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– Thank you to Billboard for doing this. It is the only thing that got
me dressed in the last month, so I don’t know, maybe
that’s a good thing. I recently had the pleasure of working and touring with Juice Wrld. I had a great conversation
with him one day, and while we walked to
the stage, he held my hand and told me to stay calm and to pray. He said he had been
tryin’ to do just that. I was so shocked to hear him
of all people tell me that, but right there in that moment with him tellin’ me that
I actually did feel calm and I felt like, “Hmm, what
am I actually worried about?” I felt like he was a kindred
spirit, and lookin’ back now I wish I did somethin’ differently or said something to help. He spoke to me in detail
about how in love he was with his girlfriend and how
passionate he was about music, and when he was in the studio with me he did so many songs so quickly. He was honest and pure about what he felt and that inspired me. I know this is a woman in music night and I’m so honored to be in the presence of all of these great women. I looked to see who was being honored and I said I have to be there. All these women inspire me as well. So many things Alanis Morissette
said just really hit home. So I know it’s about
that, but I wanna just, it doesn’t feel comfortable
for me to talk about me when someone so important
to our culture just died, and so I wanna honor him
tonight and send my condolences to him and his family and his girlfriend and his friends and everybody. (audience clapping) And I wanna tell everyone
that drugs isn’t the problem, it’s the way we fix our problem. So it’s so important that
we don’t pass judgment so that people don’t feel ashamed to speak up and ask for help. It’s so important we
talk about mental health, it is, ’cause people are dying because they don’t wanna
express how miserable they are and how much they’re suffering, so they rather medicate themselves. So I just came here tonight to ask people to be a little bit more
forgiving and understanding, especially with entertainers. We can’t have a bad day. Women in this room, shout
out to all the women in this room, make some noise. (women cheering) We don’t always feel sexy,
we don’t always feel cute, we’re not always in the mood. Why did you have to go there? But we have to and that’s abnormal, it’s abnormal to be on all the time, but that’s what we signed up for. We’re not allowed to
complain, we’re not allowed to be human, we’re not
allowed to have a bad day because we’re so blessed. But that makes absolutely
no fucking sense. We’re human, all of you in here are human and you are allowed to be human and not beat yourself up for doing that. So, in closing, I just
wanted to encourage everyone to talk about whatever it is
that they need to talk about and be honest and open and get help. – [Man] Woo! – Thank you for that woo. Yeah, I don’t like making up speeches and I definitely wasn’t
gonna read a teleprompter, so in the car here I tried
to jot some stuff down. Congratulations to all of the
women being honored tonight. It’s an honor to be here with you guys. Thank you to Republic Records who I’ve been with my entire career. Little Wayne, Baby, Slim,
Mac, everybody, Young Money. Thank you to all the incredible people I’ve had the opportunity to work with for the last decade, hi Normani. And lastly I wanna
thank my incredible fans ’cause I know somewhere
they’re figuring out a way how to watch this. You guys have been with me
thorough thick and thin. I always am gonna keep surprises for you, even when you don’t
see me on the internet, I’m still thinking about
you and I’m still working on ways to impress you
guys and make you happy. So Barbs, wherever you are in the world, please know that I love
you and I thank you so much for your support and to my husband, thank you for everything,
I love you so much. Goodnight, guys.
(audience cheering)

100 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Accepts The Game Changer Award | Women In Music

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of Nicki not by a long shot but I can’t help but admit, this girl changed the game FOREAL. No one gives her credit anymore besides her fans cause of new female rappers whom shall not be named, and it sucks. Not saying they aren’t talented, but not as talented as Nicki and I’m speaking from the heart. She’s not my fave, but I can’t help but admit she changed the game up foreal and like it or not she’s an icon🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. It is Soo amaizing of how nicki minaj got an award and before talking about her she honoured juice kind and loving we love you Nicki sooo much

  3. I tried not to cry but when she paused to think about his loving life. I lost it😢😭 anyone who does now I have no choice but to think of my own brother.12/09/18

  4. I don't like Nicki emotional and vulnerable because many people will take advantage of that . Congrats Nicki ❤️you did it , we love you


  6. she deserved so much more. she really did change the game for the rap industry for women and it's so sad to see people not acknowledging that

  7. I love Nicki and she deserves to be honoured & so much more………She's a Queen & this speech is amazing,she spoke facts.

  8. This is so real. You can tell she has experienced alot and now in place where she is stronger and as a result makes her inspiring to women and everyone in general. I like when she ask us to stop judging. Lets make ourselves more approachable so people can tell us how they are feeling and what they are going through..true words….emotional speech. Marriage is going well for her, I can see.

  9. she’s not perfect. maybe she’s been immature, maybe she’s stopped bags, and I certainly didn’t like how she handled comparisons to Lil Kim when she first came out or throughout her career. BUT I think I’ll always love her and her talent😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩

  10. Everybody is out here criticizing her weight gain or her booty. I for one love it. Her curves/body is amazing. I love Nicki Minaj, she's so beautiful.

  11. These stupid motherfuckers just love mentioning Cardi and how she's so much less than Nicki but forgetting this award is a celebration of all women, their grind, and the way they changed the culture and history. I can't with y'all

  12. i love her, she’s literally a sweetheart. you can tell that it bothers her that her friend was going through something and she couldn’t help.

  13. Why is she on the phone and why is she honoring somebody with this boobs staring at you while she’s trying to read that fake ass speech

  14. I bow down to Nicky for being the only female rapper surviving between all those men who sound like zombies with all the auto tune

  15. First, I want to say that I am loving her freaking body right now!!! I like the thicker Nicki at 37 looking better than EVERY female in the industry!!! Damn, she is a freakin’ BEAUTY QUEEN!!!

    Secondly, this was her award, but like the Nicki we all know and love (except the haters), she took the time to give tribute to someone else who passed away. She took the time to address the real issues regarding drugs (self medicating), mental illness, and the struggles that all women have to be beautiful to everyone else but themselves. This is the Nicki we have known and loved for however long you have recognized her talent in male dominated industry (that she alone with her own written bars, beauty, and talent) where she proved to be better than 98% of those men and women (driven by jealousy) who have tried to tear her down.

    Congratulations Queen Onika Petty!!! We love you!!! You deserve more than this award, but Hip Hop history will recognize your legacy the way you deserve in due time!!!

  16. Nicki Minaj please give your life to Jesus he can save your soul just turn to him and be purified in his name. Same with other people. Seek Jesus face before its too late. He loves you open up to him. Dont be scared.

  17. You don’t have to like her music but there’s NO DENYING her success and impact she’s had these last TEN YEARS… you don’t have to like her, but you will respect her lmaooo😭💀

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