Mr. Graves on the Otterbein Piano Sale and College Piano Sales & University Piano Sales

Hi Music Educator! This is Paul Graves of Graves Piano & Organ. I want to tell you why I’m disappointed about a piano sale that’s going on in Columbus this weekend. at Otterbein University. First of all, I
want to say – I’m not upset with Otterbein University. Well, let me backtrack.
I am upset with Otterbein University because they allow this piano sale to be posted on their stationery, on their envelope. It states “greatly reduced pricing.” They don’t know if prices are greatly reduced or not. It’s sent with not-for-profit postage, which shouldn’t be allowed for a retail piano sale. Also, inside the envelope, it’s signed by the Director of the School of Music, stating
that they’ll get “special institutional prices.” He doesn’t know what
“institutional pricing” would be. I’ve been selling pianos a long time but I’ve
never seen a manufacturer publish “institutional sale prices.” I feel that
customers are going to be misled because they feel they’re going to buy pianos possibly at great discounts from the University. This same
type of sale happened at a university in Cincinnati. (U of C) The Attorney General got involved and found out that customers actually paid more for the pianos there, than what they could buy them locally at their local store in Cincinnati for. So,
the sale is very misleading. I feel customers can be hurt by paying
more for an instrument than what they should pay. I think they’re under
pressure because they feel they got to buy quick, the sale is “only three days.”
The salesmen they talk to, in most cases, they’re going to be leaving town and
they use that to say “Hey, you got to buy now because the piano is going to be gone soon. I’m going to be leaving town and it won’t happen again for maybe years.”
That’s why I’m upset with the university piano sales or college piano sales. A
customer should take their time and shop and do research and make sure what they
buy, they’re going to be happy with for the rest of their life. Because that’s
how long a good piano will last. I’ll guarantee you one thing – they won’t find
a piano at Otterbein University any lower in price than what I’m willing to
sell it for this weekend. In fact, if you get a price, I guarantee I’ll beat the
price that you get. Shop our store this weekend. Thanks for listening 🙂

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