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September Preparing vegetables for winter green onions Before winter comes, I prepare vegetables to eat during winter I’m planting the green onions in the greenhouse first. It’s the most used vegetables for cooking, so it’s a must! Lettuce Seeds Sowing the seeds a lot cause my mom loves lettuce so much! Use a rake as if the soil covers it a little bit
(When seeds are into deep soils, they can’t germinate well.) Carrot Seeds I’m also sowing carrot seeds for winter! A rake! It’s replacing my hands! it’s so useful and easy to use! Haha Spinach Seeds Winter spinach is the best. Winter spinach is exceptionally sweet and delicious. Winter Cabbage Seeds Sowing winter cabbage seeds to eat them until spring 🙂 Shallots Sets These are shallots seeds that are grown outdoors in June, last year. If you let the leaves dry out without picking them out,
The root becomes shallots seeds! Split it up like this and plant them again, then shallots will be grown! I’m going to cover them with a shade net and give plenty of water. Soaking seeds shortens their germination time! 5 days later All seeds have germinated. Shallots already have had green robust shoots this much! The green onions are laying down yet, but when the roots go down,
they will stand up naturally! “Vegetables that I can have in this winter”
I hope they all grow well… December Glutinous Rice Flour Water I am going to make shallots kimchi! Putting the glutinous rice paste in the kimchi prevents the taste and seasonings from not mixing well. But putting too much makes the kimchi sour.
I don’t put glutinous rice paste in summer is usually hot. So, I put them usually in winter Glutinous Rice Paste Garlic Ginger Shallots Korean Pear Pear Ginger Crushed garlic Fish sauce Salted shrimp sauce Chili powder Glutinous rice paste Shallots Keeping it refrigerated The day after The dried ginger leaves that I made last time Pine needles Soju (or cooking wine is fine too, it’s to remove meat odors) Pork shank, ham or pork belly for boiled pork Soybean paste Boiled Pork Boiled in Less Water with Soybean Paste Shallots kimchi Mmm! Boiled pork with shallots kimchi is so good!

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