How to Play a Blues Solo on Piano (Part 1) – Keyboard Tutorial

Welcome to Metalworks Institute Keyboard Tips.
I’m Peter Kadar and today we’re going to talk about soloing over the Blues. So in the key
of C, we’re going to use the Blues scale. And it’s a great scale because we can use
one scale to solo over three different chords. So, that scale is C, E flat, F, F sharp, G
and B flat, and finally resolving at C. Now, when we start soloing on the Blues, I recommend
to students that they don’t just start randomly running the scale up and down. Instead, take
an entire chorus of Blues and just play one note. So take a one note solo. And that is
every time each chorus goes around what we’re going to do is we’re going to add another
note to that scale. So it’s going to help you get the most music out of the minimum
number of ingredients, and it’s going to also help your ears because you’re going to really
start to hear these things and you’re really going to notice when other players are using
the Blues scale. So I’m going to demonstrate right now with a one note solo. Check this
out. One, two, three. Here we go. Play a chord there. Here we go. Now I’ll do two notes.
Starting to sound not too bad already. Now, assuming we go through all the other notes
in the scale, eventually what we wind up with is something that sounds like this. I’ll take
another one. Check it out. I’m Peter Kadar from Metalworks Institute Keyboard Tips. We’ll
see you next time.

100 thoughts on “How to Play a Blues Solo on Piano (Part 1) – Keyboard Tutorial

  1. theory behind blues is sooo easy. 6 note scale that you can use the whole time. That hard part is the soul, you gotta have the soul to play this correctly.

  2. very valuable tip. practice just patterns that are only two or three notes long. own them.
    he moved on too fast to the complicated stuff.

  3. just play the left hand by itself until you have mastered it.
    it takes a while for your muscles learn these very unusual (for a human monkey) motions.and until they are strong enough to sustain the motions.
    music is really 90% like sport. you have train yourself up, physically.
    i have a basic blues vid , in f and d that you might find helpful.
    just keep banging away at it SLOWLY, and you'll get to the point where the left hand is on automatic. it took me a long time. and i am talented mofo!

  4. and listen to real blues—-pinetop perkins, mempish slim, etc. once you have the sounds internalized in your head and body, your hands will follow, and make the sounds more easily. plus, it's the only way to get the blues "feel" , the rhythm. play along with the records, left hand only.

  5. No worries, I have this exact same issue and it goes away with slower practice. My left hand always wants to speed up when I pickup the pace with my right hand.

  6. Where did this guy come from? I mean seriously, the most well spoken, informed, and helpful video I have ever seen about piano on youtube. Seriously, give this guy a fucking pat on the back!

  7. Can someone help me, I have a keyboard and one thing that I dislike is that when I press a key and move on to press the next key for the song than the sound from the previous key will completely cut off. It's like I'm only playing half of the song. Is there a way for the sound not to cut off after I take my finger off the key

  8. Not a lesson….just a performance.   You did next to nothing to teach anyone how to do it.  But sure sounded good.

  9. This shit is hard. I feel like shit when you play like that. Can you at least show me how you do all that shit man? Fuck

  10. Has sido de gran ayuda para entender mejor al blues.
    You have been so helpful for me to understand the blues in a good way!

  11. I've been learning classical piano for 9 years and I have the technic (so I can play fast etc.), but it's very hard to me to stay in rythm with my left hand while my right hand is improvising. If I record the left hand, I can make good things when I only have to concentrate on my right hand. I'm really hoping it will improve…

  12. If the purpose of the video was to 'showcase' your playing then you did it well, however if it was to teach others then sadly I did not find it very helpful…..sorry! 🙁

  13. People get used to get miced food, but to play like this, you'll have to dig around, the video is awesome

  14. i can do solos only using individual notes that sound pretty good i just dont have much knowledge when it comes to chords besides a few simple ones

  15. How to play blues? 😂 yeah that's how you fuckin play the fuckin blues. Just like that. *his laugh at the ending *

  16. Great tip, I don't get why people understand it as a show-off. The tip was starting with one and he did it, plus some variations.

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