Music Recording : How to Make Music Beats

No promises on making a hit here, but I’m
going to show you one of the ways to approach making a beat. A lot of people start off with
some kind of loop, whether they’re going to use it or not, some kind of sample that will
kind of establish a groove that maybe when you make your drums you might follow. Maybe
you can guess this sample. So basically you have the sample looped in there. Obviously
setting the right tempo is important to capture your loop. You can also change time signatures,
3/4, 4/4, 6/8. You can get really tool with it and every measure have a different time
signature. Most hip-hop though is usually 4/4. Maybe after that start with a hat, do
kicks or snares. Let’s start with a hat. So you got your hat in there on a track. Going
to another track. Now obviously you can do this in any order you feel, however you’re
inspired to do it. For this we’re going to do a snare. I guess one part to remember is
at some point you actually are emulating a real drum player. A lot of times drummers
will kind of roll the stick on the snare. I’m not going to record it because I might
not get it right, but I would’ve. A lot of drum machines have quantization which will
kind of put whatever you play here kind of quantize it so that it puts it in time on
the count. The tempo is absolute, if not you’re out of time. Sometimes it will slow and quantization
will make little articulated rolls not sound quite right, which is what I’m hearing here.
A lot of times a drummer with the kick will do a phantom hit before the main. And that’s
basically it, the sky’s the limit from there.

100 thoughts on “Music Recording : How to Make Music Beats

  1. Not always old shitty music most times its taking whats good and adding a bit more oomph.
    Secondly i wouldn't call hip hip the new folk music I been into it for a while and only a few artists these days say anything thats good or worth listening to, folk music of the modern day is folk music. even rocks mainstream shit.
    In fact the best music is to be found underground.

  2. unfortunately i have to agree.. i think technology is make amateurs pop and real muso's underground.
    I think arguing over technology is really sad… it doesn't make you a better or worse muso

  3. I wouldn't waste to much time knocking this guys setup. It doesn't matter what gear you use. Only whether or not you know what to do with what you got that matters most.

  4. Expert Village Sucks!!! I could give better explanations for 80% of these videos. Do they just let anybody put stuff and say there experts?!

  5. the equipment you are using is from the stone ages. get some latest softwares, way easier, cheaper and way better sound.

  6. How about a dual cassette
    Thanks for not using that-ANNOYING 'SNAP' used so often these days…
    [Goodness only knows why.]
    Nice post.

  7. True, some sample based producers who tweak the sound and create a unique twist on something old they are the true artists of the form. That takes geniosity, not many artists have this attribution.

  8. there is no second part<its a ,,hence the name LOOP!trust me,ive been making beats and djin for a while now

  9. not exactly, in some music lets say you want 1/8th note rest, you cant write that in 3/4 becasue there are only 3 quater note timing in there.

  10. Huffle is right. I'm all for sampling but you can do it without blatantly ripping off other artists. The beatles got the drumming right the first time anyway.

  11. @Cassie0z well, your opinion to the majority of producers(especially hip-hop) means ignorance and superficiality to music. hardware will always be better than software, even people who produce with software say that the groove and feel of an mpc is unique and no one will ever be able to recreate that feeling into a production software. im just stating the truth

  12. @theANT47 it's a kind of drum machine with a built-in sequencer and a sampler. It's definitely not like the old vintage drum machines if that's your point.

  13. @justinlecktschimmel It is, but don't tell…Paul will make me pay for it..the MPC3000 is my favorite…but this is my house set up.

  14. to my concern, no one in expert village re-checks their videos before uploading them…..

    COME ON MAN!!! what a shame

  15. How to Make Music Beats: Download Fl studio, practice for about a year, create your own sound, create ya own samples and don't buy these expensive machines.. Just use your keyboard and your mind….. Good luckk..

  16. @glennduck93 WORD UP!!! i aint gotta a rich dad to buy me no shit, i do it like 9th DID IT str8 from the computer

  17. @glennduck93 Well id say go for whatever gives you satisfaction. creative flow might not come from the keyboard. making music should be fun. if u think expencive machines then go for it=) if not. play with the keyboard!

  18. my advise to people is dont always quantise. Especially for the drum's sometimes you want that natural boom-boom-bap feel if you understand me. And for melodys to, its good to get that natural feel. it takes practise. sometimes to me quantising takes away from the realness .

  19. @glennduck93 Thats what I have been doing. I do it just for fun, when I feel it. And I think i am starting to get better at it. I have been wondering if I should put something on Youtube.

  20. Making music nowadays is even easier. It's great that they have come up with ways to get your creative out of your mind and on to the computer.

  21. Copyright infringement. It's happened before. Danger Mouse got in trouble with the beatles when he made the Grey Album using their samples.

  22. admittedly using just the computer keyboard is a bit minimal. definitely get a decent pair of monitors, and as far as midi controllers go, get at least a two or three octave keyboard with pots and at least a mpd24 or other percussion controller.

  23. Whats that snare roll? Yeah still lots of posibilities!! Made me laugh!! I know there is not much to experiment all could get borring like techno beat…

  24. MAN He makes me lough he still thinks there is lots of posibillities!…HE works and do not know that he can make basicaly and gets basicaly few right posibillities..!

  25. Beneficial!! Whenever you'll look up Beat Generals in here there is fruity loops lessons demonstrating how to make beats, mix beats, master beats, etc for all people hoping for a little bit more help as well as planning to progress.

  26. the dude pretty much demolished all of his own confidence with the FIRST FUCKING THING he says at the beginning of the video… way to go bud

  27. I make Hip-Hop beats but don't use samples. They're all bonafide 1st hand compositions. Have a listen if you're interested. And send me yo shit &I'll show some support init.

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