Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl (Official Music Video) ft. Eve

100 thoughts on “Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl (Official Music Video) ft. Eve

  1. The only part of this song I could remember was the na-na-na-na-na line and it drove me crazy for years! Every so often I’d search “2000s na-na-na-na-na song” to see if I could find it. Now I finally know what it’s called!

  2. i love this song. but i never understood why she had Love, Angel, Music, and Baby with her all the time and whatever happened to them?


  4. When i was a young girl i thought this was an Arabic song , i didn't speak English so i thought it was an Egyptian song

  5. I was so confused when I heard If I Were a Rich Man when I was on tech crew for Fiddler on the Roof back in 7th grade.

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