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Like you know, back in the day man when you
going through it sometime, you ain’t got it like that, man. You got to do what you got to do to get what
you got. To get what you want type of shit. I used to be the guy on Black Planet looking
for white girls. Preferably the bigger ones because they don’t
have a problem with sharing their goodies with you, you know what I’m saying? So I was putting the dick on the track for
a minute. I wasn’t doing crimes, you know what I’m saying? I was just breaking a couple fat bitches’
hearts. I wrote it more in a talky flow. It was just my version of doing a stand up
comedy set. Working with Q-Tip, man, it was a humbling
experience because we always think you know everything but when you’re around somebody
like such a legend like him you got to take his criticism to heart, you know what I’m
saying? He ain’t going to steer you down a wrong path
when it comes to making music. Once we started to start talking about this
album, it’s always want to have an executive producer. He just came across the board to … My managers
just hooked it up, so shouts out Tip. A lot of my stuff is influenced from stand
up comedy and stuff, and one of my biggest influences and mentors is Coco Joey Diaz,
you know what I’m saying? My uncle Joey. And uncle Joey had this bit where he talked
about how he took Niacin and he was still dropping dirty, and he was itching like crazy
to the point where he just put pool cleaner in his uncircumcised dick and tied a rubber
band around it, and he broke the probation machine. So he got cleaned up, so he was beating the
case. So that’s pretty much a throwback to that
joke he said. I never even fucked with niacin, I just was
dropping dirty. I wasn’t even trying nothing, I was like,
“Fuck it. It’s over.” You get to the point where you see roaches,
you don’t even kill. You’re like fuck it man. They’re just in here. We together now. You watch this motherfucker grow up. Now he a part of your life, now he having
kids. You know what I’m saying? Hell no. I ain’t no public freak like that. You know what I’m saying? I’m intimate. You know what I’m saying? I’m romantic with my shit. You know what I’m saying? I aint about to be all up in … That shit
be uncomfortable anyway. I can’t see how some people be fucking in
cars and shit like that? Y’all crazy man. You grown. Once you become 20 and shit you can’t be just
fucking in weird places. Once you grow up, man, you got to get that
waterbed going, you know what I’m saying? I don’t fight, man. I’m old as hell, man. If I sleep on the wrong side too long I wake
up sore, you know what I’m saying? Ain’t got time for a motherfucker putting
their hands on me, you know what I’m saying? So yeah, I’m more player than that, man. Once you get a certain age, ain’t no fisticuffs
no more. Baby daddy coming at me, I’m going to run. Fuck that shit, man. I’m grown, man. I ain’t no bitch. I’m safe. You know what I’m saying? In the song I’m dropping a lot of hustling
bars here and there. You know what I’m saying? So that’s just talking about, you know. When you messing around in the streets like
that, you know what you’re swimming towards. You know what’s coming with this, man. That’s like you trying to swim towards a current. You know you’re about to get drowned. You know what I’m saying? Like a big ass fucking wave or some shit,
you know what I’m saying? I mean, I don’t toot my own horn, but that’s
poetry shit. That’s poetry emotion for your ass, you know
what I’m saying? No, I never sold any…I mean, when I was
in the street doing that, wasn’t nobody in my family smoking crack no more, it wasn’t
the 80s. Maybe some weed here and there, you know what
I’m saying? But nah, man, I wasn’t… I mean, I would though. If they wanted to buy it, I would. But I didn’t. One time, man, me and my homie we had went
in on some stuff, and we got some work or whatever, and he let his girlfriend hold it. And she put it in her purse, and one thing
I didn’t know that cocaine absorbs shit. So it was around perfume. She had a bunch of perfume and Victoria Secrets
and bullshit all in that shit. So when we cooked it up and made crack with
it, we let the motherfucker hit it, he said, “What the fuck is this shit? Michael Jordan cologne?” We’re like, “Man. I don’t know.” But we spent a lot, it really fucked us up
too. I even tried to take the shit to Ohio and
sell it. They were like, “Man, what the fuck is this
shit, man? Shit making my lips numb. This shit tasting like berry berries. I don’t know what the fuck is going on.” I don’t know how to write jokes. But I came up with that in my head, and I
told myself, “I’m going to try to flesh out a joke. I’m going to try to write a joke.” But I can’t really … I couldn’t really make
it funny like that unless I rhymed with it, that’s the only way I thought. But that story, it never happened. Just something I just thought of. You know what I’m saying? There’s no such thing as a strip club named
Hunky Dories, at least I don’t know. It’s just something that rhymed. Imagine you go to a strip club and you leave
your wallet at home, but you’re like, “Fuck it, bitch. I got some change in the car.” You know what I’m saying? She like, “Fuck it. I take it. Fuck it.” And you gave her the change that you were
intentions on having to wash your clothes with, then the next day you go to laundromat
and you see the stripper in there washing her shit. You got some of them dryer sheets over there? You know what I’m saying? Hook your boy up. We in this together. We got to make that comedy roll.

100 thoughts on “Danny Brown “Dirty Laundry” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. My dude really got a comedian’s touch on this album. Shit if He knew how to start writing jokes I would have loved to see him perform.

  2. Bout time they get someone who actually give insight on a track. A lot of artist they put on here don’t need a verified because it’s so straight to the point and shallow.

  3. Now that he has an album called uknowwhatI'msaying?, what if everyone said the titles of their works randomly? You just randomly hear tom holland in an interview and he said avengers: end game after every two sentences.

  4. “I don’t fight, man! I’m old as hell, man! If sleep on the wrong side too long I wake up sore… you know what I’m sayin’!?”

    That’s real talk 💯. I sleep on my right side too long, my left side gets all sore, so I turn over and wake up sore on my right side. I start on my back, but eventually I get sore all over. You gotta spread the soreness around evenly.

  5. danny brown one of the greatest of all time (imo), made modern classics, but this video still gonna be outshined by basic bitches singing about love and rappers being thin skinned and corny

  6. In the first 20 seconds man said "U Know what im saying?" 3 times and described dating fat white women because they quote "Share their Goodies" I love Danny Brown

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