How To Get Your Teen Ready For The School Dance | Momsplained | Scary Mommy

today on mom's plate how to prepare your teen son for the school dance what just yesterday he was wearing his superhero pajamas and now he's turning into a little gentleman too cool to wear hi I told you not to talk about those pajamas okay let me do here I can do it myself thank you gentlemen is in there somewhere step one give him a pass you don't know what kind of shenanigans your kid will get into at or after this dance so before he leaves let him know that he finds himself in some sort of sticky situation he can call you no questions asked what is this this is something you'll never have to use because you're a leader none of homework step two set up the swag you're gonna have to help dress your son and make sure he showers with soap especially if your son is tall you know we don't want him slow dancing with his Bey who's only as tall as his armpit getting suffocated by his Bo mom seriously what is all this take this down and stop touching my stuff step three lay down the rules give your kid a couple tips on how you should act at the dance such as rule one put down the damn phone I swear this dance will be way more fun without a camera lens and a filter rule to be a gentleman respect is the name of the game and that goes for your words and your hands still beat up honey hold on photo with mom oh we got mom stop go buy keep in mom's play

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