Logitech Harmony Hub + Amazon Echo Dot + Vizio 4K Display + Home Entertainment Center

– Thinking about using
voice automation to control your TV or home theater system? Today we’re going to review and set up the Logitech Harmony Hub, connected to the Amazon
Echo Dot to control my Vizio 4K Display and my
home entertainment center. Stay tuned. (light techno music) Hi again. John Stone, the DIY Smart Home Guy. Smart Home automation wouldn’t be complete without the ability to control your home theater system with your voice. In a previous video, I
talked about the various ways that you can you use the Amazon Echo Dot to stream Amazon Prime music
to a surround-sound system using a Bluetooth connection. And in yet another video, we looked at how to use
the Google Home Assistant to access Google content and watch it on the television using Chromecast. But neither of these two options gave me that extra special control
that I was looking for, which is the ability to channel surf using voice commands. This is especially important
when I’ve lost the remote, and I’m just too lazy to look for it. To solve this problem, I’m going to add the Logitech Harmony Hub to my home entertainment system. The Harmony Hub is basically
a Wifi-enabled IR blaster that has the ability to control thousands of IR and RF systems,
including TVs, displays, tuners, rokus and a variety
of other component types, just like a Logitech
Wireless Universal Remote. I put more information
about the remote options in the description below. You can buy the Harmony
Hub as a standalone unit, but other purchasing options
include Logitech Harmony Elite and the Logitech Harmony Companion. The Harmony Elite is a bundle
that includes the Harmony Hub and the Logitech 950 Universal Remote. Whereas the Harmony Companion is a bundle that includes the Harmony Hub and the Harmony Companion
Extension Remote. It’s important to note
that the Companion Remote will not directly control anything. It’s not a true universal remote. It simply performs a task
of controlling the Hub, which is really the remote. The Harmony 950 on the other hand can be used as a standalone remote or it can stay synced with the Hub. This is a cool feature if you plan to use the remote and a hub together. The Harmony 650 on the other hand has no idea what’s happening
with the Harmony Hub. Here’s why this is important. The Harmony Hub and the Logitech remotes remember their last command. So for example, if you
give a “Watch TV” command through your Echo, this
is gonna send the command through your Harmony Hub. If you then use a remote
like this Logitech 650 to set the movie mode,
the Hub doesn’t know. If you then give the command
to watch TV back to the Hub, it won’t do anything because
it thinks it’s already there. This can be pretty annoying. So my recommendation is to at least get the Harmony Companion Remote, but the Logitech 950 does look pretty cool. I also want to take a minute to talk about my home theater setup. If you watch my review of the Vizio E65-D3 4K Home Theater Display, you’ll remember that my TV sets over my fireplace on a floating TV mount. I have no components in view since everything is tucked up away in the wall. On the upper corner of my TV, I’ve mounted an infrared receiver. This unit receives the IR remote commands and transmits them up to a receiver in my multimedia closet. In the closet, there’s
an array of transmitters that rebroadcast the signals to the units. And yeah, I do plan to
actually clean this up. It’s on my to-do list. To achieve voice control over
my home entertainment system, I’ve set up both of the Logitech skills in my Amazon Alexa. Yes, I said two skills. I’ll be going into more
details later in this video. Once you’ve properly
set up the Logitech Hub and link it into your
Echo or your Google Home, you’ll have full voice control over your home theater system. So let’s see what’s inside the box. So if you’ve purchased
the Hub all by itself, there’s really not a lot to this. Inside the box, you’re gonna
find the main IR blaster. You’re gonna find a USB syncing cable, a USB charging cable,
and a remote IR blaster, and of course you’re gonna
find the instruction manual. It’s important to note
that the Harmony Hub needs to have line of
sight to the components that you wish to control. The Hub’s IR blaster’s omni-directional. You can kinda see there that
you have this IR blaster that comes right out of the top. There’s my chandelier, you like that? But you know the front of the
Hub, you can read Logitech. That’s the front. So it’s gonna blast in a radius out away from the Hub like this. So let’s go get this thing set up. For set up, there are two options. You can use a smartphone
or you can use a PC/Laptop. Okay, so the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go over
to My Harmony webpage. Myharmony.com/hub. Okay, so once we’re on this page, we’re gonna wanna scroll all the way to the bottom of this page, until we get past all of
the mobile device apps, and we’re gonna go to the
very bottom, and do download. And we have the Harmony Hub, so we’re just gonna do
the Harmony Hub software. And then download the software. And that should get it on your desktop. Now once you have this on your desktop, you’re gonna need to create an account. I already have an account, so we’re gonna skip over that, but it’s not that difficult to do. Typical stuff, you’re gonna
need an e-mail address and a password. So at this point, you’re
gonna wanna plug the USB cable into the Harmony Hub and then
plug that into your laptop. And you’ll need to add this device. Once the device is added, then you’re just gonna come in here and you’ll set up your devices. Now this is where you’re
going to set up your TV. You’re gonna click on this “Add Device.” Add your TV in. After you get your television set up, go over to the Activities tab. And this is where you can
program in a different activity. Alright? Last but not least, you’re
gonna want to come in here and select a TV service provider. Now if you’re on cable or
whether you’re off air, you’re just gonna put in your zip code, and you’re gonna set up your
service provider information. And then after that, you’re going to edit your favorite channels. Now these channels here, it’s important that you set these up. Whatever you put the star next to, this is what’s going to be
available inside your Echo. Okay, so you’ve set up the Harmony, you’ve added in your devices, and then you’ve added in
your favorite channels. The next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go over to the Alexa app and that’s where we’re
gonna add in the skills, and we’re almost done. Once you have that all set up, get the Alexa skills, both of them. There’s two skills for
the Logitech Harmony Hub. One for Smart Home integration, and one for general TV control. So let’s go in and do that right now. In the Alexa app, you’re gonna do skills. Now under skills, you’re gonna
want to search for Harmony. And you’re gonna see these
two skills right here. One of them is optimized for Smart Home and the other one is just a regular Logitech Harmony skill. Let’s go ahead and add both of those in. So I already have them enabled, but you’re gonna want the blue one and you’re going to want the red one. Now when you go into your
Smart Home on the Amazon Echo, you’re only gonna see one
of those skills enabled, and that will be the blue skill. This is going to allow
you to bypass anything like saying “Alexa, tell Harmony.” You can just go straight in and say “Alexa, turn television on.” We’re gonna go do that in just a minute. But I just wanted to come down here and show you what’s happening here. You’ll see that you’ve got
a bunch of new commands down here like TV, HBO, where you see these,
HBO, cable news, sci-fi. All of those are the favorite channels that we set up over there
in the Harmony Hub app. And that’s what linked them over here. So, just a second, we’re gonna go down and we’re gonna run a few test commands, and then we’ll be wrapping this up. After you get these set up, run
discover devices once again. Okay, so that last thing
I wanna do is talk about what the difference is
between the blue app and the red app here. So the blue app, this is a Smart Home app. What this is going to allow you to do is use those trigger words. You see the trigger words
in the Smart Home section of the Alexa app, that you can
use that as a trigger word. So you can do anything
like say “Turn on the TV.” “Turn off the TV.” Or you can just simply say
“Alexa, turn on Home and Garden.” And it’ll turn on that favorite channel from Home and Garden. But you also have extended activities that you can do here. And this is through the other, the red app that we installed, or the red skill that we installed. And this is where you can say, “Alexa, tell Harmony to pause.” “Tell Harmony volume up.” “Tell Harmony volume down.” But you have additional
skills here that you have, but you have to use the Tell
Harmony command to do this. But anything you see over
on that Smart Home list, that you can go straight
into and you do not have to say “Tell Harmony.” So that’s pretty cool. Okay, so as you can see,
we have that Harmony Hub sitting down on the
bottom of the end table, between the two couches. And that is with everything
we have connected together going to allow me to
just use simple commands to turn the TV on. Alexa, turn on Home and Garden. – [Alexa Voice] Okay. – Now you can see right here, we’ve got the little
white light coming on. This is gonna take just a couple seconds for the TV to fire up. But you see the TV starting to come on and this is actually going
to change the channel directly to Home and Garden television. Alexa, tell Harmony to mute television. – [Alexa Voice] Okay. – So that time, we used
the Tell Harmony command, but you can see that it
muted the television. Alexa, tell Harmony, “Channel up.” – [Alexa Voice] Okay. – So we can either use
the favorite channels that we’ve preprogrammed. Or we can use the
channel up, channel down. This makes channel surfing a breeze. Alexa, tell Harmony to unmute the TV. – [Alexa Voice] Okay. – And there you go. So now we have full
control through voice Alexa using the Harmony Hub and we’ve got full control
over the television. Alexa, turn television off. – [Alexa Voice] Okay. – There you have it. So one more thing that I wanna mention is you can set the volume
step level through the Echo. And you’ll accomplish
this by giving a command to set volume unit. Computer, tell Harmony to
set volume unit to six. – [Computer Voice] Okay,
I’ll change the volume by six units going forward. – And so what’ll happen is when you say “Computer, tell Harmony
to turn volume up.” – [Computer Voice] Okay. – You’ll see that this raised
the volume by six units. Having voice control over my TV is one of my cooler voice
automation features. I feel like I’ve only
scratched the surface of what possibilities that
the Harmony Hub can provide. If you’re doing cool
home entertainment stuff with Alexa and Harmony, let me know in the video comments below. As always, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and
don’t forget to click like. Over here are a couple of other
videos that you might enjoy. For more reviews, tips, and DIY videos, visit Azhb.com. And thanks to you that already follow me over on Facebook or Twitter. Both are @DIYSmartHomeGuy. Until next time, cheers.

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