Marga, tumanggi na makasama sa school project si Cassie | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

You’re finally home.
Can you come with me later? I’ll check the newly
released bags. I want to be the first to
buy them for my vlog. Do you really need those? You have a lot of bags
you haven’t used yet. Those are still good. But these are new
and different, Mom. I’ll be popular at school
if I have those. Fine, if that’s what you want. But if you were to buy,
just choose one. What?! Since when did buying whatever
I want become an issue? Are we poor now, Mom? No! I’m just saying that
you should choose quality over quantity, Marga. And we’ll never be poor. I’m just fixing some things
in the company, so I’m a bit moody and
strict with our expenses. Okay, Mom. Okay. During the past two months,
we made the impossible possible. Our company has the second
highest sales in the industry. This is proof that nothing’s impossible with
hard work and dedication. This victory is for all of you. Come on in! Hi, dear. Congratulations, Mama! Congratulations, Mama.
I’m so proud of you. I only achieved all of this
because of you, dear. Wait a minute, aren’t you
running late for school? Don’t worry, Mama. Maxwell’s just
a few minutes away. I’ll get there on time. Okay. Let’s go, Cassie. Bye, Mama! I love you.
Congratulations. I love you so much. Savannah? We have a major
problem, Dani girl. Romina’s still trying
to go against you! Thanks, Tito Jepoy. I’ll call Mama when
classes are over. – Okay, good luck!
– Take care! Nice car. Thank you. Can you give me
a ride soon, Cassie? Sure! Maybe next time. You’re really moving up
in life now. I’m happy for you and
your mom, Cassie. Thank you. This is all thanks
to Mama’s efforts. So that’s the cheap
car I saw earlier. It’s as cheap as
the passenger. Don’t start with me, Marga. What are you talking about? I’m just stating
my observations. My gosh, Cassie. Don’t be too defensive. It’s not my problem if you’re
offended by what I said. Alright, for our next project, you will be working in teams
to create a business plan. Now, this will not be
a simple project, because the best team
will have the opportunity for an internship under one of the most famous
businessmen in the country, who’s also a Maxwell alumnus. And that’s not all. The winner will also get
a cash prize. We’ve already randomly
divided the class into teams. Santos, Domingo. Perez, Caringal. Tejada, Sarmiento. Mondragon, Bartolome. Lopez, Jimenez. Um, excuse me, ma’am. Sorry, but this is one of the
highlights of our senior year. I don’t want to waste it by
having Cassie as my partner. Can I just get another partner? Or I could just easily
do it by myself. Ms. Bartolome, the decision
is already final. Besides, you’re both
intelligent women, so I’m sure you’ll come up
with a good presentation. So, whatever’s going on
between the two of you, I suggest you settle it
right now so it won’t affect
your performance. – But, ma’am–
– No buts, Ms. Bartolome. Ms. Mondragon, do you have
any problems with this? I’m willing to work with Marga, even if we don’t always
see eye to eye. We’ll make sure to come up
with a good presentation.

100 thoughts on “Marga, tumanggi na makasama sa school project si Cassie | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

  1. Ano bayan! nung tumanggi si marga dapat biglang sumabat si trina sabihin niya
    "Bakit gusto mo ko maging ka team" tas ambaan niya HAAHAHA

  2. Ang yabang talaga ni Marga, manang-mana sa nanay niyang anak ng demonyo. Maghintay ka lang Marga, malapit ka ng lumuhod sa lupa……maraming naghihintay sa pagbagsak nyong mag-ina.

  3. Nkktuwa umaangat na sila Romina at Cassie. 😍 Keep it up guys.
    Sino dito nka asa lang sa YouTube ?
    Small YouTuber here. Hugs hugs TAYU mga besh

  4. Alam na ng buong school ang pagka nasty ni Marga ke Cassie dapat di na nila pinapayagan magkadikit o magkasama sila , tutal wala din naman ginagawa ang school sa mga ginagawang evil ways ni Marga towards everyone most especially ke Cassie…ewan ko sa inyo !😖

  5. Yung teacher pinagtripan yung magkaaway na mag work together. Parang Sinabi ilagay sa kulangan magkasama yung Leon at zebra mag titiis yung Leon na Hindi kaiinin yan.. Sasabihin ng zebra may tiwala ako Hindi ako kakainin ng Leon yung Leon naman wala sa akong agreement sa iyong Hindi kita kakainin parang ganon.

  6. How insensitive naman ng school teacher na yan para ipartner eh alam naman na mortal na magkaaway ang dalawa. May pa random-random pang nalalaman eh utos lang naman ni Direk to na inuuto lang din ang mga manonood na gumanda na daw ang story pero paikot-ikot lang naman

  7. Yes maganda nato ang KG, gusto ko na takbo ng storya! Din si Trina nasa tabi na lagi ni Cassie yeheeyyy babagsak na din sina Daniela Marga ng tuluyan👏👏👏👏

  8. Ohhhh yeeeaahh kahit masama ang character mo Andrea alam ko namang magkaibang magkaiba si Marga at Andrea eh lovee you parin

  9. Top 2 sa sardines industry, nakabili na ng bagong office building, may kotse na pero si Cassie di pa rin mailipat from integrated to international school! Hahaha. Lokohan na naman writers and direk. Umayos kayo!

  10. Buti pa sila romina umaangat na linggo pa lang nakakalipas, ako taon na kakatrabaho mahirap padin walang pag angat 🙁

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