Halloween Background Music – Royalty Free Instrumental Music For Videos

Halloween Background music

82 thoughts on “Halloween Background Music – Royalty Free Instrumental Music For Videos

  1. I never realized how much I loved Halloween/spooky music til I listened to this. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful resource!

  2. Hi there! May i ask where you got the animations from? I could use something like this for a university project, i was wondering if A. you could tell me where you found them or B. if i could use them 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Hi!
    I thinking of posting videos and love this music!
    Would u mind if I use this in my videos?
    Loved it if u would reply soon

  4. Hello, I really need clarifications about the use of this music. Your work is really great and I would like to use it for one of my videos.. is it possible?
    I just need a confirmation from you! Thanks

  5. Hey. Just thought I'd let you know I purchased a license and used this in a video on my channel…. it's my most recent upload at the time of writing, titled 'Supernatural'. Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi, I am looking into purchasing the licence for my Halloween makeup series on my channel. I was wondering after the initial purchase how many YouTube videos I am able to use this on (as I would like to use it on around 8 tutorials) and how regularly I have to repurchase the license? 

  7. Literally been searching the web for hours for a song just like this. Considering I make $0 on youtube, $15 bucks is too steep for me and my channel. Great song though!

  8. Thanks for this great song! My daughter used it for her Halloween video. Please check it out:https://youtu.be/hGqI-lDMGJk

  9. Very nice! I was in desperate need of some western festivity music for this time, this helped me out a lot! Thank you I will purchase a license right away!

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