framing in the real world so we're just not using it and this plus a better gesture and a more appropriate yellow one that you know will take a bit more experimentation than we have time for today will really complete the piece I hope this critique hours has kind of shown you what goes into completing a full illustration you need to think about the environment around the character first before you make any major decisions that have to do with the color of the object the main and objects like that focal point which is the character here because if you don't know what the time of day is how you're gonna hide how are you supposed to decide how are you gonna suppose to decide the color on the character yeah a little bit too straight this feels robotic very unsettling yes and we have do you know any good tutorials on how to use Photoshop effectively I'm not sure what you mean effectively cut the tools I use how could you add more depth and shadow to a yellow object without making it muddy by saturating the shadows shadows and using an environment color to help with highlights so you bring in a yellow white or white to help with the highlights so you can make the object pop in this environment as it responds to its environment because there's no such thing as dark yellow it's just green or poop so you want to bring in some orange or darken with green actual shift into green hue shift to help dark in the yellow while still having a believable color exists there because the yellow is brightness and there's no such thing as a dark light it's the brightest color in the color wheel is very difficult to mess around with or shade because it needs to stay bright in order to stay yellow so we use other colors to help it look yellow as it darkens it looks like a cheap book cover no offense though but that is going to be a very serious child book not really because I've seen children's books have these kinds of like covers in them are very dramatic themes and Lemony Snicket books something like that so yeah well maybe they lose their father and see maybe they're waiting for their father to come home that's all very similar to what we see in Ponyo so that's another thing what you can do is combine different styles so you can make the main character have more of a cel-shaded look with this kind of realistic backdrop but careful with over detailing the waves and the direction of the cache shadow is still very troublesome alright guys thank you everyone for watching if you guys want to join our community challenge go to our comm and click on the reddit icon to join our reddit community and look at the pend message at the top of the community new community challenge elemental character design if you want to become an apprentice there's an apprentice showcase describing what goes into being an apprentice on my patreon if you want to support for anything less that is welcome to and there is no minimum skill level for patrons all patrons are welcomed there are there is an alternative homework outside of challenging challenges or high-level challenges in my apprentice group if you want to join as a patron please do it helps keep this community alive it helps give us a place to come to every Tuesday and Thursday if you've always visited for years and you want to support you want to give back somehow and keep the channel alive and while you can support through patreon it supports me directly and opens up my schedule so I can always do stuff like this and that's it thank you everyone for coming next class we'll be on Thursday the 25th at 5 p.m. Eastern Time and my last class with you guys will be the 6th the due date of the elemental character design challenge at 5 p.m. Eastern Time Tuesday the 6th Tuesday August 6 after that I'll be off to Puerto Rico and I'll be back towards the end of August thank you everyone for watching I'll see you guys on Thursday bye

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to critique my piece! I will take all the points that you critique and I will recreate the piece accordingly, I'm really thankful and I love the quality content that you share in this platform, I wish you the best time in Puerto Rico!!

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