29 thoughts on “Jonathan Scales – Muddy Vishnu [Official Music Video]

  1. Just saw Scales with David Fiuczynski in Richmond, Virginia. Amazing performance all around. Such talent.

  2. Visuals go so well with this song, it tells a story through music and body language, thats what its all about

  3. OK i am digging this vid and verb … just awesome… but to login to Google to make comment (they must have bought the tube) i had answer my gender the choice was Male Female or other … Freak what the F*** and dig this .. i put my name as AudioHipster Doyen … and they said that is not allowed … so it is under review… Man only in America it could be so screwed … Man i have this music to listen to… and I am so glad…. Thanks for the real Vibe… AudioHipster

  4. Nothing like seeing old friends doing what they love – it's great to see what Duane Simpson has been up to! What amazing music!

  5. SteelPan revolution is here. This record is what Pan needs. Like Boogsie says "Do something for Pan"

  6. absolutely brilliant writing, playing, execution, feeling, connection, expression, and message. WITHOUT PEER.

  7. Man I really love this amazing vid and musical beyond words, can't wait for your new LP. Thanks for the music. Doyen

  8. yea jon! nicely done…great to hear you the other nite. thanks for being there. c u soon i hope. peace, jc

  9. im taking complete credit. much love jonathan. remember if you ever need a horrid beat boxer holla! cantrell

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