Nightcore – I Miss You Daddy – (Lyrics)

This video includes text on the screen It’s been a year daddy I really really miss you. Mom says you’re safe now
In a beautiful place called “Heaven” We had your favorite dinner tonight and I ate it all up Even though I don’t like carrots I learned how to swim this Summer And I can even open my eyes when I’m under water Can you see me? I miss you daddy It’s been five years daddy I’m in fifth grade now I really like computers But math is hard Mommy lets me sleep in one of your T-shirts I think it still smells like you I don’t need to sleep with the light on anymore I try not to cry daddy, but it still hurts I really miss you daddy Can you see me? It’s been ten years daddy I started high school I made the Honor Roll I hope you’re proud of me I’m also in the soccer team Can you see me on the field? I started thinking about colleges Do you think I could be a doctor? I know you’ll be with me when I walk down the aisle I’m trying not to be sad But it HURTS I hope you know that you’re my hero I love you so much Can you see me? Its been 15 years daddy I’m finishing college I got into med school I really want to help people You’ve always inspired me I met a nice guy Who’s really special to me I think you would really like him We talk about our life together Mom says he’s a lot like you I think of you everyday I’m still sad But you make me strong Can you see me? I miss you daddy
I really miss you daddy
I miss you daddy
I miss you daddy.

100 thoughts on “Nightcore – I Miss You Daddy – (Lyrics)

  1. My dad is going to be 61 this year, and he has a really bad heart disease. And the doctor keeps saying dont drink alchohol…..but he is addicted to it….I hope nothing happens because I cant live without him

  2. My dad died on my 3rd b day when i was going to blow out my candle he died from a drive by shooting its been 8,1/2😭😭😭💔💔💔

  3. I really miss and love you Daddy.
    Sorry that I live so far from you.
    I hope this I can meeet u and we eat togther.
    I hope that after I finish my summer school I will go home.😍
    See u this year.

  4. Retards . my father is in heaven he died on the cross for the rest of your sinful a** . he resurrected and we love in heaven on earth . no clue but you are all sad suckers the dumbest imaginable how ultra pathetic get lives you are not welcome to any crumb of my cake .

  5. guys iam so sorry for alll of the people in the world for them people iam sorry that ur dad died and yeh i nkew its hard

  6. It so very hurt when you didn't see your dad since i was born 😔 I MISS YOU DADDY i hope i see you next month I'm 18yrs daddy 😔😭

  7. I don't think about my father when I hear this. I think about my grandpa.. he's dead since a few years, maybe 6 I don't really know. But I miss him so much he was and still is my hero and I believe that when I die one day, I'll met him❤

  8. My dad is died i'm old 7 now old 11 sad😭😭😭😭😭💔dad i miss you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔❤️😭😭😭💔

  9. Tenangkanlah Kedua Orang tua Hamba ya allah😭😭😭 Sayang sekali selama 19thn ini kaga bisa liat majah ayah karna Ayah meninggal pas aku blom lahir ke dunia ini😭 dan Akhirnya mama nyusul Papa pas aku umur 5thn😭😭

  10. i don't know my dad and have never met him because my family say he's bad but i would trade the world for just one moment with him…

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