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so today we're gonna talk about how to visit an art museum which may seem like an easy enough thing to do step 1 go to a museum step 2 look at art step 3 hopefully get something out of the experience but the other week when we were filming in Kansas City Missouri I paid a visit to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and started thinking it's really not so simple if you want to have a really rewarding trip to a museum there are some tricks first wear sensible shoes because you do not want to stand before this gorgeous Helen Frankenthaler painting only thinking about how much your feet hurt also before you even go you should check the museum's website to make sure they're open and most importantly to figure out if there's any way you can get in for free if you can get in for free do luckily the Kemper is always free when you check in at the front desk and hopefully find a way not to pay admission make sure to get a map this is also your chance to ask the attendant what you shouldn't miss which brings me to something important ask people questions it's okay they actually want you to ask them questions because otherwise work is boring okay so some general pointers on how to behave in the galleries assume that you cannot touch anything unless there are instructions stating otherwise this is not because people who run museums are autocrats trying too harsh on your buzz it is because even the oil on your skin can damage the art if you're not sure whether you can touch something ask a guard they want you to ask they will be thrilled that you have asked speaking of which also feel free to ask about the museum's photo policy many museums allow photography so your syrup Tisha's I'm just checking my email no I'm actually taking a secret pic of this war Hall may not actually be necessary when I take photos and galleries I like to also take a pic of the label it's a good way of remembering later what you saw and handy when properly attributing your photo when posting it online which you should never forget to do sometimes I like to first walk through a show without taking out my camera or even reading labels just letting my eyes and brain do the work then I'll go back and take a longer look at works I find interesting or once I might want to take a pic of or notes about when you watch a video in a museum make room for others coming in this means not spreading out your jacket and bag on the only bench and also not lingering in the doorway when there's plenty of space to hang out inside also don't be afraid to go into dark galleries there's good stuff in there and it very rarely bites and then there's the actual business of looking at and experiencing the art there are no rules here you decide what to look at and for how long and whether to read the wall Abel's offering context or whether to use the audio guides you also decide whether to look at all the galleries or only a few and all of these decisions should be guided by what's working what makes you feel emotionally and intellectually engaged is it helpful to know that someone once tried to lick this Wayne Tebow painting or do you just like the visual pleasure of taking it in like a lot of things in life what you take from a museum experience is dependent upon what you put into it I think it's great to go to museums and experience that which you might be skeptical of but mostly I think you should go to museums they're not cold dead places where people smarter than you look at ancient art in hushed galleries museums are for you they are cultural centers where your relationship with the universe can get better and more interesting and lastly perhaps most importantly don't forget to leave the museum staying overnight is frowned upon what are your personal do's and don'ts for museum going and what if your museum experience has been like let's talk about it in the comments

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  1. Go to museum alone best experience you ca go wherever you want and stay at one place and stare at Art as long as you want…

  2. dont do what the tourists at my workplace, an exhibition, do – which is to just assume a museum/gallery/exhibit is free and walk in. like the video says, many places are (luckily) able to provide a free entrance, and you should take advantage if they do. but if there is an incredibly visible teen girl sitting behind a register next to the door, and the girl even says hi, maybe you should really make sure you're not supposed to give her money. because if said girl has to call after you to get you to pay the admittance fee she's gonna be slightly pissed.
    TLDR: dont try to get into museums for free if theyre not free. museums often rely on ticket sales to keep the lights on. plus: its really rude.

  3. You went to my favorite museum! How exciting to watch! That spider sculpture outside is so iconic. Did you love it? Kansas City is kind of amazing.

  4. I love reading the plaques and fun facts, also if I'm at a museum or gallery that has a kids section I like starting there to get a super basic intro to the material before moving on to the rest of the exhibit. Also, the information desk at the front often has brochures, pamphlets, or maps that have interesting stuff that helps me "get the most" out of the experience (although its really only getting the most in my opinion, based on what I like to come away with. Not trying to say anybody else's priorities are less valid)

  5. No one told me this, but everyone likes to eventually split up in an art museum, and it's hard to find your friends again.

  6. Don't forget to leave the museum?  My dream museum would let me live (and work) in it 365 days a year.

  7. Talking to the guards is a must for me and always results in interesting discussions. They probably have some extra knowledge about the pieces, or at the very least they'll have spent days with this art, so their thoughts will be very interesting. Also, you can point out to them how problematic Picasso is if they exhibit one.

  8. Hay I made your video better
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  9. What not to do at a art museum.
    Going from one museum to another museum because you can’t look at all the art in detail .
    2. Don’t go to the Guggenheim at all cost it’s not art it’s trash .
    3. Don’t bring your baby art museum it’s just annoying that they cry .

  10. I like to take sketchbook with me to draw doodles and make some notes about the art for further research when back home.

  11. I enjoy looking closely at great art; there really is something magical about being in the presence of the original. Years ago I studied art history and I absolutely adore being able to see familiar paintings in real life. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to go to the Uffizi in Florence and was just fascinated by some of the beautiful artworks, however, I was really annoyed by being frequently being asked to step right away from large paintings by people who wanted to photograph them in one shot. Botticelli's Venus is enormous, so to get a photo of all of it, they were asking people to move far away. I don't think these people had any real interest in the works, but just wanted to capture them to show off; they weren't even looking at the pictures properly. Some of them were taking selfies. I did step aside briefly, but then came back to see the paintings more closely and had to pretend not to notice the next batch of jostling cameras waving me aside. I wasn't being awkward or rude; I wasn't in the way of anyone who wanted to actually look at the art. So sad.

    I don't know why people don't just buy a poster in the gallery shop instead of making others feel pressured to miss out on seeing art they have travelled thousands of miles to experience.

  12. Take a pencil and notebook. Write down your responses to different works, the names of works or artists you didn't know before. "Analyze" the work…reflect on it. Write how it makes you feel. Say how you think it was made. What are it's aesthetic or structural / material values? Does it remind you of other works of art/music/poems/films/philosophical concepts/experiences you've had. What do those things do to the "meaning" of the work for you?

    It's great fun. When you engage yourself with the art, you realize how unsatisfying it can be to just absent mindedly stare at paintings and just move on.

  13. My biggest tip is that if you see someone doing a talk or just lingering by an exhibit, be it at a zoo or museum, talk to them. I have had wonderful conversations with people who weren't officially part of the tour, but had personal experiences with what I was looking at and were thrilled to talk with me about it. Once I was at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, looking at a toucan with a plastic beak. An older gentleman was there, watching her eat with keen interest, and I mentioned how she seemed to be doing well in spite of her injury. It turned out he had designed the beak and wanted to be sure she was doing well. So, we started chatting about his work helping many wild animals that had been injured so they can survive. It was fascinating! This was not the only time this has happened to me. I cannot say it enough, engage with other people in these places because you never know who they are. Your experience, and theirs, will be all the better for it.

  14. Go to the gift shop afterwards, sometimes I've enjoyed it there more then the gallery, and seen better artwork

  15. These are things that are very helpful. Thank you so much. These videos are brilliant and very inspiring and these kind of videos give me a breath of fresh air when it comes to how society hasn't lost substance. They're still diamonds out there.

  16. My rule is: ask people what they liked most and why when going away or at the bookshop/cafe/whatever, creates such a warm atmosphere + you can make unexpected friends in other words ENJOY THE ART TALK

  17. I've been to both the Louvre & the British Museum, but I'd have to say the best art museum I've been to was the Kumu Museum in Tallinn, Estonia. The contemporary art pieces were some of the best, in my opinion, bc I got to walk on a metal balcony indoors & stick my arm in a hole in the floor. I was also able to get very close to paintings and really observe the details and the passion behind it. The Soviet occupation era ones were especially moving.

  18. Also, forget all the rules, you're a considerate person and you'll live through it. Just go to a gallery and enjoy.

  19. Cool video. If you want to go to MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Arts) just ask me. My mom and I are members… oh wait, it's free! Wear tennis shoes and bring a little snack. It's amazing! Go there Minneapolis, MN.

  20. 0:27 … GORGEOUS?

  21. most of my museum experience is with archaeology museum, so my soul advise is pay attention to the history of what you see.

  22. Yes! I come! JUNE 2017. Good way to look on Art is alsofr to look fromlookom different Distances! 1. The entire Gallery when you Enter 2, A few m from the Picture und sometimes look at Details from just 20cm Ps Anyone that has a Tip where too stay for free (bring Gear) please E-mail me at [email protected] (I could also pay 10.$ if it is protected from rain and I have a possssibility to charge my Electronics)

  23. Step #1. Always begin by shoving your head as close to your ass before entering any museum.

  24. loved this!! I was wondering if you could make more tour videos?? I would really enjoy that. Perhaps you explaining some art pieces? I really like when you do "The Case…" videos, and a short tour video of any museums you visit would be great! 🙂

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