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[HOST] Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “GUMMO” introduced
him to the rap game as a brash rainbow headed rapper who used trolling to gain traction. And while the song was his first career success,
it also seeded his downfall, according to his own testimony during the trial of Anthony
“Harv” Ellison in September 2019. “GUMMO” is produced by Pi’erre Bourne
and was essentially 6ix9ine’s debut single. The track’s name may derive from the 1997
cult movie favorite, “Gummo,” which is about a group of kids stuck in a town recently struck
by a tornado. 6ix9ine opens the track shouting out the 9TreyBloodz
– who are featured prominently throughout the music video. “Billy” refers to the 9Trey Bloodz, led
by 6ix’s then unofficial manager, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan who opens up 6ix9ine’s
debut project, ‘Day69: Graduation Day’ with a monologue on “BILLY.” 6ix9ine had only met Shotti and the alleged gang members in the “GUMMO” video on the
day of the shoot. One report says, quote. Shotti was allegedly a member of the Nine
Trey Gangsta Bloods, a subset of the violent prison gang founded at New York’s Rikers
Island jail in 1993. He produced the crowd of menacing young men
in the video… [HOST] But before “GUMMO,” 6ix9ine’s
main desire was to go viral by any means necessary. [6IX9INE] I don’t want to be a super hero
I want to be like a villain. The villains never die. Super heroes always die. I’m a villain. Fuck being a super hero. [HOST] And he did this by contorting himself
into the violent gang member debuted in “GUMMO.” 6IX9INE: I would pray everyday while walking
Tidus and be like God, please change my life…and then Gummo came and life changed. [HOST] Next on the track, 6ix sends shots
at a friend of his former collaborator, Trippie Redd. Remember when you was in LA nigga, K-B told you to take yo flag off, the nigga
that you was talking about on the song, ‘yo KB you’s a loser’ that nigga don’t run
shit, he’s not from my set. [HOST] In August, the Feds used these lyrics
to show they quote. refer, in part, to an ongoing dispute,. On Tuesday, 6ix testified that he was behind
a scuffle involving Trippie Redd and 9 Trey gang members, supposedly saying quote. I told Shotti I wanted something done about
Trippie. Shotti: “Say less,” we’ll get on top of it. This was also around the time Genius confirmed
that 6ix9ine had previously pleaded guilty to use of a child in a sexual performance. Next on the chorus, 6ix interpolates 21 Savage’s
“Red Opps,” and SahBabii’s “Pull Up With Ah Stick,” while referencing Tay-K’s
“The Race.” The final line of the chorus was originally
intended as shot aimed at City Morgue’s Sosmula – a former member of 6ix9ine’s “Scum
Gang.” The song’s producer Pi’erre Bourne famously
denounced the record upon its release and later shared with Genius that he was not cool
with how it all went down. PI’ERRE: I never wanted to have anything
to do with that song just because of how they went about releasing it. It was very disrespectful. [HOST] “Gummo” peaked at no. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and led the way
for 6ix’s cultural onslaught of further songs like “KOODA” and “FEFE” with
Nicki Minaj – but it all came crashing down in late November 2018 when he was arrested and
charged. If you’d like to learn more about “GUMMO,”
check out the song page on I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

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