Hello! Hey I’m Trooper Rummer with the state police
I got a little microphone… Nice to meet you! Gonna record our conversation ok Yes sir Reason I’m stopping you is cause you don’t
have any license plates on this car Ok… Any reason for that? I’m from Dubai, it’s my license plate right
there. Ok but you’re not in Dubai, you’re… I’m visiting as a tourist Well no you’re not visiting as a tourist if
you brought a car with you! Well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah yeah of course How it works is we ship the cars we get a
permit and… You don’t have a permit! What you need is a Carnet… What’s that? A Carnet It’s a very rare thing I know you’re confused
but… NO I’M NOT CONFUSED! If you wanna drive this car.. you have to have
a license plate from somewhere in the United States or a trip permit, which you don’t have,
do you have your drivers license with you? Yes sir Yeah, the way it works is… We get a EPA exemption PARDON ME? A EPA exemption and then a Carnet De Passage DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THAT? Of course, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna provide everything… Do you have something that says you can drive
this car on the road? Yes sir Let’s take a look at that Of course So, it’s gonna be a lot of documents, I will
give you one by one… Cause I think what you’re talking about is
the ability to import this and what I’m talking about is registering it No no, well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah, yeah, I’m just trying to answer your
questions Well, it’s a temporary thing, I’m visiting
as a tourist and.. I CAN’T HEAR YOU! It’s a temporary import… IT’S A WHAT? It’s a TEMPORARY import It’s not a permanent thing, we fly our cars
here, we do our trips and we fly them back that’s how it works I know it’s confusing but… NO IT’S NOT CONFUSING IT’S VERY SIMPLE ALRIGHT! No, no sir… If you have some sort of import, that that’s
to get it into the country, OK? I will… Let me see what you have that says you can
drive it in Oregon You will understand in a second… PARDON ME? You’re gonna understand in a second, I’m gonna
provide… I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about
right now So, this is my permit, it’s a international
federal agreement Ok And, I’m gonna provide you with drivers license
in a second DO YOU HAVE YOUR INSURANCE WITH YOU? Yes sir! So, this would be the international drivers
license which they come as a package there you go, the other part is inside it as well This would be the registration of the vehicle What is this? The registration of the vehicle OK What I need is, proof of insurance Sure This is So the… this is, this is CANADA? Ok, there you go! No, no sir, this is UAE I NEED YOUR INSURANCE Alright, why are you so defensive? I’m trying to… PARDON ME? Why are you so defensive? I’m trying to provide… NO, I’m just asking for these documents and
you won’t quit talking about other stuff No sir, I’ve provided you everything you’ve
asked for I WANT YOUR INSURANCE! OK? I’ve provided you… I DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW! Sure, sure, you just asked me for the documents
and… PARDON ME? You just asked for a document and I provided
you and I’m gonna provide you the insurance in a second sir Just give me a second… Why don’t you keep working on that and I’ll
be back with you in a minute Sure, sure WOW What’s wrong with this guy? He hasn’t even realized the steering wheel
yet… This is gonna be interesting… Did you find your insurance? Yes sir! There you go THIS IS NOT INSURANCE! Sir, in the bottom you can read it, it’s insurance,
the policy number is there as well… WHERE ARE YOU TAKING THIS CAR? I’m going to Canada Going where? I’m going to Canada, Vancouver Where did you import the car into? From Canada, I drove it in here I do a road trip every 2 years You do a WHAT trip? Sigh Imagine you want to drive your car in Europe,
what do you do? You ship your car there, you drive it for
a month and you ship it back… NO that’s not that’s not what I’d do ok look… You… What is your question officer, I can answer
your question… Look… Yes sir Here, here’s your stuff here… You gotta get a temporary permit, OK? I have another call I have to go to SIR… Be safe pulling out into the traffic It’s a federal law, you don’t know the law? What the… What just… I have another call that was priceless! Hahaha There he goes… He just gave up on life! You have to have a permit blaah blah here’s
your stuff! What did he even talk about! What was wrong with that guy!


  1. Tbh yeah the whole situation was weird because not that many people do stuff like that but the cop could have gone and ask his dispatch to look it up or some shit and show some understanding instead of countering everything that man says
    Im from dubai visiting as a tourist
    -no your not
    Imagine you want to take your car to europe
    -no im not
    This is my insurance
    -no its not
    -no its not

  2. It’s very confusing por the know everything cop because he doesn’t use common sense ( insurance) in a Lambo? 😂😂 he is an ass-cop, always defensive like they are dealing with criminal🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. this is what a tourist must do if he goes to another country and follows their rules and if he stays he must also follow their rules and not from his own country I am happy to see this video how this person is doing and here they can learn from him in the netherlands

  4. It seems like there is a YT video of these idiot cops for every situation by now. They should make a compilation video of what not to do and how not to act and make it mandatory viewing with a subsequent test at every police academy in the country.

  5. It's not expensive if you live in Dubai to get a plate. Your in the United stats bro. Get a plate not hard at all. I can tell u have money just get a plate

  6. Come on guys be nice, pleases take into consideration this is and Oregon State Police. They are not allowed to think for themselves.

  7. I'm not full on defending the officer but if the car simply has no form of external identification it's not allowed on the road. He clearly has the correct papers and insurance and liscense but he will constantly be pulled over for not having a liscense plate. Lol

  8. Seems like you were trying to be polite but it was obvious the cop could not hear you clearly maybe perhaps due to your soft spoken nature. Maybe you could have requested to step out of the car so that he could hear you more clearly or some other way to improve your communication.

  9. I love the car owner, he calm and cool. He just made the cop look like a dumb, just by keeping his cool and letting the paper work speak for itself

  10. Awesome! To the ignorant people who lose their cool. Learn from this! If all your stuff is legit, let it speak for itself

  11. Oh how this reality dissapoints me sometimes. Could have just been respectful and possibly even friendly situation but for one reason or another this turned into some kind of hostile standoff. Its a shame humans haven't come together.

  12. This was hilarious 😂 that cop is pathetic. I mean I respect police but officers like that need to get their heads out of their asses

  13. Here in Oregon and Washington you can usually just toss a tennis ball into a field and the cops will run after it. They bring it back in their mouths, it gets a little gross but three or four good throws, pat them on the head and they're chase after the next car and leave you alone. Providing documents and knowing your rights only makes them bark and growl.

  14. The Police in America not all of them is Dumb..The guy can afford the Lambo, I think their is no need for Insurance, Insurance is for cheap car for those who cannot afford any damage they cause. But obviously the guy can afford.

  15. Congratulations, officer! You live in the United States, which IS (sorry, but it IS) a PART of the world, and there ARE things called international agreements and laws. Yes, "you are all tough" and "you represent the greatest country in the world", but ignorance is not bliss, and not every driver is going to back down just because you talk down at them. Thank the driver and enjoy your humble pie :)))

  16. Whoops I left my wallet at home I went to go get the dog some dog food I need all I didn't bring my driver license same thing

  17. "I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about rite now"….. 5 mins later… "ah I gotta another call" 😂😂😂😂😂😂👌 shiiite

  18. What an absolute moron. That officer can not think outside the box worth of shit. Single alone and probably an alcoholic we call the guys in the field…"Ricky Rescues"….that moron. I'm in public safety for 20 years.

  19. He was just totally pissed because he was being proven wrong…what he wanted was to issue a ticket or bust him for any little thing. I hate when cops take the job and use it as a personal power trip. They serve no purpose that way. I do understand the cop pulling him over for no plates because he could have had a shipment of drugs or anything but he needed to calm down and listen instead of getting so damn defensive…

  20. I Would Like To Apologize for Previous And Future incidents like this to anyone visiting the USA. Our police officers tend to be rude and ignorant of most laws. Police officers in America are used to giving tickets and being assholes that THINK they know the law.

  21. Officer: "you don't have a licence plate on this car. Any reason for that?"
    Driver: "in from Dubai"
    Actually explains a lot when you think about it.

  22. So…just bt watching this the dude shipped his car to Canada to Vancouver….did a toad trip (a WHAT trip") and was heading back to Vancouver when pulled over by officer Dumbass !

  23. fail in life, school, finding a good job, . no one knows about your crimes, and sociopathic tendencies.. become a cop!!!

  24. That guy is just angry because he can’t even afford a plane ticket to Dubai and he knows that you have so much money that even your Lamborghini sat up in first class with a glass of champagne waiting for it because you can haha lol ! Pure Jealousy 😄

  25. Sorry, our police will do this sort of thing rather than admit any wrong or mistake. Or they may throw you in jail if your eyes are brown.

  26. Good example stay calm. Great video your teaching kids how to respect a police officer. Yes sir no sir. You didn't get shot or beat. Thanks for the video

  27. America has a cop problem no doubt. But This guy is of another level of stupidity. What do they teach them?? Please can some one tell me??

  28. Stupid hillbilly cop….that shows that's never been out his state….and gets offended with himself cause his ignorance. Rude fucking bastard

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