1. Dear Laura I love you're videos so much, you look like a very happy person to me. I bought my cintiq 13hd a year and a half ago and I really love it. It's a smaller one I know that. But I''m not a pro so I don't feel like I need a big one. Thank you so much for you're inspiring videos. 🙂

  2. Way too much face zoom ins like we get it everyone does it so it’s trendy and you think it makes you funny.

  3. I wish I could afford one of these but unfortunately life has given me a disease where i can no longer work and have constant pain and stiffness all over. So medications take all of my money. Sad really.

  4. I know it's been close to a year since you made this video. Procreate finally has clipping masks:) I would love to know your views on Procreate now they have new features since this video. Thanks for all your videos, they are very helpful with my illustrations and they are a ton of fun to watch! Thanks a bunch!

  5. I use mostly Clip Studio instead of PS for drawing digitally now. Still use PS for image manipulation, though.

  6. That was funny about taping over the buttons since you're left handed, as am I. I did that on my Huion 185HD as well because I would randomly activate buttons! I used to buy Kyle's brushes years ago before he went to the dark side. :0)

  7. you can get a Xp Pen star o6 for like $60 and its pretty big and works amazingly its what i have and i have no complaints besides it is a desk tablet but for $60 this is the best one ive seen yet its 10inch by 6 inch draw space

  8. My answer is here! Thanks for the tablet tips. The digital drawing world is daunting! Keep being awesome, Lulu!

  9. Have all your tablets had a screen on them so you can actually see what you are drawing from the tablet? I'm having some difficulty with my Huion tablet right now, and I'm wondering if I should switch to a Wacom.

  10. Have you used Corel Painter? I've used it some years ago as a photographer. It's really nice but but not sure if it's outdated. I have a friend who is a traditional artist and who is interested in going digital. I like the Wacoms tablets but wonder if the iPads are on par.

  11. Is it weird that I think of you as the Grace Helbig of the YouTube art world? ( I love Grace by the way sooooo from me that's a massive compliment lol) Looking forward to the "starting digital painting" tutorial!

  12. Love the vids.
    Yeah…cintiques are just over glorified wacom tablets. LOL.
    Don't waste your money peeps.

  13. Can you show more things with iPad and procreate 🙂 ?would be nice to see it. I got procreate and would like to learn more. And to the end note your art is amazing 🙂

  14. I want to buy an ipad but i’m a beginner in digital art but I have to buy a laptop for college and I’m thinking about get a mac. What should i do? 🙁

  15. Getting used to cintiqs is so weird sksksks. I got one for this christmas and have been adjusting to it since. It's a big jump from my intuos lmaoo

  16. “Im an adult now and I just want to be comfortable all the time” 😂

    I use a huion tablet and I also love to have a portable device.
    It’s nice to remember the stories behind the devices you used, I bought mine with some watercolor portraits I made and I will always remember those pets with gratitude. ☺️

  17. I have that same Wacom tablet and it is what made me never want to be a digital artist hahahah. I really should try out a Cintiq

  18. Hey!
    A you are a proffesional artist that also started on small tablets, what do you recommand more? Cintiq or the classic ones (with no screen)? I am currently using the classic one but it's slowly dying and I need to buy another one and I hope to work in animation some day and this dylema has been with me for over a year now. And my problem is that my computer does not have a matte matrix, so in case of buying classic tablet, I would have to buy an extra screen too, but that would be cheaper…. What would be your advice? 🙂

  19. G'day. Very good video and its nice to hear women in animation. I have been trying to get into animation here in Sydney for a long time (my knowledge is more 3D animation), but its hard as its a small industry here. Its been a struggle, but its also been a struggle to get into graphical design industry here as well. :(. But still looking, but very hard.

    Enough of my issues. I was like you, I did use a mouse, but upgraded to a Wacom Bamboo tablet. With my limited funds, this tablet does quite a nice job.


  20. For the Helen Chen character brush what program do you use for that brush because i would like to start my career with making characters.

  21. Right now I’m using my iphone 8 for digital art…😂 I don’t know what to save money for; A fast computer with good graphics, or a wacom cintiq graphic tablet. My computer I have now, is a windows 10 with radeon r5 graphic and amd a9 processor… It has 8gb ram, and 1tb memory. It’s a very slow computer, sometimes when drawing strokes, that annoying loading ring comes up… well. It’s very hard to start with this type of art, there are so many things you need to make it ”good”. And also, you need to spend a lot of money, I mean a MacBook pro, oh goshhhh it’s so expensive..! And wacom cintiq tablets are around 15000😱 My computer with display and everything together was 7000, and that is a lot of money too…

  22. Oh Laura! You're missing out if you're not using Affinity Designer/Photo for iPad! Layers and CLIPPING MASKS!

  23. Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are two awesome apps for the iPad. They started on the Mac and then on Windows and now on the iPad. Amazingly powerful apps for the iPad.

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