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experience the efficiency and cost savings of Morton's Energy performer insulation system energy efficiency is very important we came from a 9,000 square foot facility into a 25,000 square foot facility and with Morton buildings insulation package and all the energy improvement efforts that we put into this we have realized that 32% savings created in the 1970s and improved over time energy performer is a revolutionary insulation system that remains one of the most efficient on the market the insulation factor was really the most important because we gets windchill here it may not be the same as the North Pole but it's pretty extreme gas mill was never over $80 a month which to me was extremely and that's keeping it 67 68 degrees it's quite a program they have with that because it really works our system starts with Morton's post frame building structure which provides walls that are nearly nine inches thick and allow for six inches of insulation with the option to add more all the walls are insulated we have 13 inches of insulation in the ceiling and I can tell you that we have close to 7,000 square feet in the total building area it's heated and cooled by geothermal and we're using less than $100 a month to do both at 95 outside it's only 70 inside the insulation consists of wide non-compressed blankets hung from floor to ceiling eliminating any breaks in the side walls in fact insulation breaks occur only at Morton's wood columns but because wood is a naturally insulating material and Morton columns are spaced further apart than other structures the interruption is less intrusive and less impactful on the overall efficiency a vapor barrier is then secured over the insulation to keep it dry and reduce infiltration and he los this creates a seal between the elements and the inside of your building I didn't believe how good it was going to be but you could tell when they closed the walls in in the wintertime and we were inside and they put the doors up within about 20 minutes you can feel a 15 or 20 degree difference in here from the inside to the outside we had electric golf for seven days about two years ago we actually heated this house in the wintertime for seven days with a six-burner stove right over there nailers are then placed over the vapor barrier which allow interior walls to be attached HVAC electricity and plumbing can be run inside this barrier without compromising the seal just as important as the insulation is proper bent elation to ensure condensation control and efficiency energy performer buildings feature a continuously ventilated attic to keep moisture out of your building our vented overhangs allow air in and guide the air up the slopes of the roof with air deflectors and out through the continuously vented ridge at the peak of the roof leaving blown in ceiling insulation undisturbed we was all very surprised at the energy cost how low it is on this property we used all their energy performer on the walls thank the highest utility bill gas bill I've ever had been $300 my house is a lot more than that and I don't have twelve by twelve doors opening up going up and down all day way exceeded what I expected I figured it'd be twice that but it's way less whether you're thinking about a new farm shop garage storage building or a home a Morton Energy performer building will save you money year round to learn more about Morton's exclusive energy performer insulation system ask a sales consultant you

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