IPCorder Group CMS by KOUKAAM – video recordings

Welcome to this IPCorder Group tutorial video. We will demonstrate how to set up and play recordings. Let’s log in with the default credentials. After logging in, we launch the video viewer. The simplest way to start recording
is using the “manual recording” button. We are instantly informed that the camera is recording. We can also set recording modes in the settings section. In IPCorder Group the device tree contains IPCorders. Clicking on one reveals the managed cameras. Now we can select the camera from view. In the video tab we can see
the details about manual recording. We can start/stop it from here as well. We can also set up scheduled recording
the same way as in regular IPCorder. Back in the Video section we will show
how simple the playback controls are. Our camera is now recording permanently. Let’s focus on another camera
that has been recording for a longer time. In IPCorder Group we can switch any camera
to recordings if we have the permissions. Let’s play the video and zoom in on the timeline. This video is recorded on the “Koukaam IPCorder”. Another camera is recorded on “Demo IPCorder”. IPcorder Group can synchronize both
recordings as if they were on the same NVR. Thank you for watching and don’t forget
to watch the rest of our tutorial videos. You may also write your questions
and opinions in the comments.

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