Daniela, nagalit sa unti-unting pagtaas ng kompanya ni Romina | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Dani, let’s just think
about it this way. We’ve settled the issue. You paid off all of
the promo winners. But Savannah,
we lost a lot of money. There’s an allotted
budget for that promo, and we exceeded
that by a lot! And you’re acting like
this isn’t a big deal! Dani, I was just trying
to cheer you up because we can’t do
anything about it anymore… And also because our
sales are dropping. Why did our sales drop
after the promo? Don’t tell me we spent
money for nothing! Well, based on the reports,
after the issue, people lost trust
in our company. If we overlook mistakes
in promo codes, we could do the same
thing to our products. What else do they want? We already gave
them their prizes! Well, the public already
knows about our mistake. Savannah, we need to
recover from these losses. We have a status to maintain. We’re not the number one
sardines company for nothing. Everyone, these
are our sales. From 10%, it’s down to 5%. That’s all. Get out. Get out! – Hooray!
– Congratulations! Come on in. During the past two months,
we made the impossible possible. Our company has the second
highest sales in the industry. This is proof that nothing’s impossible with
hard work and dedication. This victory is for all of you.

100 thoughts on “Daniela, nagalit sa unti-unting pagtaas ng kompanya ni Romina | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

  1. Nilibot ko n lahat NG store bat Di ko man lng matikman rominas sardines o Di kaya camilla sardines… Saang store meron nito ateng???

  2. Di naman kasi talaga marunong maghandle si Daniela ng business. Di ba nga, unang business nya, nila ni Carlos, nalugi. That's the reason bakit bumalik sya sa tatay nya.

  3. hinanap ko ang Camela sardines sa supermarket. wala akong makita. Bibili sana ako. Saan ba yun pwede mabili? matanong ko nga si direk. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Si hector nagsikap na yumaman dahil pag naghirap si dannymon ay tatanggapin n siya nito for sure dahil mapera na siya even if di siya love nito…advance congratssssss "hector hectory/Victory"๐Ÿ˜

  5. Alam na this habang maghihirap si danny gurl si hector naman ang yayaman kaya makakabawi agad si Danny gurl kasi tutulungan sya ni hector so makakalaban n nmn si daniela iikot ulit yan makita nyo ahahah

  6. Mga sira ulo parati c romina ang laman nang utak nang writer puro romina marga puro pang aapi puro sa side ni daniela at ang kanta wala sa storya ano ba puro pang aapi ano bร  wala na bang ibang laman nang utak nang writer puro api api api sus puro sabi na babslik c mobragon eh wala

  7. ….bongga c romina Uy, nakabili agad ng bagong building, bilis Mag level ๐Ÿ‘† up
    Pa hug nmn guys, hug ko rn kayo …

  8. Feeling ko mahaba pa talaga to

    Maghihirap si Daniela after non papatusin n nya si Hector ksi si hector. Mayaman na para makapaghiganti may Romina ulit

  9. Si bruhilda daniella ay talagang mukhang bruha killer.the eyes puedeng bruha sa horror movie patek na patek siya as buhang babae na killer at magbalik sa Lupe. Tmang tama ang mukha ni dimples as horror movie na mamamatay tao.

  10. Makapandiri si marga sa sardinas yung companya nga ng mama mo sardinas kung saan nakakuha ka ng pambili ng mga gamit mo!

  11. Sana man lang may notices sila like eto after 5montgs or itong scene na to one year later para naman hindi naten isipin na halos weeks lang umasenso na ang business ninromina o ninhector etc… yung tyan ni daniela ilang buwan ganon pa din

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