Laura Branigan – Interview [cc] – Entertainment Tonight 1987

Gloria Laura Branigan’s first hit ‘Gloria’ stayed on the charts for so long it became one of the longest-running
singles over a decade Fans even called Gloria When people say to you That you- and they did- I am sure
that they were saying it to you that you that you were an overnight
sensation with Gloria It was a long time in coming was it not? Yes I got rejected by every record
company in the business They all said I did not sound like anyone
I did not fit in anywhere Which, I think in the long run is good It is what I want Solitaire
it gets so lonely In the long run
it has been good This vocal powerhouse followed up
with hit after hit Not bad for a country girl
who was once so shy She could not even raise
her hand in class That is something I had to get over
because you can not be in this
business and be like I was My first interview I literally
sat there like this And I just went “mhm” “mhm” And tried to get my hair in front of me I saw it and it was like “ahh”
so embarrassing Tried to get your hair in front of your face? Yeah So they would not really see- Well, my mouth was so dry my lip stuck And, I could not get my lip down It was awful You take my self
You take my self control I think the reason I really went after my career and my singing is because I felt I
had the ability to touch people And, that is all I wanted to do
with my music (With Carlo Menotti) Branigan has a strong, dramatic voice A delicate instrument she keeps in tune by studying with the renowned
vocal teacher Carlo Menotti Singing is first a talent
but then is a skill And, you have got to have that skill You have got to in order to, you know to express the voice the best that in can
and Carlo teaches me the skill Laura not only keeps her voice in shape
she keeps herself in shape by working
out everyday She is working just as hard on her career Hoping her new album, ‘Touch’ will
be music to everyone’s ears I feel great about this album
This is my baby right now I believe it is more me than
anything I have done Since I have taken charge of my life I feel happier I gave you everything I had You took my-

29 thoughts on “Laura Branigan – Interview [cc] – Entertainment Tonight 1987

  1. very awsome person & amazing singing & very nice but shes long gone now & so bad that shes not more known

  2. Her " classic blue diver Alaska" referred to above…exactly what was that?
    I can listen to her talk & sing for hours. Beautiful Laura – never forgotten ❤

  3. So Sad .about laura branigan i love his Song ever…late 70s 80s never die… .his Disco music….Gloria….and Self Control song…i love it…… you R l P..we miss you

  4. When you see her interviews…she just doesn't seem like a celebrity ..just like a girl next humble modest..and theres a sweetness to her ,…..

  5. Now, with hockey's St. Louis Blues using it as their victory song, all the way to a Stanley Cup win, "Gloria", and Laura, have reached generations of new fans. I played it on radio in 1982 and fell in love. Be at peace, Laura.

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