Pakistan HKS Exhaust Installation on Toyota Corolla Altis Grande (Exhaust sound)

Salam My Name is Sheikh Asad We are making vlog on custom exhaust For grande or corolla whatever we choose to fit custom exhaust on What we need to pay close attention to? What will be the steps involved First of all I will open the bonnet And I will show you How we progress with installation First of all this is the engine And These are the headers Just below the headers One is The main header is this itself Below is Catalytic convertor And one will be resonator Then there will be an attached straight pipe Towards the back exhaust Where we will see the backbox Now some call it backbox Also known as silencer Also known as muffler So first of all To change the exhaust You need to change the backbox You can see from downside here It is just behind the rear axle You can see a flange upfront That will have to be removed And there will be a newer fitting for custom backbox Just like this one fitted right here The First step would be then If you just need to change stock exhaust You can remove the stock exhaust here There will be a noticable change in Custom Exhaust sound Now I will start up the Car

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