How to Setup & Install Composer on Mac OS High Sierra

hello oh man you here today in this video I'm going to show you how you can set up composer and install it on your Mac OS I see rap or Mac OSX whatever version you have that's not a problem ok so just we need to open composer side which is can't composer dark here we go let's move to download page ok we have opened the download page and we need to copy the key script here and we can see to quickly install composer in the current directory run the following thread in your terminal so if you have a copy area now let's open a terminal to paste it into the terminal also I've gone to install and install the composer in the site's directory here so I'll move to sites CD space right so now I'm in the site's directory now let's paste it and it is started downloading almost I think yeah don't worry about this warning it is a PHP extension morning it is not properly configured in my Mac so you don't need to worry about it ok now I need to press ENTER again to complete the installation all right now we have composer dot PHP our file here successfully installed now just one thing left we need to make it global alright to making global we need to navigate to getting started page ok and here on the third point you can see that here we have a globally now click on the globally and you will see this command we need to copy this command and paste it into the terminal what we're doing actually is we are moving the composer file to the bin directory of the Mac so it will be global and we can use it from every folder every directory where we want to use all right now I will change the directory just to show you if it is globally installed let's a composer space – we to check its version and calling the composer globally let's see if it works okay it works composer version 1.5 Bendix which we have just installed so for more videos please subscribe my channel and any assistant let me know in the comments below so thanks for watching see ya

15 thoughts on “How to Setup & Install Composer on Mac OS High Sierra

  1. Cheers only thing the popup writing you display could be to the side not right on top of the CL input-i lost my x-ray specs

  2. Excuse the dumb question. When I get to the step to make Composer available globally [mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer], I get "Permission denied". How do I safely overcome this?

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