Music Production and Recording Technology Program at Shenandoah University

In the MPRT program we have a mission
statement to inspire music through technology the MPRT program at Shenandoah is a
music degree a bachelor’s of music and it’s the its emphasis is in audio audio
recording remote recording music you’ll have classes on MIDI in electronic music
remote recording where you do on- location recording sound reinforcement
popular songwriting and composition in audio for film and post-production
the qualifications that a student would need for our program is being a musician
first you have to develop their musicianship critical listening skills
they’ll learn many skill sets within the program from working with equipment
troubleshooting and being creative with all these aspects in a particular
scenario if you’re an audio engineer and let’s say at some pass of this piece of
music let’s say your sax player was flat on a note or hit the wrong note how
are you going to know if he played that wrong note unless you’re a musician
musicians react better when they’re around other musicians and if their
audio engineer is a musician themselves you gain that much more respect the
musician is that more comfortable with you sticking up and probing them with
different kinds of pieces of audio gear and then they can let loose and do with
what they came here to do which is to be recorded and I could do my job better
knowing that they’re more comfortable being around me I really liked that
Shenandoah was a small school and I liked the idea
of having a close environment with a smaller group of students and the
education just seemed really hands-on and I liked also the idea that we would
be music students as well as MPRT students our class size s are small students are able to ask questions with our
instructors and also with other students last year we took a class called
recording practicum that I really enjoyed and basically what the class
is is we recorded all of the concerts that happened on campus so that gave me a lot
of experience and chances to experiment with different things and it was really
cool because I was getting to do my own recordings and I was getting to do a lot
of them we produce projects for conservatory ensembles sometimes
separate artists and soloists we also have a record label called swarm which
is a record label that promotes artists and professionals and performers within the conservatory I’ll never be bored I’ll never not have
anything to do there’s always something that I can do to learn something else
and that’s the great thing about the teachers here as well is that if you
want to continue to learn something and expand on a on some concept or some
aspect of this field they would always encourage it it would never be something
like oh you know like let’s wait til later on when we when you do X Y & Z it
was never like that it was always oh you want to learn this okay I really like
the sense of community that we have here and I like that we have a really small
group of people in my major and we’re all very close to each other and I know
that I can rely on those people I think that’s the best part about our program
is that we’re not a number so this is this was always the best fit

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