FREE | Hard Rap Beat 2019 ‘COUPE’ | Smooth Type Beat 2019 / Instrumental

FREE | Hard Rap Beat Instrumental 2019 ‘COUPE’ | Smooth Type Beat

77 thoughts on “FREE | Hard Rap Beat 2019 ‘COUPE’ | Smooth Type Beat 2019 / Instrumental

  1. I saw this as an ad. Usually I don’t bother clicking on ads but I’m glad a gave this one a chance cuz this is fire 🔥

  2. This has a definite vibe to it💯 I could see JID on this, what synth do you use for this melody?

  3. Fear

    Many times its the inner voice that keeps us stuck

    We try to handle fear and overcome it but we stuck

    We try to keep it pushing but we end up in a ruck

    Because our fears like a life cause it’s shitty and it sucks

    Some people living freely and they have no fear of death

    I never understood my fear until I took a breath

    My heart kept on pounding like it’s beating out my chest

    I’m crying cause I know with every cause theres effect

    Fear is false evidence apparent til it’s real

    It’s hiding in the shadows and is trying to conceal

    Until the moments right and can finally reveal

    Them self and show their purpose and how they really feel

    I never understood why these feeling kept lurking

    Took over my mind I think the devil still working

    On this long road for some courage I am searching

    Tryna to stay the course but my fear is keep reserving

    Places in my heart while my body seeking strength

    Needed in my life maybe something heaven’s length

    Fear got me falling like I’m in the deepest depth

    Still I’m seeking courage that enough for argument

    Courage what I’m lacking but my fear overflows

    My fear is in disguise every day it seems to grow

  4. This sounds like fucking garbage I bet lil moesy could make a better beat than this shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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