Part 2 Episode 4 Storyboarding: Composition

The third key ingredient to a great storyboard is composition And composition really just means, how do we compose a scene? How do we take the ingredients in the scene, the characters, the props the environment and how do they relate to one another within a frame And a good composition is important because it gets the audience to look where we want them to look in the frame We want to direct their eyes to a particular piece of action, the composition helps us to do that So when you start storyboarding you begin with an empty frame, this rectangular box and you’ve got to decide where things go Back in the 18th century painters worked out how to divide their canvas up to help them make these choices Photographers and filmmakers picked up on this idea, and eventually it got this name the rule of thirds This rule of thirds helps to create really interesting and appealing compositions We can use these thirds as a guide to create well-balanced compositions by placing our character or our focal point at one of the points where the thirds intersect So now that you’ve divided up the frame into thirds, which one did you choose? The question you have to ask yourself is, what does the story need? Sometimes it makes sense for a character to be in this third because he’s going in that direction or he’s talking to somebody on that side of the frame If you were to put him in the middle, we wouldn’t know which direction he was going or who he was talking to Sometimes the right choice is to put the character right in the middle Another way to draw attention to your character is to use contrast and to design elements in your background that point towards them. All of this is a lot to take in I know and the best way to digest it is to actually do it. Next up we’re going to do an exercise where we do a storyboard. Try to think about clear staging language of the camera and composition as you do this exercise and see how many of these principles you can employ to make a strong storyboard Don’t forget about the rule of thirds Have fun

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