‘Kings’ Cypher Rap Beat Hard Boom Bap Hip Hop Instrumental [FREE] Chuki Beats

All my instrumentals are free to use in your
videos/songs if and only if you credit me Put my youtube link (http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic)
and write : Instrumental produced by Chuki. You can monetize your videos with my music
as long as my music is supportive to the video All free beats can only be used for non-profitable,
non-commercial projects and nothing besides that I must also be credited in the title and description
(prod. by Chuki) and as described above ) purchase a licence that is suitable for yourself before releasing. you cannot register your song on BMI/ASCAP or any other Content ID system!

100 thoughts on “‘Kings’ Cypher Rap Beat Hard Boom Bap Hip Hop Instrumental [FREE] Chuki Beats

  1. wow i wrote a freestyle on a Mob Deep face b but i was notre happy but this Beat is perfect for my freestyle

  2. i plan on making a song for this beat, what all do I need to do ? Mention you or Get a license or sumthin like that lmk!!

  3. Always killin it bro!
    Quick bars..

    Sometimes I ask myself what does it take to be unique?
    Do I bleed plenty of ink into these sheets to find the real me?
    Or should I even really care what they think?
    Cause on behalf of the people that have it made are too blind to see
    Word from the wise theyll never know the path under my feet
    So ill just strive for my pride
    hoping one day that the ends meet
    I know that this is just a phase
    but what does it take?
    To get every single mind molded rapper up off the stage
    I know you know the soul they sold is why their blind folded
    Im sorry to expose it but cmon the world knows it
    True talents hidden in the internet you gotta find it
    And not in the lying mainstream thats the mainthing
    They making money off rhyming about the samething
    We all know it so its nothing new when i mention
    A mansion?
    Thats all they want when they fancy
    But let me tell you there something thats more important
    A brave heart and thats why im right here recording
    If I were to fall apart
    Its just all part of the plan
    Cause when I grow to be the man They gone really hate where I stand
    Sexy in my white T and Nikes
    I might be slightly respectfully
    Politely may I ask
    Dont you start with me
    Pardon me
    What was that you got a problem G?
    You gonna solve to the finish
    Or leave it partially

    Rest of the lyrics on my channel check it out nice beat chuki! 🔥

  4. yo yo yo yo I'm here I'm ready I be smokin hella heavy got that bass in my whip yeah i be riding slow and steady got the b**** waving at me and I be Rollin Like a yeti Poppin Off confetti and these b**** waving at me so if you want me to come and get me

  5. Would love if you guys checked out my channel! i am working very hard on publishing many more beats to come and would love feedback! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Don't steal my shit

    Verse 1

    I'm rapping success is happening
    Makin it to the same corner
    They trapping in
    But that is back then
    Way back when
    I used to
    Hang out with Ben
    That's when I had no zen
    When I was 7
    I seen the streets
    Walking down the street
    With my beats
    Feeling like the man
    But I had no plan
    But now I'm getting all the fans
    But before I was kickin the cans
    Now I'm makin plans with my mans
    It's hot I feel like
    I'm cookin with pots and pans
    I'm only messin with cans
    Not cant's wont's should've could've would've
    But I was born in the hood
    I raised in the hood
    Loved in the hood
    But in the future
    Takin my fam out the hood
    And ima do it yes I would
    It's not if I could it's yes I would

    Hook (2x)

    Been through so much
    In my life
    Got me feelin like I see the light
    Feelin like I'm blessed
    Wanna get a ring
    Got me feelin like a king

    Verse 2

    Yea I'm the best
    Ain't had to take a test
    Just know I ain't like the rest
    Yea I've been on a quest
    But I've been getting
    So many request
    I had to drop some to make it less
    But ima king and I run it
    Different from 7 gotta keep it 100 but what if
    I left you with a cliff hanger

    Hook (2x)

    Been through so much
    In my life
    Got me feelin like I see the light
    Feelin like I'm blessed
    Wanna get a ring
    Got me feelin like a king

  7. Fam this is fukin mad. im writing a song right now and i couldn't find a more suitable beat than this one. All i want is to ask for your permission to use it so that i can record my song asap.

  8. strip that, lick that, bitch you giving me a big fat,
    whip lash, you know how it is when we tip that, do it how it we do it no come backs.
    straight up I told ya, you ain't messing around with no soldier, boyyyy
    hold up, roll up, see how how long it takes to fold up,
    ani't none none of you got shit, looking down the barrel like this
    life gets you dowwwn.

  9. fuck you fuck you fuck you
    I don't care if I buck you
    when I bust thru
    I'm gon do what I must do
    when I must do it
    yeah break through it
    dam mama knew it .

  10. I'm dangerous with the microphone, I'm like a virus running through your computer in your home, one eye open like a cyclone, riding on a Trojan horse showing no remorse, blessed praying to the lord, writing my darkest thoughts to confess but I harness the power from a meteor shower now I'm standing in fire with Barbara wrapped in barbwire with pliers because I'm a arsonist trapped in a flame it's my burning desire to disintegrate anyone who gets in the way my imagination imagines a image but there's no way to see the frame without consciousness of the brain.

  11. I have a question, I thought we were able to use this song for free as a content creator as long as we give you back credit, but when I imported this song, all I heard was "IT" for the whole song. Yet, when I play the song on my music player, it works perfectly fine. May I know why?

  12. uh uh Poppin shots left and right oh shit it's a Friday night fight bitch wanna see how fucked up on lsd I can get oh shit time to ball sitting here walkin down the street and I can feel the breeze pop pop pop there goes a bullet hole right in the dome blood splatter every where lookin like a nightmare

  13. Lift your eyes from the ground kid round here we go until the sound of the bell of the round 10. Found it. Whatchu need. Defeat has no meaning. Its an excuse not a reason. Lead on lead on if you cant keep leading let me see you be free weavin its your season keep it breathe this feel meed it keep it until you dont need it. Go and use me up as your arms below if you need a hug or someone to catch your fall. If you got no hope let this be rewrote go an cross that line to the winter snow go and feel those bones freeze right over. I can hear the chirps of me effecting serverr. Rewards let them press you further.

  14. Awwwe shit. Comments cypher. Fuck it.

    Verse number one, now whos the top gun?

    If he poppin at the lips, then he get blown away like snot does,

    Got puns but still aint a joke, i kick it like punts,

    Find one who spit off the top but they swear he writes em,
    I gotta get the bread n butter coming from the gutter,

    its a nasty place to live they takin chilren from they mothers,
    Buss at undercovers, never runners,Never fumble, hold a piece to slice the numbers, static in the city like some thunder,

    Its no wonder, that even stevie could see this coming,
    i get the game n then its done wit, leave the beat dead like its nothing,

    Im blowin on the bag, take a drag and stay humble,

    N keep ya eyes on the road, straight vision like a tunnel

    Keep these niggas puzzled, they say they keep it a hunnid well im trynna keep it double,Althewhile flexin my muscle,
    Prey they dont sleep on this, like a curfew
    I prey they hear this n they loabs explode, These drums will hurt you,

    But back to gettin scratch like a cat,
    Unanimous decision, you can tell em chowder won the match
    And as a matter of fact, my tongue been puncturing that, The big mac, Number chasing, while I fill up the stats

  15. Hey I want to use your music on a video Im making, but I don't understand the terms, like I have to give permission for you to administer the account, please help!!

  16. 이미 느려질때가 된 base.
    맨날 하던거나 guess
    이미 내 랩필은 충분한데
    왜나가 쇼미 AY
    간지나게 내 손에 사인
    그러면서 뱉고있지
    내 자신의 감정을.
    세상엔 FACT따윈 널리고 널려
    왜 니 진짜실력을 버려
    문화평가하기전에 내랩부터 평가해.
    근데 생기네 프로불펀러
    그리고 또 증가하는 COPPYWRITTER
    뭐 뻔하니 얘긴 안할게
    너도 알고있으니
    요즘 CLASS를 따질려면
    그래 내랩은 약하나
    좆목질은 안해
    그래 너도 아네
    Do Shield your future face.
    이젠 꾸밀시간이야
    허구한날 smoke
    가오잡지 말구
    Not your focus.

  17. more pf the kind please.
    Salute Chuki u killed it.
    im going in on this one.
    Salute to u CHUKI the master

  18. Can i record on this beat so long as i credit you the right way? I want to put what i got on soundcloud for non profit of course, just i don't know if thats okay with you or not so please let me know if thats fine by you! 🙂 thanks bro

  19. This must be one of my fav moments and tracks for the year. It came on play we just jamming the studio busting a few unwritten rhymes. God the feeling is truly heaven when you're in that flow state it's so much easier to achieve that mode when you're beats got some depth to it. This one oozes it. Should I find the recording will circle back one day and post it up if that's okay. Have done it 2 or 3 more times but always find that the first time you hear a new track is the time when your imagination soul heart mind and universal shit just gets that passionate shit happening. Can't rate this one highly enough thank you for the fun times.

  20. Is this still available for download? I was going to use it for my intro and then it disappeared from the link. Please let me know, I'm waiting to finish my intro.

  21. Yeah I will mention your name on the song. No problem
    If I make profit with the song I'll just give you cash

  22. LYRICS:

    VERSE 1

    Life is crazy sometimes,

    give a lot of days of my life up to my haters,

    but I'ma make this one mine,

    take a couple photographs of my pretty family in the bright and hazy sunshine,

    when the aperture's perfect,

    it's the golden hour, gonna pull the power,

    from the Sun and its lavender surface,

    got a new lens,

    I got a lot of family but few friends,

    I know that's cliche shit to say,

    but reality rap is a challenge, cuz facts are facts,

    and can't go many different ways,

    fuck it, here we are,

    it ain't guaranteed that you'll be here tomorrow,

    you live life like you got an extra day to do shit,

    and you'll day in a leap year, it's harsh,

    so do it all today,

    or in 20 years you're gonna look at life like you threw it all away,

    ain't no guarantees but I guarantee,

    if you have a little veggies and some juice you'll calm your day,

    I don't wanna lie to you for the fame or the money,

    maybe I could take the truth a longer way,

    I've had writer's block to this beat for a full year,

    fuck it, I'ma do the song today,

    gonna finish it and love it,

    then I mix it and I dub it,

    then I send it to the public,

    if they're dissing it then fuck it,

    doesn't matter my opinion is I'm ripping it,

    and crushing it the dissonance is fucking sick,

    all the critics they can suck a dick,

    every single fuckin' day I'm getting up at 6,

    then I feed my kids, then I hit this studio,

    then I spew a flow so beautiful, you should know


    The universe is expanding,

    I don't give a fuck I'm drinking all day,

    all the dreams I have are in color,

    even though my memories are all grey,

    man the whole damn world is burning,

    but you'd never know because you're too busy,

    staring at your phone,

    only way that I can feel happiness is when,

    I'm by myself standing here along,

    just me til the casket drops

    just me til the casket drops

    just me til the casket drops

    just me til the casket drops

    VERSE 2

    Not a day goes by where I don't think about how the world's all fucked up,

    all it takes is a car wreck, cancer virus,

    or a member of ISIS on a random Tuesday with a gun going buck buck!,

    And you're outta here,

    you don't know what second, what day, what month, what year,

    but one day, you are gonna disappear,

    and 99% of the planet ain't even gonna care,

    except the people at your funeral who clap and cheer,

    as they reflect on your life with laughs and tears,

    when they drop your casket and the energy leaves your body,

    and it supernovas through the atmosphere,

    and it travel years through a black-hole,

    where time gets so slow it stops,

    …then reverses…

    Now you're turning back the years,

    going back in time,

    to the days when you just a curious kid with a fragile mind,

    laying on your back,

    looking up at the night sky… wondering,

    what the Hell is past the line,

    of the solar system?

    And you're thinking to yourself,

    "Geez, this is an incredible life,"

    as you try to look deep into the delicate night,

    smoking weed wondering if you're inhaling it right,

    and you wanna know…

    Do distant planets have intelligent life?

    Well of course they do,

    And they might have big red eyes,

    or big green thumbs, or skin light blue,

    But a lot of them are just like you,

    they prolly spend half their day just staring at a mobile phone,

    because they feel like in the universe they're so alone,

    well guess what, now you know they're wrong,

    this song is over… gone.


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  24. 1998 main mera hua tha janam
    mummy daddy ne rakhe tha mera naam suman
    ghar main aya ek pyara sa larka
    ban gaya main sabka akho ka tara
    ummeede the mere se bohut zyada
    par main sala kuch kaar na paya
    bachpan tha mera bohut sexy
    roj peeta sham ko dost ke sath pepsi
    mera haat main tha bat dost ka haat main ball
    khudko bolu dhoni dost bole mujhe dravid wall
    bachpan se height main tha thora sa main tall
    par zindagi main kabhi bhi nahi tha mera goal
    phir dheere dheere main bara hone laga
    jooth nahi bolega bigarne laga
    jooth nahi bollega dhua urane laga
    jooth nahi bolega larki ghumane laga
    pareshan theee mujhse neighours mummy aur papa
    koi tere aaknh se dekhe toh maaru dafa
    phiir zindagi main ayi ek pyari se titli
    thee bohut cute achhi aur thori see pagli
    usse milne ke baad thora sambhal ne laga
    par body main hawas char ne laga
    hawas ke bajese tution lagaya
    tution centre pohuch ta tha b4 adha ghanta
    jawani ka assar deekhne laga
    emran hashmi ka assar deekhne laga
    haat main uska frst leeter ka tattoo bananya
    phir life main aya thora sa tragedy
    baby mujhe chor ke chali gayi
    sala school ne bhi de diya mujhe tc
    bohut dukh laga jab royi meri mummy
    tc mila kyki ek larke ko dhoya tha
    sala wo larkabhi prnicpal ke age roya tha
    usska shakal dekhke principal hogaya emotinal
    aur tc de diya mujhe usee pal
    ab ghar nahi jaa sakta pitaji hain angry
    dost kaa ghar main hee thair gaya do char din
    toot gaye the mere sare dream
    mujhe upset tha mera dost log ka team
    phir 4 mahine baitha ghar pe
    daru pina shuru kiya sala ghar pe
    mooto neighbours ke deewar pe
    un 4mahino main bohut change hua
    kaun dost kaun larki kaun papa
    bash chahiye tha mujhe sasta nasha
    trend ke saath chalne ke liye dad ko manga honda dio
    dad bola nahi dunga jo karna hain karo
    ghusse main tor diya maine pura apna ghar
    next din dekha dio khari meri gate par
    phir kya urne laga fb main naya dp lagaya
    bohut dost log ka attention main paya
    job bolu dost ko tel bhara
    toh woh bolta hain sala
    purse ghar pe bhool aya
    police ka beta aur bigarne laga
    class 9 mere paas thee scooty peeche baithne ke liye bhi thi larki
    par bhool main aage life baaki thee
    ese heen chala do teen saal
    phir aya mera zindagi main kaal
    bestfriend tha ek uska naam mesto
    asthama attack ke wajese mar gaya
    life ho gayi thee tatti
    aur jyada tatti hua jab hua dvorce btwn my mummny nd daddy
    saala socho kitna ban gaya tha main akela
    sala ek paal main sab chala gaya
    dost chor gaya
    pyar bhi chor gayi ooo ab toh hadd
    tha mummy bhee chor ke chali gayi
    tab se baan gaya main nastik
    ab kisike baare main sochta nahi hain deep
    mar gaya purana hasne khelna wala deep
    aur paida hogaya ye kamina selfish deep
    i can say it loud dat i am proud of myself
    nd d one's who always keep questiong me go fuck yourself

    .yo. skinny dee

    selfish forever….
    bass itna hee bolna tha

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