(FREE) Hardest Banger Type Beat Instrumental Rap Beats 2017 #122


21 thoughts on “(FREE) Hardest Banger Type Beat Instrumental Rap Beats 2017 #122

  1. geil dicker mal wieder Bombe haha bist immer der beste von beats wo man die Anlage och wirklich schon laut machen kann!😋💪👍

  2. I was told that ide Neva be, anything that I wanted too be, now come and take a look at me you bitch ass muthafuckas scared of me, beware of me ,prepare for me ,Betta watch your mouth when you speak on me cuz Killin is a everyday task when it comes too haters who fuck with me

  3. Before you step too me, talk shit on me, Betta watch yo mouth what you say about me I'm from these streets I don't play those games I'll Barry yo body underneath these streets and I come in peace but if you want a war you can have it

  4. maasum tha pehle waqt ne bigaara h
    akelapn tha tanhai ka sahara h
    likhta syahi jhkm jo bhi dil m
    likhta hun dil se dil tuta hua taraa h
    sach se kinara ki kuch toh isara h
    jhut nhi sach hota jhut agr pyara h
    begunah ko hi szaa dobara h
    gunehgaar kyun inhe lgta bechara h

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