Echo Geek: Playing Music on Multiple Echo Devices

I'm Ron wish for good gig wire studios today we are going to dive into simple ways to supercharge your home audio experience with easy to use Amazon echo features you may not be familiar with with to echo devices in your home you can give your smart home sound system a big boost by connecting them in the same room for stereo sound or in different rooms for synced multi-room audio let's start by connecting to echo devices in the same room and set them up for stereo sound you'll have to have two supportive devices of the same model one will play music on the left channel and the other one on the right to create a speaker set place your devices in the same room several feet apart from each other in the Alexa app select the devices icon then the plus icon select stereo pair then select the devices you'd like to pair and follow the on-screen instructions now you can play your favorite artist or song or if you like me and you just can't decide Alexa play dance music here's a station for dance music top dance now let's pair multiple echo devices in various rooms to create a multi room music group go into the Alexa app select the devices icon then click the plus icon then click add multi room music speakers you can give it a custom name or you can select from one of the common names I'll choose everywhere then click next select the echo devices you would like to be included in that group and click Save now the Amazon Alexa app will pair your speakers into a multi music room group Alexa play top pop in the everywhere group here's a popular station top pop on Amazon music playing on the everywhere group now you can enjoy music across multiple echo devices and make it sound like a powerful sound system in one room or throughout your home in only a few minutes I'm Brian Whiston with deep wire studios happy listening

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