Pranking MOM with JUSTIN BIEBER’S SORRY Lyrics

I’m not. What’s up [YouTube] today. I am going to prank my mom using Justin Bieber’s Sorry lyrics My mom she lives all the way, North Carolina. I live here [in] California. So there’s a three-hour difference It’s currently six thirty three-year meaning. It’s around 9:30 in the evening over there So the thing is every single night she always texts me and my siblings goodnight so Instead of replying good night back. [I’m] gonna reply using Justin Bieber’s sorry [lyric] so mom [I] Don’t know what’s gonna happen if you’re watching this I am so sorry, so let’s just wait for the goodnight text Anytime now [anytime] [now] mom. Oh? [very] [oh] She says good night here we go Good night. I’ll be like good night. Good night. Can I ask you a question? [oh] my gosh. You read it. She’s probably so please Just probably super worried right now. [oh] gosh Okay, oh She’s not typing anything, okay gotta wait. Let’s wait a little longer. Let’s wait a little [I] know she read it cuz it says shh she read it at 6:36 p.m. What if she just went to bed already like she likes a good night read that put the phone away go to sleep? Hopefully not what if this is emergency. What if this is an emergency? What if I’m dying? Mom answered oh, this is not gonna work if she does an answer ah Answer the phone. I’m dying [hey]. Yeah, I think she fell asleep. [I] thank you fellas. Okay. Hello. I’m gonna text hello Hello [alright]. Well, I guess this has to wait until tomorrow morning when [she] wakes up, so I’ll see you guys in the morning, okay? Okay, update, okay update update. It’s been five minutes my mom texted me back Let’s open this let’s open this okay. Okay. She said yes, oh Guys, I’m sorry mom here. We go three two one [you] gotta go get out of my Yeah, oh Guys, she’s probably freaking out hold on Hold on, please don’t freak out She’s still put on she’s not replying hold on you see this I wish I had the screen capturing recording thing But nothing’s going on right now mom He takes so long to respond What’s going on? I hope I’m not freaking you out. [oh], wait. Wait. Wait, wait. I can record stuff now Hold on all right I can record stuff now. So I’m on hold on wait hold on my mom Just did what and then added the emojI does anyone else’s mom adam? Oh, just like that. Oh Okay Okay, you know I try but you know what Travis you have an app I’ll change she’s probably so [confused] right now. I am sorry. What if she like figures it out instantly? I was like. Oh, I love that song [oh] she’s she’s just bonding. She’s responding Oh gosh Did you do something wrong dot dot to whom oh? Guys just I feel like she’s Gonna. Call me pretty soon. She’s Gonna call me soon I know I have I have a big feeling she’s Sooo confused, right alice. She’s Gonna. Call me right now When did you start using emojis mom? [oh] she’s typing she’s topping? I’m just like wondering how [long] this will last like Until she figures it out, or should [I] [just] make it worse let’s try to make situations worse here. What happened? That’s like the third emoji you have used Okay, I don’t know [oh] man mom. You [gotta] be more worried Why aren’t you worried right now? Come on. Call of every. I I have a feeling that my mom knows I am messing with her I just texted a line that says referee and That alone it kind of [lee] no raises light bulbs like why are you talking about referees right now, all right? I’m just gonna [text] the next line. She’s taking forever to respond. She’s typing I’m typing to take that My shine have forgiveness She said are you playing basketball? To whom what the heck are you [talking] about? That feels she’s sucking face [okay]. What’s the next line? This plan is gonna confuse her so bad. She’s typing something. You know this is your mother ha ha ha oh Yes, [should] I just keep going? Oh my God my mom’s going? Oh? She’s calling me right now here. We go here we go Hello, yeah Drugs oh is it too late to say I’m sorry Is it too late [oh]? [I’m] not I’m filming a video Yeah, I I’m texting you all the Justin Bieber lyrics and then you’re and then you’re just responding to it Okay, I’m [alright]. I’m not on drugs Yeah This is funny cuz you respond. Yeah, are you okay? Sorry? Is it too late to say [sorry]? Okay, goodnight Okay, and there you have it a [good] Specialist I asked my mom for being a sport. [I] am not on drugs mom. I just [I] just Texas Die yo, [oh] All right, she’s so confused Alright everyone. Thank you all for watching [let] me do another one. Let’s get this video to 200,000 likes. I’ll do another one probably with my dad or so wait He’s gonna watch this video. They it has to be someone that doesn’t know this ever happened alright. Thank you for watching stay juicy It’s where

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