Jake Paul – Ohio Fried Chicken (Song) feat. Team 10 (Official Music Video)

silent stop… Jake Paul Merch link in the description Ohio fried Chicken b*tch We made this In one day Tricky Rick Bobby Slick Ohio Boys Let’s hit it Honkey Donk Tonkey Tonk Ohio Fried Chicken Is what it’s called I got my truck My overalls Just me and my boys makin’ fried chicken y’all Kentucky can’t compete OFC YEE YEET Sweep you of yo feet Plez look up to meh We’ll tell ya what to do Tenders the move Getcha self sum sauce Yeh yo a bowse OFC that’s how we’re livin’ come around town you’ll find me sittin’ You’re a pretty girl with no care No problem in tha world not even her hair I think I found what I finnaly need chicken and a girl that’s nice and thicken slow it down or speed it up Ahm makin’ my way to Ohio Fried Chicken B*tch HONKAY DONK TONKAY TONK Ohio Fried Chicken Is wut it’s called Got meh truck Mah overalls Juss me and mah boiiz makin’ fried chicken y’all They said I wouldn’t make it Now mah chickens naked And mah truck is lifted shout out to Ma n’Pops (Love you) Ah got mah piggie (oink) I got mah goat (neigh??????????????????????) But ah still need a lil’ boat (row row) I wanna make Mah family proud I just wanna sell out a crowd I need a girl Who’s down to ride 🙂 workin’ all day that’s Ohio pride HONKAY DONK TONKAY TONK Ohio Fried Chicken is what it’s called Mah overalls Trio’s rollin’ up

100 thoughts on “Jake Paul – Ohio Fried Chicken (Song) feat. Team 10 (Official Music Video)

  1. Jake: I can make the best country music

    Blanco Brown and Lil nas x: ride my horse
    Edit: August 1st anyone?

  2. Why do all the Youtuber “rappers” say they made the song in one day so they can avoid all criticism? If you want to make a song people like put time into it

  3. Jake Paul makes a song about Ohio fried chicken
    Absolutely no soul in Ohio rlly talks about this song how it’s rlly cringy
    Jake Paul: questioning his future
    Ohio people: questioning if jake Paul only likes Ohio bc of Ohio fried chicken or just the state in general

  4. i was so confused because i didnt know you were the person on disney so i said…" Thats the guy on that show xD"

  5. All dis shii gotta stop, shii annoyin, dis shii nt funny it's only depressing and boring. Now ik y we Korea bouta bomb at us. Cuz these dumb ass lil niggas, made Korea just lose all his trust. First of all, y we got james Charles kids doin songs. Shouldnt they be cryin, faking shii like their mom. I'm done dis shii is irrelevant. Cant be ga hoes, it has to be a real ass nigga sayin it

  6. Most people make music in like and hour or so and so that means your just saying that it took you a while to make this

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