How to set up your home entertainment system

This video will show you how to
set up your home entertainment
and surround sound system.We’ll show you how to set up
your home entertainment equipment
and how to connect your
devices to the internet
if they are internet-enabled.If you have an amplifier
for a surround sound system,
plug the attached power cable
into a powerpoint.
Then connect your speakers
to the audio ports in the amp.
For best results,evenly space your
speakers around the room
with your television in the centre.Connect your Telstra TV,DVD player or gaming console
to the power.
Then using HDMI cables,connect them to the in ports
in the back of the amplifier.
If you aren’t using an amp,you can plug these devices
directly into the television.
Once all your equipment
has been plugged into the amp,
connect your amp to the TV
using a HDMI cable.
This will differ
depending on your set up.
You will need to activate your
Telstra TV before watching.
Some gaming consoles,DVD and Blu-ray players
can connect to the internet,
so you can use streaming services
and download software updates.
If you have any
internet-enabled devices,
plug one end of an Ethernet cable
into the back of your device
and the other end into your modem.Or, if your device
is Wi-Fi enabled,
navigate to the
settings section on your device
and select ‘Network’.These steps may vary,
depending on your device.
Select ‘Wireless setup’then choose your home networkand enter your password.Once everything
is connected,
make sure all the
equipment is turned on.
And that’s it!That’s how to set up
your home entertainment
and surround sound system.For support when you need it,

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