#InequalityIs: Martha Redbone on using music to challenge inequality

Inequality is an imbalance
in the human system. As an African American and
Native American woman, I’ve experienced inequality
my entire life, of falling in between
the cracks – not being native enough,
not being black enough. ♪What did I do wrong? ♪They say I’m different. ♪But why? I do believe that messages can
be given through music to encourage peace and
compassion among humankind. And so I use my voice as a way
to educate people. We have to tell our own stories. ♪This is a song about how they
turned my family ♪from Indian to Mulatto
to Colored ♪in three decades in the
same house, same people. ♪God bless the good US of A. For me it’s important to
educate younger people to be conscious of this and
to help make a difference. ♪And how can you be Injun?
Your hair is curly brown. ♪I’ll take this pen, throw it at
your head ♪and it’d better fall
to the ground. The whole concept of
ending inequality is much greater than we are. All the decisions that we make
today, in our own lives, are not just for the benefit of
ourselves, individually, but it’s for our
children’s children. Inequality is a constant
struggle. You put in the work constantly
and you never let up and you never give up.

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